AN: Like I promised, a bonus chapter all for Alice and Hatter. I chose this subject as more of an in site on what Alice had gone through during her forced time away. The later scene was inspired by That Pose by Niphuria, and she gave me permission to go with my idea, so no accusations please. Hope you injoy it and I'll work on getting another one up ASAP.

Pain from the Past

Alice stared out her window at the beautiful world she had been locked away from for so long. How she had missed this land and its people. Even after being back for days she couldn't believe she wasback. She looked to her side and smiled softly. Tarrant was fast asleep on their bed, facing her and smiling brightly. Biting her lip she gently ran her fingers through his soft orange hair before quietly standing.

Pulling on her nightgown she walked out to the balcony and took in a better view of her favorite land. Sighing she leaned over the railing, elbows braced against the wide top. The crisp morning air gently blew across her skin, causing her to shiver. But, unlike in London, this air was clean and pure, keeping most of the inhabitants the same way. Sighing again she looked down at her arm, eye landing on the pale pink scar just inches from her elbow crease. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the memories.

She didn't want to remember what she had done to herself, what she had done in front of her daughter. She knew Tempest hadn't said a word to anyone about the horror Alice had done but the fact that the girl had seen firsthand the damage… it was unbearable. What was worse was the fact that she knewshe had to tell Tarrant, he had to know just in case. Again she looked out at the breathtaking scenery while the past played inside her fractured mind. Replayed all the things she'd done.

At first, it was expected. She'd just lost her husband, the man she truly loved; her heart was broken and needed time. But time didn't seem to help, it only made the pain worse, forcing out all things; including caring for her health, for her baby's health. The day she knew something was wrong still had a large echo in her mind. She had just been neglecting herself, not eating, rarely sleeping, and spending days by that rabbit hole without doing anything. Instead of gaining weight in those three months, Alice had lost a considerable amount, a dangerous amount. Then she had awoken in the night to a sense of dread and even greater heartache followed by a slight pain her barely rounded belly. When the doctors had told her she needed to change her habits or lose the baby, she immediately changed. She was notgoing to lose her last connection to Tarrant, she wouldn't survive.

Because of everything she had done Tempest had been born early but thankfully was fully healthy. That day had been her saving grace, holding her newborn and staring into its bright green eyes she had vowed to not lose herself again, to always take care of herself along with her child.

Alice snorted at the memory of her vow. A vow that had barely lasted until Tempest was three. Her daughter had been so curious and 'mad' like her father, it sometimes hurt to look at her. All that pain came back but she wasn't going to give up eating and 'trying' to sleep. That was when she had found the liquor stash her father once used for guest and her mother still used. At first it had been every once in a while, after a particularly hard day. Normal reasons.

Then that day, the day she saw him again, happened. Hatter had given her his hat and she had placed in on her mantle as a reminder, a reminder that gave her hope. For a few months. Then the pain grew too much and the whiskey became so inviting. Once in a while turned into once a month, then three times a month to once a week to nearly every day. Sometimes it was only a little, she was still coherent and sober enough to know what was going on. Other days… she was not a pretty sight. And those had been the days Tempest would always find her.

The poor child often had to take the bottles from her, rouse her, and, literally, drag the woman to her bed room. Day after day almost, and sometimes Alice would fight. The only good thing Alice could say about any of this was that she had never struck her daughter. Not once, even intoxicated, did she lay a harmful hand on Tempest. If the girl had been hit it was by accident and Alice apologized repeatedly, hugging and kissing the girl. She would never have forgiven herself if she had harmed the only light she had.

But that fear wasn't enough to keep her from drinking. At least until that last time, the day she realized she was hurting her light. Absently Alice rubbed the scar, that day still as fresh as if it had happened hours ago. Tempest's scream of horror still rebounded in her ears, sounding worse than nails on a chalkboard. That scream had been the true wake-up call, the slap in the face to drive away her urge to drink. And until Tempest had disappeared, those urge had been locked away. Thankfully Helen, her wonderful mother, had been there for her and she didn't suffer a relapse.

