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Mara stood on the steps of the Jedi Temple.

Maybe mom's right and this is a bad idea. She thought.

Get it together Kryze! You decided before coming here that this was the best decision. She berated herself.

Mara took a deep breath and started to ascend the steps again.

Two Jedi stood in front of the entrance.

"What is your business here?" One of them, a woman, asked.

"I wish to become a Jedi Knight." Mara answered truthfully.

The two Jedi were silent for several heartbeats.

"What is your name?" The woman asked.

Mara hesitated.

"My name is Mara Jade Kryze." She answered truthfully.

The two Jedi shared a curious look but stood aside.

"Someone will be here to take you to see Master Skywalker." The other one said, speaking for the first time.

Mara entered the Temple and silently admired it's beauty.

A man carrying a togruta toddler made his way over to her.

"Good day, my name is Wrenga Jixton." The man, Wrenga said. "And who might you be?"

"Mara Jade Kryze Mr. Jixton." Mara replied.

Wrenga smiled kindly.

"Just call me Jix, there's only one person in the galaxy allowed to call me by my last name is my uncle." Jix said.

"Okay," Mara said as she followed him into the Jedi Temple.

"First things first. You are going to have to have a midi-chlorian count done then you have an interview with Luke Skywalker. After the interview you need a physical then you will be assigned to teachers to help you progress in both the Force and hand to hand combat." Jix explained.

Mara nodded.

"Any questions?" Jix asked as they approached the Halls of Healing. "Just one: what is a midi-chlorian count?" Mara asked curious. "Well a mid-chlorian count determines how strong you are in the Force and how fast you can progress. Uncle D's friend can explain it better. Anything else?" He asked.

"How do you count them?" Mara asked. "Midi-chlorians are counted in a blood test." Jix said as they entered the Halls of Healing.

Mara fell silent.

These midi-chlorians is in my blood?

Once they entered they were greeted by a young Mon Cal. "Hello Jix, Denis. Who's this?" The Mon Cal asked.

"This Mara, Cilghal. She needs a midi-chlorian count done." Jix explained.

"I see," Cilghal said.

Cighal then turned to her.

"Does the sight of blood make you ill?" she asked her. "No, blood doesn't make me ill cause me to feel faint." Mara answered truthfully. I killed my first kill at sixteen. She thought.

Mara watched as Cilghal pricked her finger with a needle, rubbed the area with a analysis chip and then inserted the chip into a scanner.

Cilghal suddenly turned to Jix.

"Take her to Luke immediately." Cilghal told Jix. "He should be meditating in one of the Meditation Rooms." She said handing a data pad to Jix.

Jix sighed.

"Come with me." He said and led her out of the Halls of Healing and down the hall a short distance.

Jix stopped and pulled out his commlink and punched in a code.

"What is it Jix?" A man's voice asked.

"I have a prospective student that I was told to take to you and to do that I need your location cousin." Jix said.

The man, Luke, sighed.

"I'm in quarters Jix." Luke informed Jix. "See you soon cuz." Jix said and turned off his commlink.

"Follow me." Jix said as he shifted Denis's weight.

Mara followed Jix into a turbo lift and watched as he punched a level and sector in.

"So, what do you do?" Mara asked.

"Me?" Jix asked. Mara nodded. "I teach self defense, hand to hand combat and more recently I take care of Denis while his mother rests."

"Do you go on missions?" She asked.

Jix shrugged.

"Once I babysat a senator that refused to have a Jedi. It was quite entertaining." Jix said with a slight smile.

Mara frowned.

"You're not a Jedi?" She asked.

Jix shook his head.

"But I have some skills that come in handy and that are worthy to be passed down to the next generation." He said as the lift came to a stop.

"Although my count like Han Solo's is higher than the average person it isn't high enough for us to be Jedi material." Jix explained as they walled down a long corridor.

Finally they reached a door.

It wasn't any different than the other doors but Mara felt a pull at the sight of the door. Her life was about to change for the better.

Jix pressed the chime. "Come in." A man's voice called.

Jix opened the door, and stood aside.

Mara entered and Jix followed behind her..

A man that she recognized as Luke Skywalker knelt on the floor. Two cloaked and hooded men stood behind a sofa deep in conversation.

Mara watched as Luke stood.

"Welcome," he said warmly.

The two men turned and nodded in greeting.

Luke sat down on the sofa and gestured for Mara and Jix to sit on the other sofa.

Jix handed Luke the data pad.

"I am Luke Skywalker." Luke said.

"I am Mara Kryze." Mara said as she sat down.

The two men stopped their conversation and turned to look at her.

"She looks a bit like Satine." One of them said in a baritone. The other one nodded.

She watched as Luke glanced at the data pad. His eyes widened a bit.

"Who are your parents?" He asked.

Mara hesitated.

"My mother is Satine Kryze, Duchess of Mandalore. I don't know who my father is."

Jix made a coughing noise and Luke gave him a pointed look.

"I sense that you have a basic understanding of the Force."

Mara nodded.

"Since I was sixteen I did odd jobs for the late Emperor Palpatine." Mara admitted to them.

"I was known to the Imperials as Mara Jade." Mara explained.

"Did your mother ever hint at your father's identity?" Luke asked.

Mara was shocked.

"You don't care that I served Palpatine?" She demanded.

Luke shook his head.

"Jix here was one of Darth Vader's most trusted and loyal servants." Luke said.

Mara looked at Jix. She would have never guessed that he had once served Vader.

