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Chapter 27


Our trip to home was peaceful. After the big news we shared with our family and friends- and probably more than half the town- we decided to leave. It had been against Alice, Esme and Rosalie´s wishes since they wanted to start planning everything. As if we have the date already. We knew about not waiting until the baby was born. Even if I would love to have our baby there for our day, it was going to be too much. Maybe the church wedding, but not the civil ceremony. I wanted to enjoy the day, really enjoy it. What I really meant is enjoy my wedding night.

"You're very quiet, Brownie Eyes. Are you feeling okay?" Edward wrapped me in his arms while we walked to our house. I put my head on his chest and hugged him on his waist.

"I was thinking about our wedding night," I giggled.

"I guess we won´t be waiting too long then."

He kissed my hair and opened the door. Our house. Mine, but ours since Edward was living with me, was peaceful. The moonlight through the window lit our living room. I didn´t want to turn on the lights. This was perfect.

"Can I ask you something, Pouty Lips?" I sat on the couch taking off my heels and Edward joined me.

"What do you want to know? If I want a boy or a girl? What about twins?" He was joking right? Right?

"WHAT? No, Sir. It´s just one baby. God, now what if the doctor was wrong and I'm pregnant with twins? I don´t have twins in my family, do you? I'll look like a whale!" Edward started laughing and hugged me. I was seriously freaking out.

"You're not a whale. Your baby bump doesn´t even show yet." I looked at him confused. "And what did you want to ask me?"

I sighed, relieved. "Why did you ask me to marry you on-stage?"

"Hmm, easy answer, my beautiful Brownie Eyes. Because it was the place where you gave me strength from the beginning and since then amazing things have happened." I kissed him over his face and Edward put his hands on my hips laughing. "Why did you give me the baby news there?"

"Because music means a lot to you and after the proposal I wanted to make the memory even more memorable for you. For us. But even more for you. You were broken for a long time. Music was a bad word for you and I wanted to change it."

Edward wrapped his arms around me and rested his forehead on mine.

"I think…" He let out a deep breath. "I think I owe you so much, love. You did so much for me and I don´t know how to repay you."

I nuzzled his face, kissing him.

"You don´t have to. I have a new life, a new beginning, and new challenges." I giggled and put his hands on my tiny belly. "You're giving me a family. A life with love. I can´t ask for more."

Edward looked at me with teary eyes. "Thank you for loving me, Brownie Eyes." He gave me an Eskimo kiss.

"Thank you for loving me, Pouty Lips."

Wrapped in each other arms, finally I understood. Life is not perfect, but it is worth fighting for. It's a journey full of surprises, opportunities, friends, and love. We just need to make sure to pay attention to the signs along the way on the road.


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