Rikki layed on her back, looking at the dull gray color on the ceiling of her cell. Her bed was uncomfortable but it was better than the floor. Emma sat at the left hand corner of the room, thinking of a way on how they could get themselves out of there. Then there was Cleo. She was sitting up right on her bed, nervously tweddling her thumbs at how nervous she was. Mostly because Lewis was gone and she had no idea what they could be doing to him right now.

Rikki gave a purposeful long sigh, catching Emma and Cleo's attention away from their own thoughts. They both looked up at her with an annoyed, dull expression on their faces. They had been in there for more than three hours and nothing had happened.

"You know, there were many different ways I've imagined if I were kidnapped but being bored was definitely not one of them." Rikki complained, not taking her eyes off the ceiling. Her hands laid peacefully on her stomach and her breathing was soft and calming, nothing like Cleo's or Emma's.

"But it may be a torture mechanism, you know? Make them super bored so that when they experiment on us, were actually glad we're doing something." Rikki casually shrugged.

That comment definately caught Cleo off guard.

"Rikki! This isn't funny! Aren't you even the slightest freaked out?" Cleo softly moaned in a very high pitch voice. She tried to stop twiddling her fingers but if she did, the nerves would start building up again.

"I don't know what to think. I'm just waiting for one of those guards to come in here so that we can tackle him down and get out of this place." Rikki suggested.

"Oh wow! Brilliant plan Rikki. Lets just take down a bunch of 90 kilogram men and just run out of the building like its no big deal. Its not like there aren't any other guards outside or surrounding the building. We might as well magically find some keys and steal a car too, right?" Emma sarcastically yelled back.

Rikki gave Emma the death glare, but eventually rolled her eyes and went back to staring at the ceiling.

"Well I don't know if you have forgotten but we have powers." She threw her hands in explanation.

"Well I don't know if you have forgotten but they have guns, tasers, security and one of those painful shots that make your arms go numb when they put you to sleep. I swear if they use those on me one more time, I will not be happy." Emma crossed her arms in furiory.

"I know my arm still hurts til this minute." Cleo softly whimpered, trying to keep herself warm.

"Come on Ems. You honestly think they'd use a gun on us? A gun? Out of all things? They'd basically be shooting down their million dollar science foundation. I highly doubt they'd use that on us." Rikki took down her argument.

"Fine, you go ahead and risk your life. I prefer to stay alive." Her toleration was slowly decreasing

"Great! You do that then. Maybe i'd be better off dead then in this torture establishment. And what the hell kind of blanket is this?" Rikki exclaimed, trying to flatten out the bed so that it was more comfortable.

"Well I'm sure there is something else we can do. If we just work together and stop arguing we may be able to find a solution. I'm sure once Lewis comes back we can all come up with an agreement." Cleo mentioned loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Cleo, you're acting like we're trying to make a business negotiation. Were stuck. In a cell. Like prisoners. We can't just come with an 'agreement' out of here." Rikki puffed.

"Ease it up. I actually think its a good idea if we all work together on this. Maybe the only way out of here is by negotiating." Emma reassured Cleo. She gave her a encouraging smile which seemed to ease the tension on Cleo's shoulders.

"Well what exactly are we going to say? To be honest, just being in here makes me sick to my stomach so why would I negotiate coming here for the rest of my life?" Rikki questioned doubtfully. If they were going to negotiate anything, it would have to be a lie as an excuse to escape the facility.

"Well its better than being here all the time. Don't you want to return to Australia? See your dad again? Cause I do. I want to see my family, my mom, dad... Elliot. It makes me sad knowing that I've lied to them these past six months and I need to tell them the truth. We can't hide forever." Emma tried to stay confident but her voice clearly indicated that she was sad. All this guilt was running through her mind.

Her words made Rikki's heartache. Not because she wasn't home, but because of the way she was betrayed. Who knew what would of happened if she had told Zane about their secret, but now it didn't matter. They were flat out stuck.

It became awfully quiet after what she said. Cleo's eyes turned semi-watery just at the thought of it. The three girls sat there in silence, not knowing anything else that could comfort them.

Just when things became a little too quiet, you could hear Cleo's stomach rumble in hunger. She clenched at the noise with slight embarrassment. She was absolutely starving.

"Gosh, I hope they at least feed us." Cleo mumbled to herself.

"I think that's also part of the torture process." Rikki tried to add some humor in the conversation, but her voice was obviously dull and even a little broken.

"Guys, what do you think will happen to Lewis? Do you think he's okay?" Cleo looked at Emma with hope in her eyes.

"I'm sure he's just fine. He'll be here in no time." Emma gave a tiny smile again. She stood up and sat down on Cleo's bed, hugging her and holding her hand. "I promise everything's going to be ok."

