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Chapter 3 The Magician and The Jinchuriki

Naruto stood next to Chief Kelly whose slightly wrinkled face was twisted in anger, as he looked down at the deformed bodies of two well-known crime bosses. The two happened to be at the moment the only ones able to stomach the crime scene. Chief Kelly shook his head as he began to secure the crime scene, unable to understand why his officers couldn't catch Brother Night.

"Chief you're doing the best you can. If anything I'm the one at fault, Brother Night has elude me at every turn." Naruto explained while Kelly shook his head.

"Fox Shadow I know you're doing all you can however, as officers of the law it's our job to protect the public." Kelly responded.

As the two began going over the crime scene, a presence from behind them caused both men to draw their respective weapons while turning to face the door. Chief Kelly frowned as he saw Zatanna Zatara standing in the doorway of the mall cape flapping in the wind. Naruto knowing Kelly didn't like civilians in the middle of his crime scene, slowly lowered the gun of the police chief.

"Ms. Zatanna first of all please don't sneak up on me like that, second how did you get past the officers outside the mall?" Kelly asked.

"I would like to help with your investigation." Zatanna replied.

"Zatanna-san with all due respect Brother Night has clearly shown himself to be a dangerous being." Naruto said turning back to the two bodies.

"This is why I believe I can help you Fox Shadow. If I am correct Brother Night is a powerful wizard, something I can deal with."

Naruto sighed a week past since he met Zatanna at her magic show and he had to admit he was impressed. So this is where Naruto found himself basically being forced to team up with Zatanna because of his limited knowledge of magic. However, just because Naruto had to team up with her, didn't mean he had to trust her nor did it mean he wouldn't follow his instincts. Naruto made his way to Zatanna stopping in front of her, allowing his 5'11 frame to lord over her lithe 5'7 build.

"Fine I accept your help however, Zatanna I strongly suggest you don't cross me. Chief, Zatanna and I are going to see if we can find out anything on Brother Night." Naruto said leading Zatanna out of the mall.

When the two exited the mall, the officers holding back the press looked strangely at Zatanna. Realizing none of them saw her enter the mall resulted in a slight blush to spread across the cheeks of the magician. Zatanna started to explain herself only to be lift into the arms of Naruto who made his way up the side of the mall.

"Why did you do that I can fly you know?" Zatanna asked the ninja.

"Good to know, so you have any idea where a guy like Brother Night would hang out?" Naruto asked causing the magician's cheeks to puff out slightly.

"How about we check Jackson City's magical black market?"

"How come I've never heard of that?"

"Because you're not a magical being," Zatanna answered with a giggle at the blonde ninja, before speaking in a language Naruto never heard before.

"Nepo ot cigam fo tekram kcalb eht dnammoc I,"

Naruto glanced oddly at the magician until rumbling from his front caused him to move back and watch in awe as two gates opened from nowhere. Looking past the gates Naruto could see what looked to be normal people moving normally in the market. Naruto allowed Zatanna to take the lead while he followed with kunai in hand.

"Welcome Fox Shadow to the black market of magic." Zatanna announced with a smirk.

Ignoring Zatanna, Naruto waved for the magician to follow him as he made his way through the market. When the two reached the middle of the market, Naruto felt he was being watched by someone who reeked of fresh blood causing his face to contort which Zatanna noticed.

'Fox Shadow is something wrong?' Zatanna asked causing Naruto's eyes to widen.

Naruto began to ask Zatanna how he could hear her in his mind, only to stop when the magician shook her.

'I've created a telepathic link between so we don't have to use our mouths.' Zatanna explained.

'Good work Zatanna I had no idea you could do this. To answer your first question, I feel we are being watched by someone covered in fresh blood. So be on your toes.'

As the two made it through the market they found a club with a huge sign which read Bewitched. Entering the duo saw demons and humans mingling on a dance floor, Naruto held his arm out to Zatanna who wrapped her arm around his as they moved through the crowd appearing to be a couple. Looking around Naruto saw a man in a suit looking down at him with a smirk, the man then turned to someone Naruto couldn't see.

'Zatanna look up to my left, you notice the guy in the suit. Since we entered he hasn't taken his eyes off us.' Naruto explained.

Wanting to find out who the man was, Naruto pulled Zatanna toward a set of stairs which led to the balcony. As they made it to the stairs two hulking demons blocked their way. Naruto looked at Zatanna who gave a quick nod before turning his attention back to the demons who began drooling over Zatanna.

"Do you two have an invitation?" One of demons asked.

"No we don't." Zatanna answered disgusted by the demons.

"Don't fret little girl I'm sure we can take it out in trade." The other demon answered as it eyed Zatanna's chest.

As demon reached out for her breast, a loud crack was heard throughout the club as the demon fell to the ground holding its arm in agony. Zatanna smirked as the other demon stopped in its track when it saw a kunai to its brethren's neck.

"Now you two are going to tell me about Brother Night or this guy will be minus a throat." Naruto said as the free demon took off through the crowd.

"He's up there!" The demon whined out.

Naruto let the demon go however, not before explaining it would die if it got up. The duo made their way up the stairs with Zatanna leading the way, upon reaching the top of the stairs Zatanna used her magic making the door disappear while Naruto rushed in only to be greeted by a provocatively dressed red haired woman, a cloak with a mask and finally a little boy holding a box.

"Well if it isn't the legendary Fox Shadow and the Mistress of Magic Zatanna Zatara. What could I possibly do for the two of you?" Brother Night asked.

Naruto frowned at the demon hiding behind the demonic trio standing before him and Zatanna.