Shaking her head slightly, Alice forced those bad, bad memories away. She would tell Tarrant of her horrors and fears some day but right now she needed to be happy. Deserved to be happy. She was back in the place she rightfully belonged, with the man she belonged with, and her daughter was happier than ever, engaged to a great man who loves her more than anything. No, now was not a time for dwelling on the past and its horrors, it was a time for rejoice and celebrations.

Alice released a long sigh, letting go of, if temporarily, her worries. Her brown eyes focused on the view, the rising sun shining warm light into the dark shadows. She leaned further down on the railing and watched Underland awaken.

Tarrant rolled over in the large bed, flinging his arm out to the other side. His green eyes snapped open when his hand came in contact with slightly warmed sheets but no body. He shot up and looked around, releasing a heavy sigh of relief when he found Alice standing on the balcony. For a moment he had though she was gone, that he had dreamed her return.

Keeping an eye on his returned wife he slipped on a pair of trousers and went to her. He stopped however when she slowly bent further down. Her rounded rump sticking out and drawing his attention like a beacon. He stood in the doorway and simply watched, being reminded of that night before shefaced the Jabberwocky. The night she had though him a dream still.

When he had seen her poised like she was now, some of the most inappropriate, slurvish, dishonorable ideas formed in his sadly perverted mind. Oh, how he had wanted to act on them. Make her cry out in joy and please. Show her how he truly felt and help her past her fearful nerves. No, no he had pushed those ideas back and locked them. She hadn't needed him like that then.

But now… now those thoughts were resurfacing, with vengeance. Replaying their images over and over in his mind. Again he tried to rid his mind of their wrongness when, as he watched the lovely woman, a thought occurred to him. Twenty-four years ago she was his friend, not his woman, so he had no right or claim to her. Now though, she was his wife, all his by right and privilege. And it would be his greatest privilege to show her exactly what kinds of thoughts she causes.

With a grin that could out shine Chessur's, Tarrant stalked up behind his Alice, listening for any sign she might be distressed. When he heard none, he pounced. He gave her bottom a good squeeze, causing her to gasp in surprise, and drifted his hands up her sides as his lower half settled against her. Cupping her perfect breasts he lowered his mouth to her ear and licked, she moaned and pressed back against him.

"Good morning." His voice was husky when he spoke and he began to kiss along her neck as his hands massaged the mounds they held.

"Tarrant," Alice groaned, tilting her head to the side and exposing more of her neck to him.

Hatter grinned and gently tugged on her nipples through the fabric of her nightgown. She moaned again and began to pant, head dropping down and hand gripping the railing. Removing one hand, he tugged the collar of her gown to the side so he had more access to her pale skin. While he sucked and nipped and massaged, she bucked against him, gasping and moaning.

After a particularly hard tug on her nipples, causing her to cry out, he moved his hands back to her bottom. He kneaded the round cheeks for a few moments, enjoying the sounds she made, before slowly drifting back up her body, dragging the gown with him.

Alice gasped when she felt the cool morning air drift across her bare bottom. She tried to turn around but Hatter held her in place. She bit her lip to keep in her cry of pleasure as his hand cupped her mound and began to gently rub. Her hands tightened so much on the railing her knuckles turned white. It wasn't long before he dipped two fingers inside her and his free hand found its way under the gown so he could torment her breast without any barriers. She was soon reduced to panting and moaning as he had his way with her.

"Tarrant," she moaned as he added another finger and pumped her harder. When she was close to coming he stopped. He waited a few seconds before turning her to face him and dropping to his knees. She barely had time to process his grin and position before he was attacking her core with his wonderful mouth. Alice cried out, tossing her head back and digging her fingers in his unruly orange hair.

Tarrant smirked at the feel of her nails digging into his scalp and he sucked harder. He lapped at her tasty juices, loving having the taste of them fill his mouth again. He licked and sucked and pumped two fingers inside her, driving her crazy. He went harder and faster, judging by the strength of the pulls on his hair and the clinching her womb that she was nearing her release. This time he pushed her over, lapping at all the juices he could manage.

