Title: Edward Elric and the Sorcerer's Stone
Author: JJ Murilega
Rating: T
Summary: HP/FMA crossover. Edward is sent to investigate a lead on the stone at Hogwarts. Only two things; Al isn't coming. Roy is. Pairings: Roy x Ed, Draco x Harry don't like, don't read! Rated for language there will be swearing people!
Non-Cannon Parings: Roy x Ed, Draco x Harry
Warnings: Slash and Het relationships, violence, swearing
Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist or Harry Potter or any of the characters within and I never will.

Chapter 6

At dinner, Edward's friends told him about Harry becoming seeker. All three marveled at him and he blushed slightly.

After dinner, Edward and Mustang went back up to the library. When the bell rang for students to go back to bed, they still had nothing. Edward followed is superior down the halls. They had just passed the Gryffindor dorms when the older man turned to face him.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm following you to your room."

He seemed flabbergasted. "Why?"

"Equivalent Exchange." Edward sighed at his confused expression. "You helped me research, now I help you with paperwork. Equivalent Exchange." He only told part of the truth. Equivalent Exchange was half the reason, but he also just wanted to have more time alone with the other.

Mustang nodded and continued walking, with Edward at his side. "Wait, then why haven't you helped me before?"

"I hadn't known about it." A lie. He had known about it but he hadn't thought that Mustang would accept his help. He was glad that he had.

They worked in silence, both enjoying just being alone together. They finished a half of the paperwork when Edward snuck a look at the clock. 11:50! He sighed and stood, thinking about how much trouble he'd get in if he was caught going back to the dorm. Mustang read his thoughts.

"You can sleep here tonight. There's a couch right there." He pointed to a couch along the side wall. Next to it was a door to the bedroom.

Edward widened his eyes a bit. Quickly, he covered it with a smirk. "Thanks." He replied as he went over to the door, opened it and stepped inside, locking it. He turned. It was a dark room. The walls were painted a navy color and a black carpet covered the floor. The only furniture was a bed and a wardrobe. The bed had a black frame and pillows and a navy comforter. The wardrobe was also painted black. The only light came from a few candles floating above the room. He whistled low. It was way too dark! Oh well, any bed was better than no bed!

A mildly shocked Mustang stood up just as Edward locked the door. The brat had taken his bed! He grumbled as he changed into his PJ's, which Edward slid under the door. The only thing he wore was a pair of Navy silk bottoms that went down to his heels. He sighed and changed. Just as he lay down, He had an idea. He quietly got off of the couch and went over to the door. He had learned the unlocking spell from Professor McGonagall and used it on the door now. As soon as it worked, he opened the door and silently slipped inside.

Of course, Edward had already fallen asleep. Mustang stood by the bed taking in the young alchemist. His hair was loose and was spread out like a fan on the pillow. His face looked so relaxed, and, for once, he looked like a normal, relaxed teenager. Mustang smiled a true smile as he slipped into the bed so that they were facing each other, quickly falling asleep as he watched the person beside him.

Edward Elric opened his eyes, only to see a bare chest in front of him and feel an arm around his waist, holding him close. He furiously blushed red as he tried to wiggle out of Mustangs arms. The movement made him awake.

"Edward?" Mustang asked groggily. "What are you doing here?"

"That's my question!"

Mustang remembered the night before and realized the position that they were in. They pulled apart, wearing matching blushes. They looked at the clock to see it was 5:00.

Edward mumbled something about going back to the dorms and showering before anyone woke up before he bolted out the door.

By breakfast, the two were back to normal, shrugging it off with multiple excuses. Edward, Harry, Hermione, and Ron had gotten up really early, so they arrived before any of the other students had, much to all of the Professors surprise. Edward was pissed when he heard about what had happened the night before from the trio. They could have gotten expelled! Or killed! Despite being mad, he did find the entire thing amazing. A three headed dog! Guarding a trapped door! He wondered what was down there. Hermione seemed pissed but the other two were laughing through most of it. In the end, Edward found himself laughing too.

When the door opened, they hardly noticed, thinking it was another student. Until they heard the gunshot. Edward automatically looked at Mustang who was pale and had fear in his eyes, a bullet hole in the wall, inches from the side of his head. Edward widened his eyes and looked towards the door, only to be hit square in the forehead with a hard metal object. The force made him fall and his friends gasped. He recovered in seconds and looked at the thing that had hit him. A wrench. A gunshot and a wrench. Oh shit.