"You can give up." Naruto answered causing Brother Night to laugh as he slowly faded out of view.

"I'm afraid that isn't an option Fox Shadow." Brother Night said now completely gone.

Zatanna frowned as the child in front of her, opened a box she knew he didn't have a moment ago. Out of the box came what seem to be millions of deadly insects causing the two heroes to scatter. The lone female member of the trio attacked Naruto by breathing fire at him. This resulted in Naruto being forced to jump off the balcony, landing in the middle of the dance floor resulted in all who occupied it to move away from him.

Looking back at the balcony, Naruto noticed the fire breathing woman and the masked cloak coming at him. The cloak reached out toward Naruto who simply avoided it while dodging streams of fire sent at him by the red head. Naruto watched as the cloak's mask seemed to change before attacking him again, confused the ninja further.

"I'm assuming you three are Ember, Romalthi, and Teddy." Naruto surmised while the two in front of him laughed.

"Yes I'm Ember hence the name mortal, my associate is Romalthi." The woman explained.

"Well Ember, Romalthi, allow me to be the first to inform you the three of you and your boss are wanted for murder. Now there are two ways this can get done, one you come with me without any problems, two I could eliminate you both the moment you put up any kind of struggle."

The woman gave a snort followed by a stream of fire, causing Naruto to flip backwards while dodging the mysterious cloak's touch. As Naruto maneuvered his way to face both his opponents, the ninja heard a horrible scream from the balcony where Zatanna was fighting. Fearing the worst for his temporary partner, Naruto made a move to the stairs when Zatanna appeared beside him.

"You ok Zee?" Naruto asked causing Zatanna to smile at him.

"Yep the bugs took care of our young friend; guess they didn't like being captured." Zatanna responded while Naruto smirked under his mask.

"Your friend was a warning, we give you a warning once there will not be a twice."

The two henchmen glared at the masked ninja as if their stares would do the job they knew Brother Night would want done. The two looked at one another before nodding as they began to pair off only to stop upon hearing Brother Night's voice echoing throughout the long since empty club.

"Fox Shadow, Zatanna I'm afraid my friends will have to take a rain check on that whole eviscerating you thing. However, heroes know this sooner rather than later both of you will have to deal with me and I promise you the pain I will inflict on will cause you to back for death."

Naruto sighed as he looked at the space no longer occupied by Ember and Romalthi, realized he got caught up in Brother Night who wasn't actually facing him. This allowed the two beings who could take him to Brother Night escape and rethink their strategy.

"That ero-sennin always told me to stay focused on the battle." Naruto murmured.

"I'm sorry."

"I said good work let's call it a night, we'll pick up again tomorrow night."

Zatanna transported the two back to the police station on the earthly realm. As the two said their goodbyes Naruto glared at the smirking Zatanna.

"Something I can help you with before I go?"

"Just didn't expect you'd want to work with me again, you know the whole getting in your way thing."

Naruto lowered his head the moment Zatanna repeated his words to him. Naruto knew he was being a huge hypocrite as Green Lantern said words to that effect about him and Diana before even getting to know them.

"I shouldn't have said that Zee I'm sorry, though on the bright side you proved you're more than just a pretty face." Naruto said as he disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving a stunned magician in his wake.

'More than just a pretty face huh. Smooth foxy very smooth.' Zatanna thought as she vanished.

Should anyone have approached or pass the police station they would have heard faint giggling.

Next Day – Watchtower

Naruto found himself staring into space literally as he checked the Watchtower's monitors every now and then. Most of his focus was on Brother Night, a small portion on his henchmen, the rest was on Zatanna. The magician interest him for reasons most men wouldn't give a second thought to. Her ability to use her spells in battle wasn't the surprising part, what was surprising was her intelligence of when to use her spells.

The fact the Kyuubi had nothing to say when she was around made him wonder. Deep within his thinking, Naruto didn't notice his Amazon teammate enter the command center until the door closed behind Diana. Turning to Diana, Naruto saw she was holding two cups one of which she offered to Naruto causing him to eye smile at her.

"It's one of the mocha lattés, I believe Flash called them." Diana said sitting next to Naruto.

"Thanks, so where is everyone?" Naruto asked as Diana sighed contently at the taste of the latté.

"Green Lantern surrendered himself to robots so Superman, Flash, J'onn, and Hawkgirl went after him. However, Batman is here I saw him a moment ago."

Naruto used the intercom to have Batman come to the command center. While Naruto waited he and Diana made small talk, most of which heard Naruto asking if Diana was handling the new transition too this world. Two minutes after Naruto called Batman the Dark Knight appeared wearing his tradition scowl.


"Wanted to get some info on a Zatanna Zatara," Naruto explained while noticing the slight shift in Batman's stance when he mentioned Zatanna.

"She's a traveling magician extremely powerful. She's also an escape artist trained by her father John Zatara. She casts spells by saying the words backward, meaning she must be focused to control her magic. Why do you want to know about her?"

"As you know she's performing in Jackson City for at least the next month. Well she's helping me take down a guy named Brother Night, just wanted some background info on her."

With that Batman left leaving the ninja with a very bored Amazon princess. This soon changed as Naruto created a shadow clone to do monitor duty while the two headed toward the training room.

In Hell

Brother Night looked around with a scowl on his face, standing in the middle of hell while looking for a demon to deal with Fox Shadow and Zatanna wasn't exactly how Brother Night thought he would spending his day. The problem was Brother Night had been ordered to do this by his superiors and as much as Brother Night didn't like being in hell, Brother Night knew if he disobeyed his masters he'd find himself spending a lot of time here.

