(A/N: I know it's been a long time since I've been here. I've had TONS of homework and tests and all that. This was written when I had a spare moment and was interested in Bade. I don't know if I'll finish my Twilight stories. It depends on if I can revive my interest or not.)

A chill runs down her spine, enough to create goosebumps, but they don't appear.

Her feet are sore from walking the long distance from her house to Beck's RV, and she is so damn cold.

She hadn't even realized she walked here, barefoot, in just a bra and thin panties. She didn't know why. Something just told her to come here.

It's late and early; still quite dark. It's probably four or five A.M. The moon glows over her head, and the surrounding trees cast shadows over her. She is illuminated in odd, wavy patterns.

She presses her cheek to the cold metal of Beck's RV. It's quiet, and no lights are on in the RV. She raises a hand; slowly, carefully, about to tap on the door. Her hand stops. She decides not to disturb him. Where did this kindness come from?

She doesn't realize her chest is heaving and tears are falling, soaking the grass under her feet, painting wet streaks across her face. She doesn't realize, at least, until she feels a warm hand gently grasp her own.

"Jade?" his voice is soft, but curious, with a hint of concern. He couldn't be concerned. Not for her.

She opens her mouth to speak; he expects to hear her voice, sarcastic, with dry humor. He expects her to deny his help. But she doesn't say a thing.

She only turns, places her head on his shoulder, and begins to sob. He pulls her into his embrace. She's glad no one else is here, no one else to see her at her weakest.

He kisses the top of her head and doesn't say a word as she sobs. He doesn't need to.

"Jade, I love you." he whispers, slowly running his fingers through her dark brown hair.

She tilts her head up at him. The moon illuminates the shiny streaks that run down her face, and she smiles. It's a teeny smile, but it's a smile. "I love you too, Beck."

"I only have one question."


"You know you can come here anytime, but why in your bra and panties?"

"Because I wanted to."

He smiled softly. "The usual Jade answer."

"You know, if I felt like it, I'd say something about that."

"I know you would."

They stood there like that for a while, Jade's head resting against his chest, feeling the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, his arms wrapped around her.

"You know, Jade, I don't know what my life would be like without you." Beck said thoughtfully.

"It would be lifeless and boring and dull."

"Of course."