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I wanted to do my own Justice LeaguexNaruto story so here I go. I think I'm going to do something like DarkShadowRaven and focus on Naruto's adventures with the League and on his own. Naruto will have girls though he'll only be in a relationship with one girl at a time since this isn't the elemental countries. Finally in this story Jiraiya taught Naruto every jutsu he knew over their two training trips.

One last thing I will stick close to what happened on the show when Naruto's with the league but I will change some parts like Paradise Lost, War World. Things I just wanted to see happen just with Naruto in those episodes.

Oh and I start my internship tomorrow.

Chapter 1 The Justice League Friends or Foes

Naruto Uzumaki sat on the rooftop of a building in Jackson City, a city slightly smaller than its counterpart Metropolis. Jackson City was located between Metropolis and Gotham City making it a rest stop of sorts for villains of those respective cities. With a sigh Naruto listened to the sirens of the police cars as they drove past the building he was on.

Eventually, he'd have to follow them to see what villain was acting up this time. Knowing he had a small amount of time before he needed to interfere, Naruto reflected back on how he arrived here and how much different this world was then the one he was from.


Naruto screamed in pain as Sasuke, Kabuto, Zetsu, and Madara extracted the Kyuubi from him. Looking back Naruto couldn't believe how stupid he was for even being there. Sasuke came to the island he and Killer Bee were on then challenged the two to a fight which he lost rather easily with Naruto and Killer Bee's control over their biju. Realizing he was losing Sasuke made up a story about never wanting to be in the Akatsuki but was forced to by Madara.

Desperately, wanting to believe Sasuke for Sakura's sake, Naruto chose to help Sasuke, while said Uchiha explained how Madara had him under his control. Sasuke told Naruto they would have to kill Madara for the control to be broken, so Naruto went to the statue where the other biju were trapped except for himself and Killer Bee who tagged along to make sure Naruto was safe.

The moment the three arrived they spotted Madara sitting on the statue as though he was waiting for something. Noticing their arrival Madara let out a loud laugh just as Naruto and Killer Bee were struck from behind by lightning. When Naruto came to he saw Killer Bee's body off to his right unmoving, discarded like simple trash. Looking up the last jinchuuriki saw the last four Akatsuki members looking down at him with Sasuke shaking his head at his former best friend, as though he was pitying him.

"Why Sasuke I don't understand you killed your brother. You got your revenge so tell me why are you doing this?" Naruto asked as the Akatsuki members expect Sasuke got into place. "It's simple Naruto I hate the leaf village and you love it. I long to kill everyone there, so I just thought it would be wise to start with you. Also this is the perfect way to break those bonds you're always going on about."

Naruto stared in shock as Sasuke joined the other three on the statue, beginning the extraction. As it began the pain which shot through Naruto's body was like none he'd ever felt before. Hearing a roar from the depths of his mind meant the self imposed seal he'd used to block off the Kyuubi from himself was broken. Naruto listened as the Kyuubi berated him for not killing Sasuke back at the valley of the end however, Naruto could tell the fox was simply speaking out of fear of being under Madara's control again. As the extraction continued Naruto faced the Kyuubi in his mind, neither one saying anything as nothing could be said or done to get them out of this situation.

"I'm sorry fox maybe if I'd gotten to know you this wouldn't have happened." Naruto said as he watched the fox disappear.

"With Mito and Kushina I never had the opportunity to contact them because they were always so happy. You however are different I don't believe your mother or ancestor would have been able to deal with me if they had to. The Uzumaki's are interesting they've actually earned my praise something I'd never give to any other mortals."

As the extraction started to near its end, Naruto began to wonder if he deserved this fate. Had he been realistic Killer Bee would still be alive and five years of war wouldn't have gone down the toilet. The leaf was rebuilt after Pain's attack, Naruto and Killer Bee had left the island many times although Naruto was only allowed to be in the village, preventing him from fighting in the war. Naruto had attempted to get involved but was always stopped by one of the Kages or Killer Bee.

As Naruto watched the last of the fox leave his body he felt shaking. Naruto then felt a sharp pain in his stomach, the biggest thing he noticed was the fox was returning to him slowly just as it left him. While this went on Naruto noticed a red flash, he was then back at the statue. Looking up Naruto saw Madara hit the statue as screamed in rage over what was happening.