Glancing at the different demons, Brother Night noticed some were out and about where others were shackled while being tormented. Making his way through miles of hell, Brother Night noticed a green skin demon which had long curved pointy ears, was three feet tall, and had red eyes sitting on what appeared to be human skin.

"Fuseli," The demon turned to see Brother Night heading toward him resulting in a smirk.

"Night what do you want? As you can see I'm busy." Fuseli responded.

"I have a job which requires your unique talents."

"Why would I help you? If you've forgotten Night I randomly chose my victims."

"Because helping me help's you, plus you'll be well rewarded for your troubles don't worry."

"Fine I'll help you however, should you try to avoid paying me the consequences will be severe. So tell me what it is you want me to do so I can be rid of you." Fuseli said with his back to Brother Night.

"I want you to force Zatanna Zatara and Fox Shadow to destroy one other. Of course you're already on the clock."

Fuseli glared at Brother Night while slightly pondering how much he really needed what Brother Night was offering him. However, in the end the demon know there was no debating it so he reluctantly accepted Brother Night's offer, all the while keeping his back to the demonic criminal. Once Fuseli was sure Brother Night left he took his leave wondering which one he would attack first.

As Fuseli came to the gates of hell he stopped, knowing he couldn't leave hell unless it was through dreams Fuseli concentrated on his goal. Fuseli looked at the clock near the gates he suspected neither mortal would be asleep. So imagine his surprise when he found a dream about a blonde haired man and red haired woman playing with a blonde haired child who resembled them both.

Checking through the mind, Fuseli realized he located the dreams of Fox Shadow. With a smile which revealed his pointy teeth Fuseli made his way into Naruto's dream. The moment Fuseli entered Naruto's mind however, he found himself frozen by a presence far more dangerous than even his master's. Not wanting to face this presence Fuseli quickly began making his adjustments to Naruto's mind, causing his dreams to rapidly change to a much darker tone.

Fuseli sighed in relief when Naruto's dream changed to him meeting Zatanna, only this time when Naruto threatened Zatanna she didn't take it lightly.

Naruto's Dream

"Am I supposed to be scared of you? I wonder how the world would react if they knew the powerful Fox Shadow was just a lowly orphan crying for his parents and hiding in trash cans like a coward." Zatanna surmised with a smirk.

"Wait here's a better one a dead-last dobe who needed multiple tries to pass the academy." Naruto clenched his fist while staring intently at the magician until Chief Kelly made his way over to both of them.

"Ms. Zatara please Fox Shadow needs to focus on this crime."

Zatanna gave an evil smirk to Naruto before turning on Chief Kelly her wand extended toward him.

"xoF eht fo wodahS eht no nrut ot eeht dnammoc I,"

"Ms. Zatara you're being modest what type of hero can he be when he couldn't even save his best friend."

Naruto growled at Zatanna his legendary temper taking control causing him to leap at the magician who smirked as she was in the blink of an eye surround by the officers and members of the press who were outside the mall. Zatanna conjured a slab which the people forced Naruto on while Zatanna smirked.

"Well everyone here's our hero out in the open so ask him any questions you want."

"Fox Shadow is it true you allowed your godfather the man who taught you most of the things you know to fight and die for you while you hide like the coward you are?" A reporter asked while Zatanna giggled while shooing everyone away from Naruto.

"It hurts me to see you like this Fox Shadow. Tell when your father said he was proud of you do you think he meant it or was it something to keep you from hating him for sealing the demon you."

"Zatanna shut up!"

"You know only a woman whose brain dead would want anything to do with a jinchuriki like you." Naruto's eyes widened toward the end of Zatanna's statement.

"Don't call me that."

"Why jinchuriki that's what you are we shouldn't sugarcoat it. The fact is your kind don't have rights you get to exist you don't get to live like normal people."

Everyone around Naruto pointed at him while laughing as they called him jinchuriki. Ignoring the people Zatanna stroked Naruto's cheek almost lovingly before whispering in his ear, "This is just the start, next I'll let the Justice League know then the government sure they'd love to experiment on you, on a creature like you."

Naruto yelled in anger as thoughts about what he should do to Zatanna rushed through his mind. Suddenly Naruto found himself in his bed on the watchtower panting wildly as he attempted to get his head together.

"Whoever is in the corner you'd better come into the light." Naruto said as Batman walked into the light calmly.

"Something the matter I heard you yelling for fifteen minutes."

"I'm fine also I wouldn't advise entering a shinobi's room with his permission could be bad for your health!" Naruto said sternly to the Dark Knight.

Naruto frowned as he looked at his clock which read 8:30, sparing with Diana didn't take that much out of him as he'd only fell asleep to pass time. Ignoring Batman, Naruto used the transporter to get back to Jackson City while blowing off Diana in the process. Naruto leapt onto the top of the building, Zatanna was performing in and waited for her to finish.

Inside Zatanna bowed to a standing ovation a huge smile on her face as she made her way off the stage. Zatanna's smile was mainly due to her team formation with Naruto who she couldn't wait to see again, so once everyone was out of sight she performed a transportation spell taking her to the roof.

"Sorry I'm a little late they wanted more and I hate to disappoint my audiences." Naruto simply scoffed at her causing Zatanna to give him a worried look.

"Fox Shadow is something the matter?"

"No, now I've informed Chief Kelly of what happened last night though he's doesn't have a good grasp of the magical world he does believe me. So since you're the magical expert where are we going to search tonight?"