Rikki looked at both Cleo and Emma with envy, a little bit of her wishing she was closer to them. She looked away quickly, not trying to think about it anymore. She had bigger issues to deal with. Her stomach was still a knot and she didn't want to make it any worse.

Right when the cell was going quite again, she heard a door creak from across the hall. All three girls turned their heads to see who the person could be. There they saw 2 guards and Lewis walking towards their direction. Cleo jumped in joy to see her boyfriend perfectly safe and unharmed.

"Oh my gosh! Lewis!" Cleo squealed, when the guards opened the cell door and let him inside. She gave him a big welcoming hug, all her fears instantly going away by him being there with her.

"Hey! It's okay. Im right here." Lewis rocked Cleo back in fourth in his arms just to reassure her everything was alright. Obviously he knew it was wasn't.

"Lewis! You need to tell us what happened right now!" Emma exclaimed out of her bed.

"You didn't tell them any information about us right?" Rikki crossed her arms, hoping for a certain response. Lewis let go of Cleo and gave them a silent answer.

"Right…?" Rikki asked again but still no answer.

"Oh no Lewis. What did you tell them?" Cleo asked.

Lewis looked at all three girls nervously and he faked a cough so that it would take him longer to respond. He knew what he was about to say would not make them happy.

"Well um… I kind of told them about Mako and how you guys became mermaids." Lewis scratched his head in shame. All three of them gave him a raging look.

"You told them about how we became mermaids?!" Rikki started yelling, but Emma had to stop her before she tackled Lewis for doing such a stupid thing.

"Rikki! Stop it! I know you're mad but we have to deal with this in a more mannered way." Emma tried to control her actions, but it was hard to do since she was just as mad at Lewis for telling on them.

"Guys! You're acting like I wanted to tell them! I had no choice! They threatened to hurt your or experiment on you more If I didn't speak up! You know I would never want to do anything to hurt you!" Lewis defended himself in fear. He couldn't tell if he should be more scared of Denman or the girls at this point.

It looked like Cleo wanted to say something but she just stayed quite. As much as she supported Lewis, anger was slowly building up in her as well.

"Okay. Fine." Rikki calmed herself down, placing her hand on her chin. "What else did you tell them." She shrugged sarcastically like it was no big deal.

Lewis looked up at the security camera and then signaled for them to come closer. He didn't want anyone hearing on what he had to say. Once they were all huddled up in a group, he started speaking very softly.

"Okay, so I told Dr. Reshfeild, the one asking me the questions about your powers a white lie. Obviously since Emma and Cleo decided to demonstrate Denman their powers in the moon pool, they asked me what Rikki's power was. I told them she doesn't have one and that we haven't figured out what it is. You have to make sure you tell them that if they ever ask you." Lewis explained to them quietly.

"And this is going to help us how?" Rikki spoke up.

"Well its an advantage that they don't know of. We could eventually figure a way out of here if they don't know you have a power. They'd be caught off guard if we figure a way to escape." He mentioned to her in a softer voice.

"Well thats genius Lewis. Emma can freeze water, Cleo can control water and I have none? They would have to have half a brain to not know that I can boil water." Rikki rolled her eyes in mock sarcasm.

"Well it worked. They actually think you don't have a power so lets just keep it that way. Even if they do figure it out, it was at least worth a try, right? It can't hurt us." Lewis suggested.

"Yeah, that is if they don't find out." Rikki crossed her arms in disapproval, backing away from the secretive circle. She knew there was only a limited amount of time before they would figure it out.

"Hey look. Atleast its better for me to tell them the truth than to say you got your powers from your family or something. It keeps them out of trouble and all of us as well." He tried to save himself from any more rage. He hated seeing them this upset.

"Lets hope so." Cleo sat down on her bed, holding on to her silver locket. It was the only possession of value she had left, same with Rikki and Emma.

"Well all we can really do is wait and see what happens next." Rikki looked at the floor, her eyes indicating that she wished it was only a dream. She knew it was hopeful thinking and that it was all too true to be considered fake.

"I guess thats all we can do." Cleo mumbled, and they all sat down on their own beds, waiting for whatever they had planned next for them.


"Rise and shine ladies!" They heard an obnoxious feminine voice swarm through their ears. A bunch of lights were turned on and they were able to see again in the dark room. Emma lifted her head off the pillow to look out the very small window. She saw that the sun was barley beginning to rise. It couldn't be no later than six in the morning.

Cleo rubbed her eyes in surprise, almost forgetting where she was. Rikki stubbornly pulled the sheets up over her head at the noise and lights that was disturbing her sleep. Since there were only three beds, Lewis was laying in bed with Cleo, also being woken up by the racket occurring outside his cell.

