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Dr. Denman waited anxiously as she was about to start her test. Never in her life have she seen such creature and the help of Zane's dad and Zane himself, they were able to trap the most amazing creatures they've ever seen in her life; Mermaids.

There sat the 3 young mermaids, terrified as to what was going to happen to them. Rikki was devastated as her boyfriend just found out she was a mermaid. Not knowing what he was going to do, they all just sat there in fear.

Cleo was wondering where Lewis was, as Emma was furious at Rikki for dating Zane in the first place. They all just sat in the trapped moon pool as they saw Denman doing a small chat with Harrison.

What was she talking about and what were they going to do with them?

"We'll start with the basic physical drill for all three of them." Denman mentioned as she looked into Harrisons eyes.

"What if they won't get out of the water?" Greg asked who was one of Denman's assistants.

"Then we'll make them." Denman responded as Harrison grabbed Denman's arm and pulled her off to the side.

"I don't want any harm to come to these girls.

"Of course-" She paused. But we'll do what we can to get what we need, Harrison." And off she went to her laptop to type up some things.

Suddenly Zane came back from the tunnel that leads into the cave.

"We've known each other ever since we were 3! How could you do this!" Emma yelled in frustration to Zane as Rikki and Cleo sat there awkwardly.

"Get ready to leave." Zane said with a smile on his face as he looked at his watch.

Lewis sat on his boat waiting for his alarm to go off.

"If this is some kind of joke-" Rikki started saying but Zane interrupted her.

"No, no joke." He said as he stood back up on his feet.

Ok, who's going to be first?" Denman asked as she walked into the cave.

Immediately Lewis heard the little beeper go off on his watch as he went to turn on the boat. He immediately started his engine as he tried to break off the cage at the moon pool entrance.

The first time it didn't work as the cage just stayed there. Anger filled up in him as he tried again. The cage started to pull off a little bit more but it still stayed there as the locks and screws in the rock kept it in place.

Lewis knew that if he didn't get the cage off the moon pool entrance, Cleo, Rikki and Emma would be stuck under Denman's control for the rest of their lives.

Lewis stopped the boat as he knew this was his chance. He pulled the handle again as he used all the strength of the boat to try to pull the cage off but the rope ripped in half as the engine broke off the boat.

Immediately Lewis fell down on his back as the boat almost flipped over. As soon as the boat stopped rocking, he slowly got up to see what happened. The rope was broken as the engine had sunk to the bottom the ocean. He knew at that moment that he failed his friends. The cage was too strong and that their would be no way to get them out of there.

Disappointed he tried to start the boat but with no engine, there was no way he could get out of there. He tried to find a way to get back to land but he was just a man stuck in the middle of the ocean with no way to get out.

"Ok, who's going to be first?" Denman just asked as her voice went through Cleo, Emma, and Rikk's head.

The three scared mermaids looked at each other deciding who was going to start with the experiment. Cleo almost started bursting in tears as her whole body started to shake in fear. Emma grabbed her hand as she tried to relax her friend but she was just as scared as her.

Both Emma and Cleo looked up at Rikki as they knew she was the only one who could dry herself off. She looked at Cleo and Emma with scared eyes as she looked back up at the marine biologist.

Zane was confused as nothing happened. How come Lewis didn't break off the cage?

Rikki knew she had no choice, she was the only one who could dry them off unless we waited for them for to sun bathe which we knew wasn't an option.

"I will." Rikki softly said as her voice was full with fear.

Zane just looked at her, not excepting what was going to happen.

"Very well. I'm glad you've decided to go first." Denman said with an icy cold smile.

With shaky arms, Rikki slowly pulled herself out of the moon pool. Shame swept through her as she never felt so exposed in her life. Everyone just looked at her in amazement as some people started to approach her.

She froze half way from coming out of the moon pool as they also froze in place. They slowly backed away as she laid her large orange tail on the sand.

Zane looked at her in shock as he never knew she could be the mermaid he was

searching for this whole time. After all this time, it was Rikki who was the mermaid. How could this be possible? Why would she keep such a big secret away from him?

Rikki held up her hand in front of her tail as she curled her hand up in a fist. Soon her whole tail started to steam up as everyone looked scared.

"What was she doing?" Everyone asked themselves. Soon enough her tail turned into legs as she quickly stood up.

It was dead silent as everyone was shocked to see her as a fish, transform into a regular human being. She waited for Cleo and Emma to crawl out of the moon pool as she dried them up too.

Soon enough they were all standing on their own two feet as everyone had their mouth wide open. Even Zane was a little shooken up as to what happened.

Denman quickly snapped out of the trance as she pointed to one of her assistants.

"Take them to the boat. We need to make sure that their safe and that they can't escape from us." Denman said as 3 men came up to Cleo, Emma and Rikki with ropes in their hands.

As a guy tried to grab Rikki's arm, she immediately burned his hand.

"OWWWW!" The man screamed as he let go of the ropes and Rikki's arm.

"Run guys, run!" Emma screamed as Rikki, Cleo and Emma started running in all different directions.

"Don't let them get away!" Denman screamed as many men came over and started grabbing for them.

One guy held Cleo down as she was the easiest one to capture and hold control of. Emma was held down by two men as Rikki was held down by 3 men as they were trying not to get burnt by her.

Harrison and Denman passed out ropes to all the men as they started tying their hands behind their back.

"Ow! That hurts!" Cleo whimpered in pain as the guy tied her hands together very tightly but they didn't care.

Emma moaned as she was trying to hold back tears but she just stayed still as they started tying her feet together.

Rikki didn't care. She had to get out of there. She wasn't going to let them do this to her no matter how much they tried to hurt her.

"Let me GO! You can't do this to us! Go die in a hole!" Rikki screamed at them in anger as she struggled to get out of their grip.

Guilt went through Zane as he knew he couldn't do anything about it. Rikki looked up at Zane in sad eyes but all he could do was stare.

"I trusted you Zane! But no! Your just like the rest of the basturds here!" She screamed as a few tears started rolling down her cheek,

"Don't listen to them Zane, their just trying to trick you." His dad said as he layed one of his hands on Zane's shoulder.

He turned around in a frown knowing what they were doing was wrong.

Suddenly out of no where, Emma, Cleo and Rikki felt a small prick of a needle go into their arms as pain swept through their body's.

"Ow! You cant… do this!" Rikki said weakly but she barley had any energy left in her.

She started to see red dots in her vision as she felt very sleepy. Cleo was already knocked out as Emma was trying hard to keep her eyes open.

"There you go. Just relax and everything will be fine." Denman said in a sweet soothing voice.

Rikki closed her eyes as she tried opening them again but her eyelids felt too heavy.

She felt the men pick her up as they threw her over their shoulder as everything went black for her.

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