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Love on the Road

Chapter 1

When you don´t have a car, you need public services, but depending on the day, I wished I could have my own wheels. Since my truck decided to leave me on the road, I had no vehicle and I decided that I wasn´t going to take Charlie`s car. I mean, how would people react if they saw you coming to college in a police car? Nope, never a good idea. I love teaching, and I love traveling but it could be very stressful. More so, when these days it seems like everybody is taking the bus.

Something I will never understand, is why when you have space in the back, that people stay by the door? Not only is it dangerous, it´s very uncomfortable trying to walk into the midst of so many people. Some of them take the oportunity to touch you and some people seem to be glued to you. Nasty. Oh, and in the summer it's even worse. Very disgusting. Another thing is when some random guy invites you to dinner. Yep, that happens almost all the time and it's the worst. You have to be patient with them, because not everybody is in a good mood and not everybody has a brain.

"Good morning Sam," I said with a smile. Sam has been the bus driver for as long as I can remember.

"Good morning, kid," he teased me.

"I´m not a child, you know that, right?" I joked.

"Old habits are hard to change. Even more so, when I've known you since you were little."

"How is your family today?"

"Good. Emily is having a hard time with Paul. New girlfriend."

"Oh, good luck with that," I laughed.

After I paid for my ticket, I tried to walk to the open back seats. I may have pushed some people and I may have stepped on a foot. Very embarrassing. I apologized to the guy. Definitely something I shouldn´t have done.

"I will forgive you, if you go on a date with me. A dinner, a drink, maybe something more," I heard. I lifted up my face to see him. Ass.

"I think I'll pass."

"We can have some fun." I rolled my eyes at his insistence. Geez, too many dicks without a car.

"Come on, girl. Don´t be a pussy. I can make you scream, if you let me."

In that moment what would you do? Seriously, that was beyond gross and made me feel like I wanted to vomit. The bus slowed suddenly and I may intentionally hit him with my knee down there. Not very feminine, but effective.

"What the fuckkkkk!" He yelled in pain.

"First, no fucking date and second, who's the pussy now?" I asked him. He couldn´t say a word because he was doubled over in pain.

Victoriously, I passed between people and that placed me in the free area of the bus. I was laughing to myself when I heard another laugh. It was beautiful, it even stopped my heart beating.

"Well done. I see it's a skill of yours. I mean, you seem to know how to handle these situations. Although I don't think he' enjoying it so much." I turned around and I stopped laughing because at that moment, I was close to a beautiful man. It was the first time I had ever seen him; green eyes, bronze hair, and his smile, wow, that smile can make you weak.

"We can share the seat, but only if you promise me not to hit me like that," he teased me.

Smiling, I sat down beside him.

"Thank you. Don´t worry, I won´t. When you have to use the bus everyday, you know how to spot the pigs. That was my tenth invitation for a dinner or whatever in the last seven days. I'm breaking records of being hit on by men," I said laughing.

"Okay, I should be careful then."

"No, you're a kind man. You already showed me that."

"Good to know. I´m Edward, by the way, always ready to share a seat." He extended his hand.

"I´m Bella, a regular user of the Forks Bus System." We shook hands and some kind of electricity ran between us. Weird.

"Thanks again for this. It´s a long trip to Port Angeles."

"No problem." I tried to concentrate on my book, but for some reason, I was intrigued by this man beside me.

"First time?", I asked as he looked at me. "I mean, I've not seem you on this bus before." I felt my face burning in embarrassment for being so forward.

"No. Not the first time. I always try to be inconspicuous and almost hide myself when I sit down. I prefer to avoid indecent proposals as much as possible", he smirked

"Really?", I looked at him surprise.

He nodded.

"You are missing a lot fun then," I said and he laughed.

"I usually drive my car but the last couple of days I decided to give the bus a chance", he told me, looking at the road through the window.

"Hmm. That means you crashed your car?" I jokingly asked.


"Lost your license for various infractions?"


"You don´t have money for gasoline?"

"Nope," he laughed.

"Your car was stolen?"

He shook his head while smiling.

"Some crazy ex crushed it with a bat?"

He laughed again. "Nope."

"Not many options left now. I give up."

Edward ran his fingers in his hair and smiled. My heart jumped in my chest. What the hell was that?

"I just wasn´t in the mood to drive. My sister is in the same college. I'll come back with her."

"Oh, you are going to Port Angeles´ College?" He nodded. "I teach there," he said. Wow.

"Impressive," I said and he opened his eyes wide.

"Why? I don´t look like a teacher?" He teased me.

"Yes, actually, you do. I teach there as well. It´s really weird that we met in this bus and not on campus."

"Call it fate," he said and winked.

"You are one of those people who believes in fate, destiny, soulmates? You are a Professor of Philosophy right?"