When he looked at the door, sure enough, there were Hawkeye and Winry, Hawkeye holding hold her gun, aimed at Mustang, and Winry with a second wrench in her hand, ready to beat Edward. He paled and wore an expression exactly like Mustang's.

The Professors drew their wands, however Dumbledore signaled for them to be put away. He had gotten a letter from the woman telling him all about her visit and what he should expect. Though confused, the others lowered their wands.

Mustang gulped. "Hello, Hawkeye, Miss Winry."

"Hello, sir." Hawkeye replied, still holding her gun.

"Hello, sir," repeated Winry, not taking her eyes off of Edward.

"May I ask why you two are here?"

"I am here to drop off more paperwork, and Winry is here to 'talk' with Edward and work." The quotations around the word talk were evident in her voice. Now it was Edwards turn to gulp.

Mustang frowned slightly, but knew it was better not to talk about Winery's "work" here. After all, most of the people in the room didn't know about Edwards arm and leg.

"So is all of your old paperwork done?" Hawkeye asked.

"Ummm…" Mustang replied as paled even further.

She frowned and walked up to him so that she was right in front of him, gun at his ribcage.

As this was happening, Winry walked over to Edward, who had stood up, and started. "WHY IN THE HELL HAVEN'T YOU CALLED? OR EVEN WRITTEN? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW WORRIED AL IS? I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD…" It went on like this for a while, as she chased the blond around the room, hitting him hard with the wrench whenever she was close enough.

"I just remembered that I have an urgent appointment." Edward heard the other threatened man say as Mustang jumped over the table, and Riza, before landing on his feet and running at full speed towards the door, zigzagging faster than Riza could aim and shoot.

"Hey, wait for me!" the younger man yelled as he headed for the door as well, his mechanic following them, along with Riza.

There yelling could still be heard as the door shut, leaving behind a few very confused students, who had entered during the commotion, and teachers. Dumbledore's letter had told the headmaster that the two would be visiting, and apologizing for any distractions or damage. Now, he knew why.

Mustang and Edward didn't show up in class for the rest of the day. Edward was helping Mustang with his paperwork, while Riza held her gun at the ready and Winry worked on some new automail she was developing for Edward. Apparently, this model wouldn't freeze in colder temperatures and would slightly lessen the pain in the port when it was cold. Alphonse had told Winry about how his research shows that England was about 3 times as cold as Amestris in winter.

"If you are still developing the arm, why come here now?" Edward asked as he kept writing.

"I heard that Riza was going anyway, so I decided that I might as well come along. Also, Al wanted me to check on you, make sure you were ok." Edward wondered when the two women had gotten on a first name basis.

"I was until you two got here." He mumbled quietly so that she wouldn't hear. Unfortunately, Riza had heard the comment and shot off a round that grazed his ear slightly, drawing a bit of blood.

The rest of the evening was spent in silence. Finally, they finished, and Riza brought them some food as a reward.

A few weeks passed, and the women were still there. After two days, Edward was allowed to return to classes, but he was forced to do paperwork after. Mustang was held there all day, only resting when he slept and ate breakfast and dinner, which were brought to him.

Edward ignored all questions regarding the three and quickly changed the subject when someone brought it up.

Edward was told of the Nimbus Two-Thousand and celebrated with the rest of his friends, cheering on Harry and complimenting the broom.

Suddenly, it was Halloween! Edward was excited. He hadn't ever celebrated Halloween as he and his brother were constantly on the road. Well, that and the fact that Al couldn't eat anything, so it wasn't much fun.

All of the halls and rooms had floating jack-o-lanterns instead of regular candles. Live bats flew around. Some of the ghosts also thought it would be fun to scare people, by suddenly appearing in front of them, throwing their own heads, and dumping real spiders on students, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, Ron choose to get mad at Hermione for trying to help him with a spell in charms, saying she was bossy and that it was no wonder she had no friends. Just as Edward was about to say that Hermione was his friend, she ran past them, tears dripping from her eyes. Harry asked if we should go after her but Edward told them that she probably needed time alone.