"Well there are businesses here in Jackson City were owners are known to be shady in the magical community. Maybe they know where Brother Night is now."

"I don't know if we'll find Brother Night tonight so maybe we should try to get some other leads."

Zatanna casted a spell causing her and Naruto to vanish from the top of the roof when they reappeared, Naruto noticed they were in front of a shop he past many times on his way to work. Naruto looked over toward Zatanna with a glare while the magician nodded with her hand extended toward the door.

"This man is a powerful warlock known for helping magical criminals but we have to…" Before Zatanna could finish her statement Naruto kicked the door in resulting in a sigh from Zatanna.

Inside the two noticed a small man talking to an older man who glared at Naruto and Zatanna. The smaller man sighed as he saw Naruto, this sigh turned to labor breathing as Naruto grabbed the man pulling him by the front of his shirt to his body.

"This shop is closed for the night this means your trespassing." Naruto said tossing the man to Zatanna's feet.

Scared out of his mind the man rushed past Zatanna and out of the store. Once he was sure the man wasn't coming back, Naruto turned his complete attention to the older man. Zatanna made a move to talk to the man however stopped when Naruto put his arm in front over.

"Where's Brother Night?" Zatanna looked at Naruto unable to believe he would just give away the reason they were there.

"I'm sorry I'm afraid I don't know who you're talking about."

"Old man do you really want to do this because I am not in the mood,"

Zatanna listened to the back and forth banter between the two all the while becoming more frustrated as every time she would try to intervene Naruto would cut her off. It was at that moment the lovely magician decided she would have a conversation with Fox Shadow the moment they were clear of the store.

"If I did know something about Brother Night what would I get in return?"

"What do you want?" Zatanna asked.

"Isn't it simple, he should want to keep all his brain cells," Naruto explained.

"That's it I don't know anything about Brother Night now get out of my store before I have the police arrest you both."

Naruto gave the man a look, letting him know they would sometime meet again. The shinobi then made his way out of the store with Zatanna storming out behind him. As they made it down the block Zatanna conjured some ropes which she used to tie up an unsuspecting Naruto. Zatanna then used her magic to force Naruto against the wall.

"Zatanna what are you doing?"

"What's going on with you? What's making you act like this?"

"What I do in my city has nothing to with you. If you don't like it I suggest you leave." Zatanna took a deep breath while wondering how she should handle this problem.

Zatanna stared at Naruto as the events of the past hour went through her head. Noticing Zatanna wasn't paying her complete attention to him Naruto used a shunshin to vanish in a puff of smoke startling Zatanna. Zatanna looked around her magic unable to locate Naruto until she felt a hand around her stomach with something cold and sharp pressed against her neck.

"Fox Shadow what are you doing?" Zatanna asked saddened by the hero's behavior.

"Nothing, don't use your magic on me again. By the way Zatanna your help is no longer needed."

Naruto released Zatanna who turned around revealing no one to behind her. Zatanna began making her way to the hotel she was staying at, upon arrival Zatanna to her room she changed into her sleeping clothes, all the while thinking about what possibly could have changed between herself and Naruto. As Zatanna began to doze off she could only hope things would be better tomorrow.

Zatanna's Dream

Zatanna smiled as she watched her younger self perform magic tricks with her father watching on with a smile on his face. Younger Zatanna grabbed the hat from her father's head then stuck her hand inside while her father watched with an amused look on his face.

"Daddy I can't find the rabbit like you do." John smiled while waving his daughter toward him.

"You can't find it because it's not in the hat." Younger Zatanna of course blinked owlishly at her father while Zatanna smiled. "Because it's under the cape daddy bought you."

Both Zatanna's smiled when their father reached around younger Zatanna and pulled a rabbit from underneath her cape. Young Zatanna grabbed the rabbit from her father hugging to death before giving her father the same faith.

"Daddy I want to be just like you when I grow up." John shook his head confusing younger Zatanna while Zatanna's smile grew.

"Daddy wants you to be better than him. When I'm old and grey I want people to say Zatanna Zatara is the greatest magician of ever."

Zatanna placed her hand over her heart as she thought about that moment with her father. Zatanna didn't remember a lot when it came to her father for some odd reason but the memories she did have made her love her father that much more.

"Shame you couldn't do what he asked."

Zatanna turned to the sound of the voice revealing Fox Shadow looking at her. Zatanna immediately became suspicious as to why Fox Shadow would be in a dream involving her father.

"What are you talking about?"

"Come on he raised you to be the best magician in the world and you turned out to be a whore with big knockers." Zatanna glared as she wondered where this was going.

"How do you figure?"

"Oh I don't know does the name John Constantine ring any bells."

"How do you know about that?"

"You shouldn't be so concerned with what I know and more concerned about what they know."

Zatanna turned around to see her father and younger self staring at her with shocked looks on their faces. Zatanna took a step toward them only to have her father step away while pulling her younger self with him.

"I don't understand my daughter a whore. This is the fate of the sweet little girl in my arms I don't believe it."

John continued to move away from Zatanna while Naruto sat on the side lines laughing. Enraged Zatanna rounded on Naruto who vanished from his spot with his speed was now face to face with Zatanna.

"This isn't you." Zatanna said in total denial.

"You're kidding not only do you disgrace your father your stupid to. Well let me spell it out for you Zatanna I used you. You are pathetic and the last thing I need with people's lives on the line is a distraction like you."

Zatanna looked back toward her family tears in her eyes. Looking at them through her tears Zatanna noticed they had a dark light emitting from their bodies, as did Naruto's though his seemed to be moving. Confident something was going Zatanna pointed her wand at Naruto who moved behind young Zatanna and John.