"The Yondaime Hokage did this he put a failsafe on the seal. I can't remove the Kyuubi with this statue. Looks like I'll just have to do it the other way." Madara said ignoring Naruto who charged Sasuke.

Kabuto and Zetsu stated to help Sasuke only to be stopped by Madara who explained the first priority was the extraction of the biju from Naruto. As Sasuke and Naruto fought Madara prepared his backup sealing plan which involved his sharingan. As Madara finished he noticed Sasuke's Amaterasu about to kill Naruto forcing him to use his own Amaterasu to control Sasuke's. This gave Naruto the opportunity to slip a kunai out of his sleeve and stab Sasuke in the heart killing his best friend.

Kabuto yelled in rage as he wanted to kill Sasuke for what he did to Orochimaru. Madara ignored everything around him except Naruto, as his sharingan started to analyze the seal a bright light appeared blinding Madara. When it died down Naruto was nowhere to be found.

"Where did he go? Find him now!" Madara yelled.

"No I told you I wanted Sasuke and since Naruto killed him I'm not going to help you anymore." Kabuto said as he left.

"I'll look for him." Zetsu explained.

Madara scanned the cave with his sharingan unable to locate the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.

With Naruto

Naruto shook his head as he looked around, in awe of the large buildings. Looking around Naruto noticed he was in some type of alley something he'd always be able to recognize from all the time he spent in them back when he was a child. Deciding against going out to the street, Naruto walked up the building then looked down to see people walking on the side instead of in the middle like what he was use to seeing. Naruto also noticed large metal objects going down the roads which apparently had people controlling them from the inside.

Naruto was broken from his thoughts by a scream of what sounded to be a woman. Naruto headed toward the sound of the scream by the rooftops, until he could see what was happening. A woman was holding on to a windowsill outside of a burning building, Naruto not knowing how the people would react to him henged clothes into an Akatsuki robe then henged his head so it looked like he was wearing a sound ninja mask (when they attacked the leaf village covers the whole head only the eyes can be seen).

The woman pleaded for help looking down occasionally to see fire workers doing their best to reach her. However, the woman knew she would lose her grip any minute as she was only holding on by her fingertips. Just as the woman thought her fingers could no longer hold her weight causing her to fall due to exhaustion. The woman watched as two flights of windows went by as she fell only to have her momentum stopped suddenly.

Looking around expecting to be dead instead she looked down to see she still had five more stories to fall if she wanted to achieve death. Able to feel something holding her the woman looked up to see a man with a clock with clouds and a mask holding by her blouse. The strange thing was he appeared to be standing on the buildings as though it was natural.

"Who are you?" The woman asked. "A shinobi,"

"What's a shinobi?"

"A ninja,"

"Are you saying all ninja can do this, how come I haven't seen it in movies or TV?"

"I don't really know and of course all ninja can do this."

Naruto took the woman in his arms as he ran down the building scaring the woman, who grabbed onto his neck refusing to move even after they were safely on the ground. Prying the woman off him, Naruto said his goodbyes before taking off up the side of the building again, leaving the woman staring up at him in awe and wonder. The woman turned back to the crowd only to be rushed by civilians and reporters all wanting to know who the person that could walk on walls was.

Naruto quickly headed to a secluded area then summoned Fukasaku who stared at his pupil in shock. "Naruto-boy you're alright. We heard from Tsunade, the Akatsuki captured you and the eight tails."

"They did catch us and because of me they were able to extract Killer Bee's biju."

"But according to Tsunade, Madara has been threatening the element nations with oblivion saying he has all the biju and has the weapon created."

"Then you have to tell Granny he's lying I'm in another world."

"Tell me exactly how you got here."

"All I know is Madara was extracting the Kyuubi. Just as the last of the Kyuubi was about to leave it started returning to me. I then killed Sasuke while Madara did something Madara looked at me after I killed Sasuke the next thing I know I was here."

"It might have something to do with the seal and if that's the case you need to ask Gerotora."

Naruto groaned at the mention of Gerotora because if he wanted to ask him something he'd have summon him from his stomach then up through the mouth.