When he was sure he had he clean her he pulled back, grinning and licking his lips as he looked up at her. She was panting, eyes glassy as she looked down at him. Running her hands down his face and neck she grabbed his shoulders and pulled her to his feet, his body flush against hers. With a grin of her own she kissed him long and hard.

Nibbling at his lower lip she placed his hands on the railing and slowly slid down his body, her breasts rubbing against him. Keeping eye contact she pulled his trousers down just enough to free his hard member and sacs. Tarrant gave a low groan when she gently cupped him. Breaking eye contact she focused on the protrusion and gave a long lick up the underside, circling the mushroom head. He gasped and she continued.

She licked and stroked him, massaging the sacs, until he was gently rocking his hips and moaning. Taking pity on him she finally took him into her warm mouth. She sucked and moved her head slowly, enjoying the sexual torment she was giving him. When his hips began to move faster, she increased her speed. When he was near the edge, one of his hands gently grabbed the back of her head, twisting in her hair. She moved faster, sucked harder, and toyed with his sacs until he had enough.

Hatter groaned and tossed his head back as he came. Alice eagerly took all of his release as she could, swallowing a couple times. And just like Hatter, when he finished she released his still hard member and licked her lips as she stared up at him. Growling he pulled her to her feet and perched her on the edge of the wide railing, yanking her gown up to the hips. Spreading her thighs wide he settled between them, aligning his member head at her slick entrance. Moaning softly Alice wrapping her legs around his waist and gently rubbed her core against his member, causing it to harden even more.

"Alice," Tarrant pulled her to him, claiming her mouth as he entered her. Both gasped but didn't miss a beat. Even after being away from each other for so long their bodies still found the perfect rhythm fast. Hatter moved fast, slamming into her over and over. Alice lifted her hip slightly, causing him to hit that right spot. They moved faster and faster, harder and harder until their peaks were hit. Both fell at the same moment, coming together so it was hard to know where one started and the other ended. Their cries of pleasure captured in each other's mouths.

As they began to slowly come down from their erotic high, Tarrant lifted Alice from the railing and carried her back inside their room. Gently he laid her out on the bed and joined her, arms secure around her waist. They stayed like that for a long while, trying to catch their breaths and content to just hold each other.

"Tarrant?" Alice finally whispered.

"Yes, my love?" He kissed the top of her head.

"There's something you need to know." She pulled back slightly so she could look into his gold flecked eyes.

"What is it?" He raised an eyebrow, worried by the look in her eyes.

"It's hard for me to tell you." She looked down at one of the scars on his chest and traced it before holding up her arm. Strange how her scar and his looked exactly alike.

"Is it about this?" He gently took her arm and kissed the mark.

"Yes," she sighed and looked away.

"What happened?" He lifted her chin so he could look into her eyes.

Alice watched emotions flash across his face for a moment but never saw anger. He wouldn't be angry at her, maybe disappointed but not angry. And he knew all about madness so he had to understand why she did what she did. Before she was aware of it she was telling him everything. Not one thing was left out as she recounted each on those long days and nights. Not even what she had done to Tempest.

When her tales had finished, he had simple held her, gently rocking her. Alice took that as a good sign but didn't want to say anything. She waited for him to come a conclusion. Finally he stopped and pulled back slightly.

"Are you well?" was all he asked.

"Mostly, I haven't had a drink in years." She shrugged. "But my mind is still fractured; I will always fear that I never got you back. That this is a dream."

"As will I." He laid his forehead against hers. "Then I guess we are both mad now."

"What will we do?" She tried to smile.

"We care for each other and help the other through their madness." He grinned. "The past is the past, we make the future. We'll make everything right in our worlds."

"Yes, but," She returned his grin. "What's wrong with a little good madness?"

"Nothing at all. But I think I may have a way to cure you." Hatter laughed and kissed her, rolling so that she was under him. Alice simple laughed and returned his kiss, letting him work his magic on her body, on her mind, and on her heart.