Of course it was Denman who was standing there. There was nothing better to waking up to someone you loathed.

"Come on girls. We don't have all day." Her voice was calm but loud. She also had three men behind her. They all knew what that meant.

"Aw man! I thought I was being woken up for school but I realized that I'm not and I feel soooo much better!" Rikki sarcastically moaned, reaching out her arms to stretch.

"Okay, we've got to go over the agenda for the day so I bought some bagels and a carton of milk to start things off. I'm guessing no one here is allergic to dairy or wheat so I expect you to eat it." She ordered them.

Just by the sound of food made Rikki, Emma and Cleo jump out of bed. They hadn't had food in two days and they were left hanging for something to eat. Rikki was surprised when she felt the warm bagel wrapped in foil placed in her hands. Lewis also got up to see he also had milk and a bagel too. It made him glad he wasn't under appreciated.

They all returned to their beds to eat and they were all slightly moaning at how hungry they were. Rikki was really hoping they were going to feed them more often.

If it hadn't been for the long amount of time without food, they'd all probably agree this was the best thing they ever tasted. It took them no longer than two minutes to finish everything they had.

Denman was taken by surprise, expecting them to argue back or not cooperate. So far, it was working out in her favor.

"Please tell me you brought seconds." Rikki licked the cheese of her fingers. Now with food in her stomach, she was ready to go back to sleep.

"Not quite yet. You have to earn everything around here so once we're finished with what we need to do this morning, you may have lunch." She crossed her arms.

"Oh great. So now you decided your going to give us food? Oh joy…" Rikki rolled her eyes in sarcasm.

"Ya, this makes me feel like i'm in elementary school again." Lewis lifted up his small carton of milk to take a better look at it. It made Cleo slightly smile, but it slowly faded away when looking back at Denman.

"Were here to retrieve the girls so Lewis is remaining in here until later on. Lets move. Were leaving now." She ordered one of the men to unlock the cell and leave it wide open.

Emma, Cleo and Rikki all stayed on their beds, not wanting to move. It was first of all too early, plus they didn't want to figure out what was going to happen to them.

"Girls." Demans voice went low and it was starting to irk her that they weren't coming fourth.

When they sat there for another thirty seconds, Denman tilted her head to direct one of the guards to go inside and grab them. The first guard plunged at Rikki and roughly grabbed her arm so that she would stand up.

"Hey! Take it easy!" She yelled but everytime she tried to fight back, he would only grab onto her arm even tighter.

Rikki spotted the cuffs directed in his left pocket and she started to squirm when he moved her against the wall. His hands wrapped around her wrists and he tried to get her to stay still. Rikki was tempted to use her powers but was reminded by yesterday that she had to keep it a secret. She could get Lewis in big trouble for lying.

The other guards came up to Emma and Cleo but they didn't dare put up a fight. They would hate to be punished for misbehaving. Lewis slowly backed up against the wall, not having a clue as to what to do. He felt awful for watching everything happen in front of him.

"Owe! Stop it!" Rikki yelled and with that, she aggressively stomped on his foot and smacked her elbow against his face. He moaned in pain but didn't let that get in the way to pinning her down. His hands tightened around her wrists and it just made the pain all the worse.

"Gesh! You would think you learned your lesson from yesterday." And with that, he moved her arms behind her back and cuffed her hands. He made sure they were tight enough so that she would have no way of escape.

Luckily Cleo and Emma didn't have to be cuffed behind their back, but instead their front. They were assuming it was because of their cooperation.

"OWE! That's too freakin' tight!" Rikki winced in pain.

"Well maybe if you didn't fight back so hard you wouldn't have to be put in this situation." The guard removed her off the wall and pushed her out the cell. She had no way of defending herself now.

Denman stood there with her arms crossed, disappointed that Rikki was still trying to escape her way out of everything.

"Take example by your friends Rikki. It'll make this both easier for you and me." She suggested calmly but Rikki gave her a disgusted look.

Cleo and Emma both looked at eachother, intimidated with the men behind them. They were surprised by how loose the cuffs were on their wrists. If they had the chance, they could probably attempt to get them off.

With that, the guard standing behind Emma closed the cell door and left Lewis standing there with hesitation. His eyes suggested that he felt bad for whatever was going to happen. He also knew he could be stuck in there all day with nothing to do. If only he could figure a way to convince Denman to be released so that he could help the girls out of the situation.

Before he knew it, he saw all of them walking down the hallway to the door that let them inside the building. The door was opened and then quickly closed with a loud slam that left Lewis in the room all by himself. As they disappeared and everything went quite, all the hope he had left vanished quickly.

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