"Are you sure you don't know I mean we don't have to bother Gerotora."

"You're stalling Naruto-boy now summon Gerotora so we can ask him why you are in this world."

With a sigh Naruto did as Fukasaku commanded Naruto summoned Gerotora all the while nearly choking to death as the toad scroll made his appearance.

"Fukasaku-sama, Naruto what to do you two want?" Gerotora asked.

"Gerotora for some reason Naruto is in a different dimension. Would you know why that is?" Fukasaku asked.

"If I knew the events leading up to how he arrived here would help me better answer your question."

Fukasaku turned to Naruto who explained to Gerotora exactly what happened with Sasuke, Killer Bee, Madara, the Akatsuki, and the extraction. Gerotora sighed as he tilt his head upward while shaking it.

"They actually did it. Minato and Kushina in fear someone would take the Kyuubi out of Naruto forcefully, made a bargain with the death god. Kushina would offer her soul to the death god in exchange for a failsafe to be placed on the seal." Gerotora explained.

"My mom did that but why?" Naruto asked as Fukasaku placed a hand on Naruto's head.

"Naruto I thought you might have known about this but your mother was dying after the Kyuubi escaped from her."

Hearing this caused the Kyuubi in Naruto to narrow its eyes inside its prison as it began to put two and two together. Kyuubi thought about its other two encounters when it was sealed it never needed sleep.

"I did know that." Naruto said sadly.

"Anyway your mom and decided with this they could protect you from the fate she suffered so in exchange for your mother's soul the death god placed some of its power inside of you. The first time the Kyuubi was about to leave you completely it would be returned to you. The second time the demon was threatened the power of the death god would send you to a place where you would be safe forever." Gerotora stated in his own final way.

"Then why not send me back to Konoha?" Naruto asked.

"Hello did you not hear me I said where you would be safe. Oh by the way the death god's power was only good for one shot so this is your new home you will never see your friends again so you can be whatever you want here. Not even a reverse summon would work."

"I see, try to make it count. Do something good with your life, be happy everyone knows you deserve it Naruto-boy." Fukasaku said with a smile at the chance Naruto had.

"That's all well and good now it's time to open up Naruto I'm going back in." Gerotora said as he moved toward Naruto who flinched.

"Do you have to go maybe you could stay and talk or something?" Naruto suggested.

"You mean about girls or jutsu that'd be great just hold on a sec."

With Naruto breath a short sigh of relief however, this was short lived as Fukasaku stepped on Naruto's foot causing him to yell in pain. Gerotora gave Fukasaku a quick nod before jumping in Naruto's mouth though just like last time he was unable to get all the way in, Fukasaku once again had to kick him down Naruto's throat. After that small ordeal Fukasaku rubbed Naruto's hair before heading back to Mount Myoboku.

Weeks pasted since the meeting, which saw Naruto get a better handle on the new world he was in, along with what he'd started. Apparently, this world had odd beings just like his, however he seemed to be the only person in this dimension who could use charka. Another thing he learned was there were heroes which helped people however, killing was frowned upon here this didn't make much sense to him, since those people who threaten others only came back though adapting was what a ninja did best.

Over the year Naruto found out that keeping a secret identity was for the best, with help of course from Superman the Kryptonian warrior who resided in Metropolis the city south of Jackson City. The two met for the first time five months after Naruto's arrival, apparently Naruto's fighting skills had not only become popular on Earth but on other planets as well. This drew the attention of the warrior queen Maxima who challenged Naruto to a fight only to be defeated of course this led to Maxima kidnapping Naruto back to her home planet in an attempt to marry him.

After getting wind of this Superman went to Maxima's planet (Almerac) to rescue Naruto, however when Superman arrived he found Naruto about to leave Almerac safe and sound. After short introductions Superman asked Naruto how he was able to escape Maxima.

"I left while she was slept, the guards had been told I was their new king so I ordered them give me the device so I could leave." Naruto explained.

Ignoring the look Superman was giving him, Naruto suggest they leave before Maxima woke up affectively cutting Superman's next question off. As they opened the portal, Superman went through first with Naruto following never noticing Maxima running from a room rapped in only a blanket while holding a sword. Once the two returned Naruto thanked Superman who waved it off explaining he was thankful to Naruto for dealing with the villains that escaped from his city to Naruto's.

