My name is Harlow Kettering and I'm 15 not too long ago I had the craziest adventure! You totally wouldn't believe it. It all started a few days before a school dance. I woke up in my bed and looked in the mirror. Of course, I saw myself staring back! (It would have been really scary if it had been someone else!) I don't think I'm that pretty, but everyone says I am, so I think that's really good. I have long black hair and I'm kinda pale and my eyes are the same color as ice cubes. At school I was at my locker talking to my best friend Rudolpha when a really cute guy walked up to me. It was the hottest guy in school! He kinda looked like Robert Pattinson which made him even supercutter. His name was Dillinger and he had brown hair. I was wearing a pair of girl jeans that clung to my thin but still shapely body. It was cold outside so I had on a red sweater that

"Hey Harlow" he said all smiley.

According to Rudulpha, my face turned so red. I was so embarrassed! But I tried to play it real cool so he wouldn't know I thought he was cute.

"Hello" I said.

"Are you going to the dance?" he asked all smiley.

"I think so" I said kind of sadly, since I didn't have a date.

"Do you wan go with me?" he asked.

"OMG yes I do!" I shouted a bit too loud.

He smiled at me "See you then" and walked away. I couldn't believe it. Rudolpha was jealous she staired swords at me. But I had a date with such a hawtie! It was crazy!

But things went even CRAZIER in English class because another boy who looked like Justin Bieber asked me to the dance! And at lunch the same thing happened when a boy who looked like Taylor Lautner! And just as I was leaving school another boy who looked like Benicio Del Toro asked me out!

I know some of you are saying "Harlow why did you let all those boys ask you out?" Well according to my dad I've always been a girl who couldn't say no! So I tried not to worry too much for the next few days and hoped that maybe something to fix my situation. But little did I know things would get even CRAZIER!