"Em ot ytitnedi eurt ruoy laever," Naruto screamed in agony as he transformed.

When the transformation was over, Fuseli was on his hands and knees exhausted from trying to fight Zatanna's magic. Once he regained his breath Fuseli knew his cover was blown, he tried to run only to find himself bound by an invisible force. Zatanna having great knowledge of demons in general knew what she had to do. Zatanna made her way over to Fuseli grabbing while making sure she had a firm grip on him. Zatanna then said a quick spell to wake up.

Zatanna woke up, immediately felt a weight in her arms, with a smirk she looked down to Fuseli cowering. Zatanna released Fuseli had no powers in the waking world so she tied him up then locked her door so no could get in.

"Who are you?" Zatanna asked receiving no response in return. "Ok let's try it like this. Tell me what I want to know otherwise I'll send you back through every dream you've ever inhabited, I'm pretty sure that would destroy you."

"Ok my name is Fuseli."

"Why did you attack me?"

"Why do you ask question you already know the answer to you dumb bitch?"

"Brother Night sent you. What else have you done and remember I can perform a truth spell on you if I think you're lying."

"Your friend I invaded his dreams, he's got a real temper on him, got a bad feeling off him to."

"What do you mean?"

"Something you wouldn't be able to feel unless you were inside him."

"And this was?"

"Power the likes of which only it has." Fuseli explained while raising his head with an emphasis on it part.

"So you're the reason he was acting the way he was. How did you do it?"

"Simple bad dreams cause you to be restless, plus the emotional spots I hit caused him to develop hatred for you subconsciously." Zatanna punched Fuseli across the jaw while adding her magic to give her super strength she was able to knock the demon unconscious.

Zatanna then concentrated on only reopening the mental link she'd created with Naruto. Zatanna let out a frustrated sigh as she tried to connect with Naruto only to have him attempt to block her. Fed up with Naruto acting like a child she sent a small burst of magic with the attempt which got through.

'Zatanna what do you want?'

'If you would stop acting like a child for a moment I could tell you about a demon I captured working for Brother Night. Oh by the way it affects dreams."

'And that means…'

'The dreams you had about me weren't because of anything you were feeling, they were caused by the demon.'

If Zatanna were with Naruto she'd see his eyes now resembled dinner plates. Naruto realized he'd been a jerk to Zatanna for no reason, normally when he had bad dreams he suspected the Kyubi however, since taming it Naruto assumed his dreams were now his own. Quickly Naruto got his costume on then shunshined to the roof of the hotel Zatanna was staying in.

Past 2:30 in the mourning now Naruto walked down the side of the building, looking only in the rooms which still had their lights on until he finally found Zatanna's sixth floor room. Naruto knocked on the window which opened for him as soon as he tapped on it. Upon his entry he saw the demon Zatanna was talking about unconscious with half its body hanging off the bed.

Naruto noticed Zatanna on the bed reading something she apparently wasn't willing to break away from to look at him. Naruto knew why she wasn't looking at him and if he was honest with himself Naruto knew he deserved it, so he decided to suck it up and apologize.

"Zatanna I'm sorry about how I treated you earlier. I was being a jerk to you over a stupid dream I had." Zatanna looked up at him from a book she was reading with a sad look on her face.

"I read his mind jinchuriki it's what made you mad at dream me. What does that word mean to you?"

Naruto stared at Zatanna he didn't like where this was going especially since he figured he wouldn't have to use the demon's chakra in this world no would ever know about it.

"Its personal and I don't want to sound mean but it's none of your concern."

Zatanna wanted to pursue it but found herself cut off by Fuseli waking up. Naruto grabbed the demon by the throat when he noticed him in the room.

"I'll kill you!" Naruto roared.

"Wait let's not be too hasty, I think we can use him. I'll tell you what Fuseli, if you help us I will let you go."

"For freedom I'll do anything."

Fuseli led Naruto and Zatanna to a highway from the safety of Zatanna's hat. As the two arrived they noticed three figures standing in the middle of the highway with one of them emitting purple light. Zatanna being a magical being could sense the magic belong to Brother Night from their previous encounter with him.

Brother Night smiled as he felt his new power coming to him, the highway he and his minions were on was special to him. The highway was where Brother Night first received his powers, meaning whenever an upgrade was required he had to come back to the highway. As Brother Night finished his power upgrade he sensed Zatanna and sure enough when he opened his eyes there she was along with Fox Shadow.

This time however, Brother Night wasn't worried as he had a surprised he was sure would break the magician emotionally while he handled the physical part. Brother Night commanded Romalthi and Ember to keep Naruto away from him while he dealt with Zatanna. As Naruto and Zatanna approached Romalthi and Ember did exactly as they were told separating Naruto from Zatanna by creating a firewall between them.

Noticing what they were doing Zatanna began using her magic to lower the fire created by Ember, only to hit in the stomach by purple beam sending her to the ground. Quickly getting back to her feet Zatanna used her magic to rip a large chunk of the highway up which she launched at Brother Night.

Brother Night laughed at Zatanna's attempt to hit him with the highway; she had to know he was to powerful for that. Glancing over to Romalthi and Ember he noticed they weren't fairing to well against Jackson City's hero. Brother Night then hit Zatanna square in the center of the chest with a speed sign knocking her to the ground. While Zatanna was slightly disoriented Brother Night's power began to increase causing the ground to rumble.