Superman went on to explain how Batman also was relieved about Naruto's appearance although he would never say such a thing out loud to either Naruto or Superman. As Superman started to leave he turned back to Naruto before asking him his name.

"I'm Fox Shadow." Naruto answered as the two shook hands.

"How dare you, count yourself among my kin." Kyuubi roared.

"Since you seem a little new the best advice I can give is make sure no finds out your true identity." Superman

With that the man of steel took to the air leaving Naruto to head home to his apartment which he was able to afford after receiving a job as a karate instructor. Two months later Naruto met Batman who was tracking, the Joker who'd teamed with Kalibak to Jackson City. Reluctantly, the two teamed up both not having the patience to deal with the other. Batman wanting Naruto to do what he told him and Naruto's dislike of being told what to do.

Once the two stopped arguing they made a strong team with both bring something different to the table which earned the other respect. Naruto respecting Batman's intelligence while Batman respected Naruto ability to come up with attack plans in the heat of battle. The two stopped the plan of Kalibak and the Joker to blow up a building which happened to hold some of the most important people in the world at that time. As Kalibak was being taken away he swore his father would get revenge on Naruto in his name.

"Who's his father?" Naruto asked causing Batman to stare at him blankly. "Darkseid the lord of Apokolips controlled Superman once and turned him loose on the Earth."

As he was heading out, Batman told Naruto to contact him or Superman should Darkseid make an appearance causing Naruto to scoff at this, responding he could protect the city just fine by himself. With one last glare and nod Batman got back into the Bat mobile, speeding off toward Gotham.

Eventually, Naruto decided on wearing a Kakashi type mask, a standard Konoha-nin outfit, complete with a dark orange vest Jiraiya got him for his birthday. To top it off he wore his red and black trench coat which had a kanji for 'Orange Hokage' written vertically down the back along his headband.

Flashback Over

Naruto stood up before making his way toward the sirens using the rooftops. Five rooftops later Naruto looked down to see a bank surrounded by police. Deciding to make his presence known, Naruto leapt off the building landing between two police cars before making his way toward the police chief who gave his attention to Naruto the moment he noticed him.

"Fox Shadow you're here good, there's some lunatic woman in the bank with hostages. The odd thing is she's said she will release the hostages once you arrived." The Police Chief explained only to have Naruto's attention taken away.

"GET DOWN NOW!" Kyuubi yelled.

Listening to his tenant, Naruto pulled the Police Chief to the ground just as a rocket shot over their heads with a woman yelling.

"You take care of the people inside. I'm going to catch that rocket and the woman before she hurts herself." Naruto said.

Taking off after the woman, Naruto ran on the sides of buildings in an attempt to save the woman. What Naruto soon found out was the woman was in fact in control of the rocket, as she'd looked back then winked at him. Naruto watched as the woman insanely faced trucks head on pulling up at the last minute and flying directly at buildings only to change her flight pattern at the last possible moment. Knowing he had to get onto the rocket to stop her Naruto tied some of his ninja wire to kunai then tossed it at the rocket.

Looking back the woman saw Naruto doing something with what she guessed to be some type of weapon. However, when she heard the sound of metal hit her rocket she turned to see Naruto had wrapped something on the back of her rocket. With a smirk the woman raised the rocket above the city with Naruto hanging on.

"Wow baby that's dangerous, I'm starting to like you more and more." The woman said as she redirected the rocket back toward the city.

The woman headed straight toward the road pulling up enough that with Naruto hanging off the back he would be just in the way of oncoming vehicles. Using his momentum to swing out of the way of cars and trucks Naruto began climbing toward the rocket. The woman waited for Naruto to get close before kicking him in the chin resulting in him almost losing his grip. As Naruto made his way onto the rocket, the woman put it into autopilot before making her way to Naruto who was now on the rocket.

"You know when they said there was a new hero in Jack city I just had to see you for myself. Now you did well to catch me, faster than Batman but let's see if you're willing to take risks." The woman said pushing herself and Naruto farther away from the controls.