She didn't show up for any of the classes for the rest of the day. On their way to the Halloween feast, they herd another Gryffindor girl telling her friends about how Hermione was crying in the bathroom and wished to be left alone. All three ate in worried silence, until Professor Quirrell ran into the Great Hall.

Edward read the terror on his face instantly. After a second, he spoke. "Troll-in the dungeons-thought you ought to know." Suddenly, he fainted.

Chaos ensued. People screamed and yelled and some fainted as well. Eventually, Dumbledore quieted everyone down again. "Prefects, lead your houses back to the dormitories, immediately."

Harry, Ron, and Edward discussed the troll while following Percy, Ron's brother and a prefect, when Edward suddenly grabbed their arms and pulled them away from the group without anyone noticing.

"What is it?" asked Harry.

"Hermione doesn't know."

Ron paled a bit. "Oh, fine. But Percy had better not see us."

Just as they were about to leave, a voice was heard. "What are you guys doing?" Mustang asked. "Students were to go back to their dorms."

Edward told him that Hermione was in the bathroom and didn't know about the troll. Mustang widened his eyes slightly. "I'm coming with you."

Edward wanted to argue, but they were wasting time. All four ran down the halls and into the girls' bathroom, to find that the troll was already there. Only thing? There wasn't a troll. There were four.

Hermione was under a stink screaming as one of the trolls' clubs just barely missed her. Then she noticed them. "WELL DON'T JUST STAND THERE, HELP ME!" She yelled.

Edward sprang into action, punching one troll in the Achilles heel with his automail. The troll howled in rage. Ron and Harry were fighting the troll that had the club and Mustang was taking a care of another one.

"Hey, Mustang?" Edward yelled as the troll fell and the fourth troll tried to kick him.

"Yeah?" He yelled back as he ducked a swing of the troll's fist. Ron was proceeding to knock out the first troll with his own club.

"Does this count as an emergency?"

Mustang realized what he meant and pulled on one of his glove that had been in his pocket. "Yes!"

Ron and Harry were trying to comfort Hermione and all were confused by the exchange.

Edward clapped and transmuted a sword blade onto the back of his automail. He heard several gasps. Damn, he was going to have to explain this later! He jumped on his left leg so that he could stab the troll in the ribs. Unfortunately, the blade was too small to do much but cause a bit of pain, and the troll ended up breaking off the blade as Edward was pulled down by gravity. He looked at his arm. He could still move it but a lot of the wires were either ripped or missing. Shit. Winry was going to kill him.

"You ok, Fullmetal?" Mustang asked.

"Yeah, but Winry will kill me because of what happened to my automail."

Mustang laughed once. He had been shooting flames at this troll but he kept dodging! "We are fighting trolls, and you're worried about Winry killing you? That is so like you, Fullmetal." Finally, the troll's leg was burned badly and he fell, knocked out by the pain.

The three wizards (okay, fine, two wizards and a witch) on the floor weren't doing anything accept staring, probably in shock, at the two as they fought.

Edward, mean while, was trying to figure out how deal with two trolls at once, as the troll he had first fought had now gotten back up. Damn it, he would have to take leaf out of Scar's book. He leapt up again, this time with more force. He landed on a troll's shoulder and clapped before putting his hand on its head. Suddenly, blood spurt everywhere, drenching everyone in it.

Just as he was about to jump to the other troll, it suddenly went up in flames. It was ashes in seconds. Edward went over to the knocked out troll closest to him and did Scar's thing again as Mustang flamed the last one. When they finished the two of them looked at each other.

It had been a long time since Edward had seen Mustang fight and he was glad to see that he was still good. Mustang was just glad that Edward hadn't gotten hurt. Well, except for his auto mail.

The two then remembered there audience. Edward turned around to face the faces of his friends. He hoped they were still his friends after this. Mustang stepped up beside Edward and starred at them two. No one could think of what to say.

Edward was about to speak when he heard running. He turned to the door just as Professors McGonagall, Snape, and Quirrell and Winry and Riza came to the doorway. Riza and Winry were in the back, so they couldn't see anything.

"Hawkeye, get Winry out, now," said Edward.

"But, Ed, I-" Winry began.

"GO!" he yelled.