As Brother Night's power began to die down a portal opened up next to him which Zatanna recognized as a portal the spirit world. However, what happened next was something which would haunt Zatanna for months as the portal stabilized her deceased father stepped out.

"DD-daddy it can't…" Brother Night smirked at the reaction of Zatanna when he turned the elder magician on his daughter.

Physical stunned Zatanna was unable to make any type of move to defend herself, as her father punched her in the face. John stepped over his fallen daughter grabbing her by the shirt, lifting her toward him.

"Don't you remember me daddy it's me your little magician." Zatanna squeaked out in a small voice.

Unfazed by his daughter's plea, John picked her up over his head slamming her head first into the ground. Brother Night laughed as he tossed John's spirit a knife to kill his now defenseless daughter who was lying on the ground bleeding badly from the skull. John kneeled down next to Zatanna, raising the knife above his head to end Zatanna's life.

John completely focused on Zatanna didn't notice the bullet made of wind, until it hit him in center of the chest sending him crashing back into Brother Night. Naruto quickly ran over to Zatanna checking the gash on head, he could tell it was deep and she'd be out for some time. As Brother Night got back to his feet with John following, Brother Night noticed Ember and Romalthi had been defeated.

Naruto picked Zatanna up bridal style while making sure he cradled her head protectively against his chest. As John attacked again Naruto shunshined himself and Zatanna back to his apartment. Upon their arrival Naruto laid Zatanna down then ran into his bathroom to get bandages and water to clean her wound. As Naruto tended to Zatanna he realized he didn't know how to take care of her properly so he decided to call someone who could. With a sigh Naruto summoned Shima who looked around confused until she saw the look on Naruto's eyes.

"Ma please help her?" Naruto asked taking off his mask so he could face Shima properly.

Shima moaned about how she was too old to be helping tadpoles who wake her up when she's sleeping. Shima shooed Naruto out of the room, only after Naruto gave her one of his shirts to change Zatanna into after she cleaned her up. Shima looked at the unconscious girl wondering what happened to her and more importantly who she was to Naruto. After cleaning Zatanna up Shima called Naruto back into the room, the moment he entered Shima could tell the level of concern he had for this woman.

"Naruto-chan who is this woman," Naruto sighed he knew he couldn't lie to Shima.

"She's someone who was helping me with a problem."

"You know Pa told me about why you're in this world. I guess you can't help but play the hero no matter where you are huh."

"Thank you Ma, I don't know what would have happened to Zatanna if you weren't willing to help."

"I healed her wound so she should wake up sometime soon." Shima explained while waving to Naruto before going back to her world.

Naruto put his mask back over his face then sat on the edge of the bed. Naruto looked out of his window and noticed the sun was coming up which reflected off a mirror into Zatanna's face. This caused the magician to groan as she woke up the memories of what happened just hours before rushing through her mind like a free flowing river.

"Zatanna are you ok?" Naruto asked as he helped Zatanna sit up.

As she rest against the head board she noticed she wasn't in her normal outfit instead she was in what she assumed was one of Naruto's shirts.

"Your clothes were torn so I got a female to get you out of them." Naruto said when he noticed her looking at herself.

"So what happened, you looked like you saw a ghost." Zatanna's breathing became labored as she remembered the look in her father's eyes.

Tears began to freely follow down her face as she was no longer able to contain them.

"That was my father's spirit." Naruto's eyes immediately widened.

Naruto couldn't help but feel badly for Zatanna at that moment, having to face a deceased parent was something no one should have to go through. Unable to say anything Naruto let Zatanna cry against him, allowing her to deal with this ordeal in her own way.

"We'll get Brother Night. I swear on my ninja way." Zatanna looked up at Naruto who she could tell was smiling at her even through the mask causing her to smile as well.

Naruto wiped away Zatanna's tears while laying her back into on the bed. Naruto then stood up and walked out of the room, only after closing the curtain.

"You rest Z we'll finish this with Brother Night tonight." Zatanna gave a nod as she pulled the covers over her shoulders.

When she was sure Naruto was gone Zatanna got out of bed, changed back into her old clothes not caring they were torn and covered in blood.

'Forgive me Fox Shadow but this is something I have to do on my own.' Zatanna thought as she left via teleport.

Zatanna reappeared back at the highway which was covered with magical residue though it was only visible to magical beings. Zatanna knew she could find Brother Night but she needed some of his blood something she wasn't expecting to find since he didn't fight. So imagine Zatanna's surprise when she found what she was sure to be some of Brother Night's blood.

"Doolb siht fo renwo eh tot em ekat."

Zatanna once again vanished but this time she reappeared in Brother Night's club. Speaking of Brother Night he along with Zatanna's father were sitting at a table talking until they realized Zatanna had arrived. John stood up to once again attack his daughter only to be stopped by Brother Night.

"My dear Zatanna we don't have to do this. If you were to give me your word you won't interfere in my affairs I could allow your father the eternal peace you both wish him to have." Zatanna stared at her recently revived father her heart told her to take Brother Night's offer but her brain knew it would be the right thing to do.

"I can't my father wouldn't want me to which is why I'm here to take you down." Brother Night turned John on Zatanna who took her hat off, pulling Fuseli out of it.

Brother Night confused as to what was going on watched as Fuseli dashed toward John. As the two clashed Fuseli smirked as he entered John's body causing the resurrected magician to fall to his knees in agony. Zatanna looked on sadly hoping the plan she came up with to wake her father's soul would work. The idea happen to come to her as she slept, having time to think about resurrections she noticed something about her father's spirit from the time he was summoned to this moment he hadn't opened his eyes.