"Lady you do know you could hurt people with these risks?"

The woman simply ignored Naruto, however blocked him as he tried to get to the controls of the rocket. Looking up the two noticed they were heading into a building, deciding he'd had enough of this game Naruto created a shadow clone shocking the woman. Now with an advantage the clone grabbed the woman into a bear hug keeping her from moving while Naruto flipped over them both using his chakra to stay on the rock then hit the autopilot button.

With control of the rocket Naruto pulled up barely missing it, not knowing how to stop the rocket Naruto directed it toward a lake. Once over the lake the clone dispersed, Naruto then grabbed the woman pulling her off the rocket. Expecting to be wet the woman noticed Shinobi was holding in his arms, what shocked her was he was walking on water.

"How are you doing this?" The woman asked as they headed to the shore.

"It's an ability I have."

"Let me guess jail huh?"

"You got it. I heard you mention Batman so you're from Gotham.

"Yep names Roxy Rocket and I bet you're a looker under that mask. I like you already when you flipped over me, landing on the rocket. It gave me chills baby forget Batman you're the one for me."

Flattered Naruto knew he still had a job to do so he tied Roxy up with ninja wire before heading to the police station. As Naruto was walking through the city a loud buzzing sound went off in his head causing him to flinch which his passenger on his shoulder noticed.

"You ok?" Roxy asked as Naruto dropped her while holding his head.

Once the buzzing stopped Naruto quickly created a clone to take Roxy to prison then made his way out of the city. Once he was summoned the fastest toad large enough to carry him toward the mountains past Gotham City. Going around the city to avoid anyone seeing the toad Naruto made it to the mountains once there Naruto dispelled the toad before taking off toward his destination. When he arrived he saw Superman, Batman and two other people he didn't recognize being attacked by odd ships.

As Naruto headed toward Batman he noticed Superman hit with a beam from one of the ships causing him to fall toward the ground, quickly Naruto changed his course catching the senior superhero. Naruto was then able to dodge the next two attacks from the ships before sending a stream of fire back destroying it. Naruto made his way up the mountain then left Superman in the care of Batman while he turned to see what else he could do.

Naruto looked to his right to see a woman with wings being protected by a black haired woman wearing what looked to be a swimsuit. With the planes destroyed the heroes who weren't on the mountain, made their way over while Superman got back to his feet. Once the heroes made their way to the meeting point they all glanced at each other, that is most of them glanced at Naruto and the black haired woman.

"So anyone want to explain who the two rookies are?" A black man a full body costume on which reminded Naruto of his second jumpsuit in terms of the way the colors were which was most black and green from the shoulders up.

"Well this is Fox Shadow he's sort of new but I've heard good things about him, plus he's from Jackson City so Batman and my villains are always in his city. Batman and I can vouch for him right Batman?" Superman asked while Batman simply stared.

"I know who he is if that's what you meant." Batman explained.

Seeing as how no one seemed to know who she was the tall black haired woman wearing what resembled a one piece swimsuit stepped forward. "I'm Diana Princess of Themyscira."

"The home of the Amazons I always thought it was a myth." The woman with bird wings answered.

"I assure you it's as real as the ground on which we stand."

"So you're saying there's a place filled with women just like you. Pinch me I must be dreaming." The man with full red bodysuit said only to be elbowed by Superman on the arm.

"It was lucky that you showed up when you did." Superman said.

"No not luck I contacted them all telepathically." The green man answered.

"Okay I'm usually pretty quick on the uptake but could someone please tell me what's going on here?" The man in red asked.

"Wait before we start a story could you all introduce yourselves to Diana and me. After all we are new here."

Everyone in the group glanced at one other before nodding and introducing themselves to the two newcomers.

"I'm Superman."


"Flash I hope you remember it princess."

"Why would I forget it?" Diana questioned confused.

"J'onn J'onzz"


"The names Green Lantern though I don't know why we're telling two rookie hotshots who will probably get in our way who we are."

"Amazons are natural born warriors care to test me."

As Green Lantern and the Princess were about to go one another Naruto and Superman stepped in between them, hoping to quell any violence.