He laughed again. Thank God, I took the bus today, I thought. It's turning out to be a very good trip after all. A great one.

"Nope, I teach music and, yes, I believe in those things. Don´t you?"

"Hmm. That depends."

"Depends on what?" He asked confused.

"Depends on the day, and depends on the guy I met on a bus," I joked.

"Good answer."

We laughed together. I realized, I was having one of the best trips ever. I really enjoyed talking with him and I didn´t want it to end. I felt the need to know more about Edward.

"So...you are a musician?" I asked shyly.

"Sort of."

"Sort of? How am supposed I take that answer?" I chuckled.

"And you are..." - He looked at my books - "...a literature professor?" He smirked.

"Sort of."

He laughed. Seriously, his laugh was an angelical sound. We became silent and I felt a little bit frustrated. He hadn't given me very much information. He remained a mystery man.

"I´m musician, but I´m doctor too," he said suddenly and turned his face to look at me.

"Musician and doctor? How is that possible? You must be a genius."

"I've loved music since I was a kid. When I finished high school, I studied at a conservatory in Seattle. Then, I followed my dad`s footsteps, went to medical school, and became a doctor," he said simply.

"You are from Forks then?" I asked. He nodded, smiling.

"And you?" His eyes, those green, green eyes sparkled at me.

"I have lived in Forks since I was teenager until I went to Florida to study."

"Literature major?" He asked and looked me straight in the eyes. Dear God.

"Yeah." I shook my head for some clarity. "I love the classics and it´s nice to teach and share it. To help other people love it too." We stared at each other until I tilted my head down to hide my face when I started to blush.

"Why do I have the feeling that I know you?", he asked.

"We've probably met before. Forks is not a big town. Everybody knows everybody." I smiled a small nervous smile. I took out my book trying to think of something else.

The bus continued on down the road, and now that it was a little bit more quiet, I looked around at the people in their seats. One couple caught my attention. They were hugging, laughing, kissing, and enjoying each other's company like there was nobody else around. It was a very sweet image, but at the same time I felt sad. In all of my twenty-eight years, I never had been with someone like that. I had dated, and had boyfriends, but never was it like that. I never felt the bubble.

"Young love. You feel like you can do whatever you want. The sky is the limit," I heard Edward say.

"You know them?", I asked while dragging my eyes away from the couple.

"I travel with them, at least every day I've been on the bus, they've been on here too." He smiled.

"I've never seen them. They are very sweet." I sighed.

"And very expressive." I turned to face him, surprised at his words.

"Everytime they meet on the bus it´s like their first time. They speak about their night, their dreams, how they missed each other, even when they are together all the time," he said smiling.

"Really?" He nodded. "And how do you know about it? Are you stalking them?", I joked.

"No, everyday when the bus is almost empty, I can't help but overhear every single word."

"Must be really nice to feel that way," I said.

"Yeah, and it must be really disturbing for the people who are sitting in front and behind them." He smiled. "I guess you are..."

"Alone?", I completed his sentence for him. "I am," I said trying to focus on my book.



"Why are you alone?"

"I guess...I still haven´t found what I´m looking for."

Edward laughed. "Oh, you don´t have an answer and now you are stealing U2 lyrics?", He teased me and I giggled.

"Damn it, I forgot you are a musician," I joked.

"Don´t worry, you don´t need to tell me."

"Actually, it´s true. I haven´t found anybody yet. I'm keeping my options open."

"Open options, like...?"

"Hey! You have not seen all the specimens here on the bus everyday?", I joked and Edward frowed. "I´m kidding Edward, but I think things can get better. Everything can happen on a bus."

"Even finding love?"

I looked at him and I couldn´t help it staring into his eyes. We shared looks and I felt my cheeks burn.

"Yeah, why not?"

We smiled and then, we realized we were the only people on the bus.

"We're almost here. It was a really fast trip."

"I would say the company made the trip interesting," Edward spoke softly and I felt my legs like jelly even when I was sitting down. Why I was feeling like a teenager again? Why was his smile melting my heart?

"Hmm, I.. I feel the same", I said quietly and once again I blushed. We stood up and were walking to the door. The bus stopped and I felt Edward`s hand touching mine. He didn´t do it purposely, I don't think. I mean, you need to hold onto something, right? On purpose or not, the electricity again ran through our hands again. Edward smiled and offered me the steps to go first. Sadly, the trip was over.

"Well, here we are. I enjoyed the trip with you Bella," Edward said as we were walking onto campus.

"I enjoyed it too. I hope to see you soon. Maybe here." I bit my lip.

"Probably." Edward checked his watch. "I would love to stay and talk more, but I have to run because I´m late. But I´m crossing my fingers to see you again."

"Me too, Edward. Have a nice day," I said to him and Edward waved. I just stood there looking at him walk away. Seriously, I couldn´t take my eyes off him.

What just happened?

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