Zatanna understood this meant his soul was under a foreign type of sleep spell, luckily for her she had Fuseli who she promised could have his freedom if he could free John from Brother Night's control. Zatanna watched as her father screamed most likely the result of a soul being forced to awaken in a world they'd past from.

Brother Night watched his former minion take his biggest advantage over Zatanna away causing his rage to reveal his demon visage.

"Zatara stop this nonsense at once and destroy your daughter." Zatanna watched Fuseli leave her father giving her nod.

"Ecaep wonk niaga ecne ym luos sih os rednu si eh edutivres eht morf rehtaf ym esaeler," Zatanna yelled.

John looked around confused as to where he was, until he saw Zatanna in front of him tears running down her face. John rushed toward his daughter embracing her deeply, tears now flowing from his eyes. John broke the embrace, holding his daughter at arm's length so he could get a good look at her.

"Zatanna you've grown since we last saw each other." Zatanna beamed at this even though she didn't say anything the dream about Naruto and her father hurt her deeply.

"You didn't expect me to stay sixteen years old forever did you?"

"You just look so much like your mother I was actually startled. I'm so sorry Zatanna I must have caused you such pain."

"You didn't daddy deep down I knew in my heart you would never willingly hurt me but none of that matters because I have you back now."

John sighed he knew his daughter was a safe pick as the best magician in the world but she was still a little girl in the presence of her father, this was something he planned to correct as he spoke, "Zatanna you know as well as I do I can't stay here my time has passed."

"But together the two of us can find away to save you." John sighed as Zatanna's tears returned with a vengeance.

"Honey I don't need to be saved and you don't need me here. I've been watching you since I died and you've shattered the expectations I'd set for you. Its time I leave this world once again but don't ever forget I'm so proud of you." Zatanna looked down as her father slowly faded away.

"I love you daddy."

"I love you too Zatanna."

Once John was gone Brother Night began laughing drawing the ire of Zatanna who conjured a hole under Brother Night. Zatanna however didn't stop there she immediately created molten lava at the bottom of the hole while using her magic to make Brother Night hover over the opening.

"Wait stop! What are you doing you'll kill me?"

"That's the idea."

"Zatanna stop!

The moment she heard the voice Zatanna knew it was Fox Shadow but she didn't care all she cared about was making Brother Night suffer for what he put her family through. Zatanna ignored Naruto as he attempted to lower her arm holding her wand, keeping her full attention and power on Brother Night.

"This has nothing to do with you Fox Shadow." Naruto sighed he didn't want Zatanna to do something she wouldn't normally do.

"Zatanna I'll do it for you. I'll kill Brother Night so you won't have to live with it.

Naruto took out a kunai then turned toward Brother Night the now terrified warlock. As Naruto made his way toward Brother Night the warlock made the choice to save his life.

"I want nothing to do with this, magic, the rulers of hell this powers, I don't want any of it." Brother Night yelled out.

The moment Brother Night was finished he flashed red for a moment the red then moved away from him, screaming just as he was before diving into the ground. Naruto standing at the edge of pit grabbed Brother Night by the shirt. As Naruto pulled Brother Night toward him, Brother Night looked up reveal he no longer had his demon visage.

Zatanna watched as Naruto lifted his weapon still ready to kill Brother Night something she couldn't let him do. Zatanna used her magic to stop Naruto's arm from moving forward before approaching him.

"It's over Fox Shadow. Brother Night is a powerless mortal who will spend the rest of his days in prison." Naruto turned to Zatanna who had a grateful look in her eyes.

"Zee you sure," Zatanna smiled as Naruto grabbed Brother Night.

"What do I have something on my mask?"

"No I just like it when you call me Zee."

Zatanna placed her hand on Naruto's shoulder transporting the three to the entrance of the police station. Zatanna stepped away from Naruto and Brother Night which the ninja noticed.

"Sorry Fox Shadow but it's almost nine, I have a show to get ready for." Naruto nodded to Zatanna as she vanished.

The ninja took Brother Night into the police station past the stunned officers and into Police Chief Kelly's office. Looking at his desk Kelly watched a body fall on his desk causing him to frown as he looked at his now mixed up paperwork.

"This is Brother Night." Chief Kelly looked at the man stunned.

"Are you sure?"

"Sorry for the reaction it's just this man is Eldon Peck he's wanted for ritualistically murdering 13 children almost 45 years ago. Yet he looks exactly like I remember him."

"Just one thing when you announce his capture, make sure you let everyone know Zatanna's the one who captured him."

"I'll announce it later today."

Naruto nodded making his exit via the window

Watchtower – Three hours later

Naruto was watching the monitor trying to ignore Flash who was getting on his last nerve. Flash, Hawkgirl, Superman, J'onn, and Green Lantern just made their return from Lantern's trial where he was found to be set up by the robots which captured him. Naruto told Flash to put it in the mission report hoping he would stop talking Flash however, wrote the report as he explained the story.

This led to Naruto turning on the news where they were talking about Jackson City and more importantly Zatanna. Batman caring less if he hurt anyone's feelings told Flash to shut up so he could listen to the report.

"It seems breaking news has come out of Jackson City. Traveling magician and author of Hex Appeal: The Modern Girl's Guide to Magic Zatanna Zatara has captured suspected murder Eldon Peck. Peck has evaded the law for over forty years. Back in the 1960's it is believed Peck killed 13 children.

Many parents of the slain children have expressed gratitude to the magician for possibly bring their children's killer to justice. Just a short time ago Police Chief Harold Kelly put out a statement thanking Zatanna for her bravery while Mayor Jerek Clark stated Zatanna would be rewarded the key to the city."