"Listen John we're going to need all the help we can get." Superman said in favor of Naruto and Diana fighting with them.

Green Lantern simply scoffed at Diana, "Fine forgive me your highness. Once we get J'onn's story on these invaders we'll need to split up into teams. We all will multiple objectives and since there are eight of us here the teams will be equal."

The group turned to J'onn who explained his story about the invaders, how he guarded them once his people had won the war. How the Earthlings released when he slept and finally on how the invader's main goal was to block out the sun.

"Can't you make a batch of that nerve gas?" Flash asked.

"No the plant I brought was destroyed when I was captured." J'onn answered.

"Fine it's time to pair up." Green Lantern said only to have Flash appear next to Diana with his arm around her shoulders surprising her.

"Dibs on the Amazon,"

"No you're with me, Flash. Hawkgirl and Superman are a team. J'onn and Batman will be another team. The final team will consist of the two rookies."

Diana scowled at Green Lantern as she took a step forward only to feel a hand on her shoulder. Looking back she saw Naruto shaking his head in disapproval. Once the assignments were given out the four teams took off to their destinations. With Naruto unable to fly he found his arm around Diana's waist as the two them headed for Metropolis since it was the only place Naruto knew which had invaders.

"How dare he treat us as though we're lower just because we are new?" Diana fumed.

"Don't take it personal Diana I think Green Lantern along with Batman just don't trust easy is all. Once we earn their trust they may open up though with Batman I doubt it he reminds me of this guy I use to know, he was big on the brooding to.

"So Fox Shadow I can tell you are new to this world just as I am."

"Sort of I've only been here a year. It's a lot different than my home though I don't back away from challenges."

"It would be nice to learn about this world together you, me, and J'onn."

As Naruto and Diana arrived at the alien plant, Diana immediately wanted to barrage into the plant and take it by force. Naruto on the other hand wanted to sneak into the plant relying on his ninja training to succeed in this infiltration mission. Naruto after a few minutes of convincing was able to get Diana to agree to do things the way he wanted. The two moved around the outside of the plant looking for a way in while avoiding the invaders.

After five minutes of searching the outside of the entire plant yielded no results, Diana became restless with Naruto's method of doing things voicing her displeasure.

"Hiding in the shadows like a coward is not the Amazon way." Diana complained to Naruto who was glancing around a corner.

"Diana wanting to have the element of surprise on my side does not make me a coward." Naruto explained to the fuming Amazon princess.

"Have you at least found an opening yet?"

"Not yet."

"Then we will make one."

With that said Diana took off toward an alien walker then pulled off her lasso, Diana proceeded to tie around the alien walker twice then pulled the machine's thin legs causing it to fall over hitting the side of the plant which created a whole.

"There's your opening."

With that task completed, the two warriors entered the plant with the intent of gathering info.

With Green Lantern and Flash

"Why did you put Fox Shadow with the Amazon? Now I bet she's all impressed by his abilities." Flash said as he ran on across an ocean.

"Because unlike you he wasn't drooling over her like a piece of meat, meaning he can focus on the mission at hand. Plus I probably did you a favor." Green Lantern responded.

As they arrived at their destination the two stopped at the top of a hill to discuss their plan. At least Green Lantern did Flash simply ignored him then went to take on the invaders by himself which didn't work out to well as Flash was caught in slime unable to move. Controlling his anger Green Lantern shot the leg off one the alien walker which was about to finish flash off. Seeing Flash smile up at him after he'd messed up so badly didn't help the anger Green Lantern was feeling.

"I'm kind of stuck." Flash said with a chuckle.

"I hope the others are having better luck than we are."

Once Green Lantern made sure he wouldn't be attacked from behind he used his ring to free Flash all the while laying into him about the importance of teamwork and how selfish he was sometimes.

Batman and J'onn

Batman looked around the corner only to jump back the moment he saw an invader heading his way. Once they moved past him Batman made his way to the side of a plant looking for an opening or hoping to get luckily. Five minutes later he was joined by J'onn who stated there were no openings at all.

"We probably should have brought Diana with us she could have created an opening. As it stands now we'll have to track one of the invaders from out here. We then either sneak in or watch how they open an entrance." Batman explained.