"What?" Jix asked with a smile. "You don't seem like the type to serve a temperamental person." Mara answered

There was silence for several minutes.

"What do you know about your father?" Luke asked again.

Mara sighed.

"All I know about him is that he was wanted by the Empire and that a little over a year after the Empire rose he appeared in her private chambers and asked her to hide him for a few months. After staying a month and a half he said good bye. He never told her where he had been or why he came to her or where he was going. She didn't even give me a name." Mara explained bitterly.

One of the men said something to his friend and earned a slap.

Luke turned to the two men.

"You know who Mara's father is.

"He suspects." The shorter man grumbled, gesturing to the taller man.

"Well?" Mara prompted.

"Well, back some twelve years before the Clone Wars master and Padawan team were assigned to protect the newly ascended Duchess Satine of Mandalore. For a year she and the two Jedi hid from bounty hunters. During that time she and the padawan developed feelings for each other but she said nothing and so the padawan returned to Coruscant with his Master. During the first year of the Clone Wars they were reunited and confessed how they felt for each other. Well because that was in the past they went their separate ways once again. Then the Empire rose and he was one of the survivors of Order Sixty-Six he fled and one day he received word that the Empire was sending people to the planet that he was hiding one to search for Jedi so he fled to to the only person that he could trust and not endanger too many people. So he went to his lost love. After the Imperials left the world he was hiding on he left, never to return." The taller man said.

"What was his name?" Mara asked. "I want to know so that I can confront my mother about him and maybe kill him if he's alive."

The taller man headed for the door.

"His name's Obi-Wan Kenobi." The taller man said then bolted out the now open door.

There was several shocked seconds before the shorter man chased after the taller man.

Jix's laughter broke the stunned silence.

Mara and Luke both glared at him.

"Sorry," Jix said between laughs. "But I just don't see that being possible."

"You believed that Uncle D was once in love and now you know that it;s true." Luke said.

Mara was silent for several minutes.

"Wasn't he killed by Lord Vader aboard the first Death Star?" She asked.

The door opened.

"Luke why is Ani running down the corridors as if Sidious himself is chasing him?" A woman's voice asked.

Mara turned to see how the newcomer was and gaped.

Standing just inside the entry was Leia Skywalker, a obviously pregnant Leia Skywalker.

"He thinks he knows the identity of this woman's father which he shared with us and promptly ran away." Luke explained.

"But that doesn't explain why he's running." Leia said.

"Later." Luke said smiling.

Luke turned his attention back to Mara.

"If you want we can go down to the Halls of Healing and get a DNA test done then you can call your mother and ask if it's true." Luke said gently.

Mara nodded.

"It would be nice to know after all these years." She said slowly.

Luke rose and gestured for her to follow him.

"Are you nervous?" Luke asked her.

"For all my life other children teased me about not having a father and how my mother must have slept with a high Imperial Official to protect Mandalore. When I asked my mother if it was true she wouldn't say anything. It was only recently that she told me that he was wanted by the Empire and the story surrounding my birth and that she let the late Emperor use me as an assassin and informer because he suspected something." Mara said softly.

Luke nodded.

"I used to be teased because everyone thought that my father was a navigator on a spice freighter. 'Jabba killed him and the entire crew because they failed to bring a shipment in on time.'

Some kids would say. Others would just look at me in an understanding way." Luke said .

Mara shrugged.

"It hurts to be the fatherless child." Luke continued.

"Yes, it does." Mara agreed.

They lapsed into silence as they walked to the Halls of Healing.

Cilghal was checking equipment when they entered.

"What can I do for you?" She asked.

"Cilghal I need you to run a DNA comparison." Luke said.

Cilghal blinked.

"Of course." She said.

Mara stepped forward.

"I need you to compare my DNA to a Jedi's." Mara said quickly.

Cilghal drew a blood sample and inserted the sample in the computer.

"Which Jedi?" She asked. "Obi-Wan Kenobi." Luke answered.

Cilghal blinked again but didn't say anything.

The computer beeped. The results were in.

Mara took a deep breath.

"According to the test Obi-Wan Kenobi is your father." Cilghal said softly.

Mara turned to Luke.

"I want to speak to my mother."


Mara shook with pent up emotions.

In a few minutes she would get the truth out of her mother about her father's name.

Finally the screen showed her mother's face.

"Mara! I've been so worried about you!" Satine said. "Where are you?"

"I'm on Coruscant mom. In the Jedi Temple to be more precise."

Satine's face paled slightly.

"Mom, is it true that you meet my father some twelve years before the Clone Wars and that you met him again during the war and confessed your true feelings?" Mara nearly demanded.

"Yes sweetheart. I did." Satine answered.

"Was his name Obi-Wan Kenobi?" Mara asked.

Satine sighed.

"Yes and where did you hear that name?" She asked.

Mara shrugged.

"Some Jedi named Ani told me the most of the story." Mara explained.

Satine looked perplexed.

"Very few Jedi knew the entire story in fact only Obi-Wan knew about our confession unless Master Skywalker was listening." Satine mused.

"Mom, they don't care about my past so I am going to train as a Jedi." Mare stated. "Corkton is the rightful heir to the Mandalorain throne and I am illegitimate." She continued.

Satine smiled faintly.

"I will miss but every child must grow up and leave home." She said. "Keep in touch and train hard. Make Mandalore proud."

Mara smiled.

"I will mom. Good bye."

"Good bye."

Mara ended the transmission.

Luke looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding.

"There's someone I want you to meet." Luke said.



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