"NO! DAMN IT YOU AND AL ARE ALWAYS PUSHING ME AWAY! IS IT BECAUSE YOU DON'T TRUST ME OR SOMETHING?" She yelled back, pushing through the Professors so she could talk to him face to face. Now, she wished she hadn't. The entire room was covered in blood, as were Edward, Mustang, and the other three. There were two dead trolls and two piles of ashes as well. The blood had come from the trolls, she deducted. When she saw all that blood, she couldn't help it. She leaned against a wall and puked. Edward rushed to her side, patting her back, as did Hawkeye. A second later, Edward realized that he was getting blood all over Winry's shirt. He took his hand off and stood by Mustang again.

"That's why I told you not to come in." He said as he watched Winry. When she was done, she stood straight and walked over to Edward. She raised her fist and punched him as hard as possible. He fell to the floor.


Edward looked at the floor throughout the speech, but when he looked up, she stopped. His eyes were dead, like all of the life had been sucked out of them.

"Four." he said simply.

"What?" asked McGonagall. She had been in shock of the sight at first but she was slowly regaining her senses.

"Four trolls were killed. Those piles of ashes are trolls, too." He said, lifelessly.

Mustang noticed the tone in his voice and the look in his eyes. He was sealing away emotions until he was alone. He clenched his jaw. Like THAT was going to happen. He would help him later.

The questions went on for an hour. They had no idea how the trolls got there. No idea where they were from. No idea who sent them. Etc. Every time Edward tried to catch one of his friends' eyes, they would look away instantly. Eventually, he gave up and looked down at the blood stained floor.

Finally, they were able to go clean up. The four men and one woman covered in blood left to shower while Riza and Winry went back to their room and the Professors cleaned things up.

As the men went to the showers, Mustang suddenly stopped. He turned to face the others. "Ron, Harry, go on ahead." They shot him weird looks but complied. Of course, all they really did was turn a corner near enough to hear them still and stay to spy.

"Edward," said Mustang. The boy looked at him with empty eyes.

He suddenly pulled him into a hug.

"Don't do that."

"What?" came the lifeless reply.

"Don't hide your emotions in front of me. You need to learn to forgive yourself remember? The first step of that is to let out those emotions." He felt the tears on the clothes, even through the blood.

"…Thank you…"

And with that, Edward cracked. All of the emotions he had been building up for years finally came out. He sobbed and he cried. Eventually, he was too weak to stand so they both sunk to the floor, still holding onto each other tightly. After about an hour, his tears finally stopped but sobs still rocked this body. Slowly, he stopped altogether. He looked up at Mustang.

"Thanks." He said. His voice was barely above a whisper, however, the sound bounced in the empty halls, carrying it to Harry and Ron's ears.

"You needed it. But, may I ask why? What made you this upset, all of a sudden?"

Edward smiled slightly. "You just did. And I guess it was multiple things. I guess what made me snap was the fact that I just had to kill more living beings. Plus, Winry barfing when she saw me and the other three avoiding my eyes the whole time didn't exactly help."

They slowly stood and finally let go, both instantly regretting that. They wanted to hug some more, to feel each other's body heat as it helps to keep them warm. They settled for holing each other's hands.

"Let's go. Harry and Ron are probably worried… do you think they will still be my friends?" Edward asked, moving his eyes to look at his feet.

Mustang sighed. "I'm not sure. I suppose that now we have to tell them about us, too. I guess they are shocked right now, so they probably aren't thinking straight. Hey," he said as he lifted Edward's chin up, forcing him to look at him. "If you ever need anything, a friend, some advice, some help, someone to cry on, or anything else, just come to me. Okay?" Edward smiled a small smile.


With that they started to walk, turning the corner and running into Ron and Harry. The two let go of each other's hands.

Edward stared at them with wide eyes. "You heard?" He finally asked.

Harry nodded. "Every word." (1)

Edward blushed and looked down.

Suddenly Ron and Harry looked at each other and then looked back to Edward before bowing low.


"We're sorry!" Ron said, interrupting the blond. "You saved our lives and we never thanked you!"

"Thank you so much!" They said together.

"So…you guys don't hate me?"

Finally the other two stood straight.

Harry answered. "Well, we have tons of questions to ask you later, but you're still Edward, right? So, there really isn't any reason to hate you."

Edward laughed once without humor. "You might want to wait until you get your answers to say that."

And with that, all four went to shower and change before meeting with Dumbledore for some more questions.

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