"I have a better idea." J'onn said

Sneaking up behind a lone invader J'onn punched it in the back then proceeded to read his mind, resulting in him gaining the information he needed. With that he directed Batman to the eastern side of the plant then picked up the invaders placing its face on a part of the ship opening a door. The moment the duo entered the plant they were attacked by invaders who Batman noticed moved out of the light just J'onn said they would giving him an idea.

J'onn redirected Batman's attention to inside the plant which was clear because of the invaders retreating. As they made their way through the plant J'onn explained exactly how they'd need to shut down the plant.

"So we take the crystal no more plant." Batman said as he followed J'onn.

"That's correct but I'll need a diversion." J'onn explained.

Batman nodded as the two continued on their journey to shut down the plant and hopefully find a new weakness the invaders might be hiding. As the two soon came upon the central core, J'onn nodded to Batman who threw a couple of explosives at a group of invaders drawing their attention, resulting in them returning fire with their guns. With the distraction a success J'onn fazed into the floor reappearing near the crystal, he then disposed of an invader that was guarding crystal before remove said crystal.

As J'onn looked to see how his partner was doing he was shot in back by the invaders causing the Martian to hit the floor with a good amount of force. Noticing J'onn injured Batman ran over to before grabbing both him and the crystal, the two then escaped the room just as all the exits closed. With that taken care of the two decided to leave the plant with the crystal and destroy it so there was no chance it could be taken back.

"We better get out of here before reinforcements show up." Batman ordered as they made their way toward the way they came in. "Also I think I might have a plan to attack them."

Superman and Hawkgirl

These two unlike the others wasted no time in challenging the invaders who were outside, defeating them before smashing a whole in the side of the plant. Superman looked around warning Hawkgirl to be on her toes which the Kryptonian felt insulted the winged warrior because of her response. Superman would have no time to think about this as he and Hawkgirl were attacked by a second wave of invaders. Superman began to tell Hawkgirl what he was going to do only to have the Thanagarian fly past him and take out the five invaders.

The brutality Hawkgirl showed actually made Superman stare in shock as he ducked an invader which went flying over his head splattering against the wall. Quickly glancing back at the invader sliding down the wall, Superman turned back to find Hawkgirl standing among the invaders staring back at the almost shell shocked Superman.

"What there's a time for talk and there's a time for action." Hawkgirl said as they continued their journey.

"Are you always so eager to fight?" Superman asked while glancing down at her.

"My home Thanagar is like a war world there one must strike first or die."

Once that bit of excitement died down the two made their way through the plant, surprising Superman because of the little resistance they met. Soon the Kryptonian found out why as the two were ambushed by the invaders forcing them to back into another area of the plant just so they could retaliate. As the duo began to push back the invaders retreated with the exits closing behind them.

Once the heroes were trapped inside the area, a gas was released causing Hawkgirl to drop to her knees as she struggled for air. Noticing something was wrong Superman directed his attention to an exit then tired to punch it open however, the moment he did he was shocked with enough power to knock him unconscious. Hawkgirl looked up to see Superman on the ground unmoving as darkness started to claim her.

Green Lantern and Flash

"Why do you these idiotic boneheaded things?" Green Lantern asked Flash while using his ring to free Flash from the goo he was in.

Once Flash was free he jumped to his feet dodging beams from alien walkers. Green Lantern meanwhile made his way toward an alien walker only to create a shield of green energy to protect him from beam launched at him. Noticing their beams weren't hurting their opponent one of the alien walkers shot a rock containing gas at Green Lantern causing the hero to drop to the ground unable to move. Flash quickly moved to make sure his teammate was alright only to notice the alien walkers making their way toward them.

Flash picked Green Lantern up before taking off dodging multiple beams as he left the area, deciding to head back to Metropolis.

Wonder Woman and Naruto

"They've blocked us off again." Diana said.

"I can see that but how are they keeping us at such a disadvantage." Naruto pondered.

Noticing they were in danger again Diana moved in front of Naruto blocking the laser beams which were shot at them with her bracelets. Diana noticed the invaders numbers appeared to become stronger the deeper she and Naruto moved into the plant forced her to slowly move backward. Naruto allowed Diana to deflect the attacks as he waited for an open. Once Naruto saw the opening he jumped from behind Diana while performing hand signs. Glancing back to see what Naruto was doing Diana watched as her partner jump from behind her with a yell of 'Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu'.