Hawkgirl turned the monitor off much to Batman's annoyance. Flash suggested the Justice League go to ceremony to show support for Zatanna which Diana agreed to without knowing Flash's true intentions. Batman on the other hand did know what Flash was up to, allowing the Dark Knight to get Flash's idea shot down by saying only Naruto should attend to represent the group since it was his city.

Naruto agreed then took off since he was only there to make sure the returning group could still handle their assigned shifts. Upon returning to Jackson City, Naruto went to work with information a big client wanted to get private lessons. Normally they didn't accept clients who wanted to be taught privately however, the person who asked for the lessons were willing to pay whatever price was asked of them.

When Naruto arrived at the dojo he headed back to the locker room to put his training clothes on. Once he finished Naruto walked out of the locker room to find Eric drooling over blonde hair woman with the most beautiful green eyes you would ever seen in your life. Naruto shook his head at Eric walking over to the woman so she could get acquainted with the two people who would be training her.

"Hello I'm Naruto Uzumaki and this is my partner Eric Bates, one of us will be handling your training at all times."

"Thank you I know this dojo doesn't have private teachings so for you to do this for me is really humbling."

"So ma'am before we get started it would be best if we got your name." Eric said.

"Of course my name is Selina Kyle."

Selina shook the hands of the two men; she then explained she was a master of Dragon Style Kung Fu and Karate causing Eric to moan because he couldn't teach her anything. Naruto on the other felt there may be a couple of things he could possibly show her of course this depended on her endurance and agility. Naruto had Selina do multiple different exercises to test her agility. As Selina worked out Naruto thought of a couple of Guy's techniques which could work for Selina.

After Naruto showed her what he felt she could learn he had her move through the same steps Guy had him do. The problem Naruto ran into was no matter how much agility Selina had she wasn't comfortable performing any of Guy's techniques. After two hours of training the woman was having difficulty walking which was understand since Guy's style of taijutsu put a great deal of strain on the body.

Once Selina got her normal clothes on Naruto explained they would train everyday for the next two months from 11am to 4pm. With that Selina left the dojo while Eric came into the back where Naruto was picking up the training dummies.

"Dude she is hot."

"I guess I just wasn't paying attention, it happens when I'm fighting."

"Did you get to touch her? Is she single? Is she old?" Naruto sighed as he grabbed the last dummy before heading back to the locker room.

"No, I don't know, I assume she isn't."

When the two finished picking everything up and changed into their casual clothes, Eric suggested they go check out Zatanna's show which Naruto explained was sold out. After an hour of walking around the two split up with Eric saying he was going to see if he could scalp some tickets to Zatanna's show while Naruto went home. Naruto sighed as he had nothing to do so he summoned Gamakichi to play shogi go, something he got into because he would hang around with Shikamaru when the two were in the village at the same time.

Gamakichi who was barely able to fit in Naruto's apartment was excited about having been summoned to this new world. The two talked as they played the game with Naruto telling Gamakichi to make sure whenever he was summoned to call him Fox Shadow if he had a mask on his face. The two were only able to get two games of shogi in as they were evenly matched resulting in the games being long.

Naruto dismissed Gamakichi then left his apartment to talk to Chief Kelly then patrol the city. When Naruto arrived at the police station he noticed families sitting in the waiting room. Upon reaching Chief Kelly's office he explained to Naruto those were the families of the slain children and they wanted to thank Zatanna for capturing Eldon Peck. Naruto suggested after Zatanna's final show of the night, he lure her outside where the families along with the police could thank her.

The two looked at the clock noticing Zatanna's final show would be over soon. Chief Kelly told Naruto to go ahead while he got the older officers and the families ready, receiving a nod from Naruto. Using the rooftops Naruto made it to the building Zatanna was performing, looking down from the top of the building Naruto noticed people filing out so he used the shunshin to reach Zatanna's dressing room. Fifteen minutes later, the magician arrived taking her cape and jacket off only to stop when she looked up to see Naruto sitting in the chair in front of her mirror.

"What are you doing here? Hoping to get a free show?"

"Just wanted to see how being a star is treating you." Zatanna glared at him.

"I'm not a star and why did you tell them I caught Brother Night."

"Because you did, look Z you stopped a guy who was danger to the world. Plus you brought closure to 13 families." Zatanna smirked as she leaned against the dresser facing away from the mirror.

"What I did with Brother Night isn't why you're here is it?"

"How are you doing?"


"You my parents died when I was born but I was finally able to get a chance to meet them through odd circumstances. I can't imagine having them for an extended period of time then losing only to have them come back trying to kill me."

The two stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, Naruto then stood up grabbing Zatanna by the wrist leading her toward the exit. Approaching the entrance of the building Naruto walked out pulling Zatanna with him. Upon their exit they saw a group of people waiting for them and when they saw Zatanna they began to cheer resulting in a blush from the magician.

The families of the children and officers surrounded Zatanna praising and thanking her while Naruto and Chief Kelly hung back. As everyone fussed over Zatanna, Chief Kelly told Naruto about the cities plans to award Zatanna the key to the city in a week. Chief Kelly also informed Naruto about the burglaries which were reported yesterday and earlier into the evening.

"We don't know much yet but from the looks of the robberies and what I received from Commissioner James Gordon it could be Catwoman."

"Keep me informed and if it turns out to be Catwoman I'll deal with her."

Tried to make it longer for the fans of it also expect Naruto to be doing Justice League duty and his own thing.