Diana was stunned to see a stream of fire fly past her, hitting the invaders head on causing them to scream as they melted. Diana looked to Naruto who she could have sworn was smiling though she couldn't be sure because of the mask covering everything on his face from his eyes down.

"Fox Shadow how did you do that? What exactly was that?" Diana asked as Naruto grabbed her by the wrist directing her to a corner.

"A fire style technique my master taught to me." Naruto answered as invaders ran past them.

Once they past Naruto and Diana followed them which led them to the central control room. Remembering what J'onn showed him through a mental image, Naruto noticed the crystal he and Diana were supposed to destroy if they got the opportunity.

"Diana we need to get that crystal up there. Do you think you could give me an opening?" Naruto asked as the Amazon princess nodded.

Diana made her way to a pillar then used her strength to rip the middle half off. The invaders who were around the crystal grabbed their guns before firing lasers at the princess however, with their aim off Diana was able to launch the pillar at the invaders heading toward her. While this went on Naruto jumped to the level holding the crystal then used shadow clones to deal with the invaders around the crystal, allowing him to grab it as he made his way back toward Diana.

Seeing Naruto had the crystal Diana moved back toward the way they came with Naruto landing next to her. The duo retreated back the way they came with enough speed, to lose the trailing invaders.

"We've lost them Fox Shadow." Diana said.

"For now but we should get this to J'onn or at least find a way to destroy it."

As the two found the exit to the plant they were ambushed by a single invader who fired a laser, hitting Diana on the star of her tiara knocking her unconscious. Naruto turned to the invader hitting it with a kunai before moving to check on Diana. As Naruto checked to make sure Diana wasn't seriously he heard the invaders behind him locking the weapons forcing him to make six hand signs. Once he finished he grabbed the crystal and Diana's unmoving body, he then surround himself along with Diana and the crystal with his extended hair which protected them from the lasers.

Remembering what Jiraiya taught him about the 'Hari Jizou' he knew he could use another technique while using the one he currently had activated. Naruto clapped his hands together allowing him to shoot some of his hair at the entrance deactivating the barrier on the door which opened it. Naruto turned away from the invaders his harden hair now only protecting his back.

"Boy the exit is closing fast!" Kyuubi yelled.

Turning around Naruto realized the demon was right the entrance was closing far too fast for him to make it out with Diana and the crystal. Making a split second decision Naruto placed the crystal on Diana's torso tied some ninja wire around the two to keep them connected, Naruto then launched Diana giving her enough speed to make it through the closing door.

"You fool why did you do that? You could have tried to make it out!" Kyuubi yelled at Naruto.

'Don't worry about me so much Kyuubi.' Naruto answered back.

"You little rat-monkey I'm worried about me and what's going to happen to me if you die."

The invaders surrounded Naruto who took out some kunai ready to fight for his life, at peace with himself for saving a friend of course Kyuubi yelled at him about how none of that matter. Kyuubi knew there was no changing the boy's mind when it came to friends this being one of the big reasons why Kyuubi never wanted any. As the invaders began to make their move toward Naruto one lone taught passed through Kyuubi's mind.

"I really hate this kid."

Batman and J'onn

J'onn stared up at the sky ignoring Batman's calls until he was sure of what he was getting was correct.

"Superman and Hawkgirl are down they have failed." J'onn relayed.

"What about the others?" Batman asked.

"Green Lantern and Flash are on their way to Metropolis as we speak."

"We should head to Hawkgirl and Superman's location to help. And what about Shinobi and Diana?"

"No they will take Hawkgirl and Superman to the Imperium which will arrive in Metropolis. Diana has succeeded she has the crystal."

"Good then we can… wait what do you mean Diana has succeeded what about Fox Shadow?"

J'onn simply stared at Batman who stared back information exchanging between the two without a single word being uttered. Nodding the two headed back to Batman's plane prepared to make a final stand in Metropolis.

Hari Jizou – Needle Jizo/Underworld Guardian Spikes

Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu – Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique