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This is very different from the stuff I usually do, which goes right in hand with the theme I seem to be presenting with my Squire's Tales fics. I'm sure you've all seen one of those "X (usually 3/5/7) times that (Character) did something and one time the opposite happened" stories? This story is ten of those, all of which focus on a different character, naturally. Each one will increase in value—this is one/one, the next will be two/one, then three/one, then four and so on. Each different situation takes place at a different time, and the times can jump around pretty chaotically. I'm doing about a situation a day, so the first chapters will come pretty quickly—on the other hand, bear in mind I do need to reread everything. This will be an eleven chapter story—ten XandOnes and one at the end that, while it doesn't really combine the previous ten together, still is a nice finishing tale because...well, you'll see. I'll post spoiler warnings and time stamps before the title of each story. Each situation will range from a few sentences to a few paragraphs...I think the shortest single section so far is the second on in this chapter, and the longest is about 370 words. So don't expect epics or anything.

Still confused? Me too. Just read the first one and maybe it'll make more sense.

No spoilers here, unless you haven't read the books at all—and both episodes take place before Gawain is even born.

One Time Morgause Smiled, and One Time Morgause Smiled And Meant It.

"And now, your choice." The old woman took three vials from a shelf and placed them before the enchantress. "The first vial contains a beauty potion; the second, a love potion; the third, a healing cordial. You may have one."

"One? Only one?" the girl responded, looking distastefully down at the bottles. "Why not more?"

"Tradition, Morgause," her teacher said, smiling and shaking her head. "It is a test of sorts, but there is no way to pass or fail."

Morgause cocked her head, not taking her eyes from the vials on the cave floor. "What did you choose?"

"Love," the woman replied promptly. "And it served me well, long ago. Do you want to know more about the potions?"

"Yes," the girl said, lifting the first vial. "How long does the beauty last?"

Her teacher laughed. "As long as you live, my dear girl. Is that all you wish to know?"

She smiled, but it did not reach her eyes. She wanted to know so much more—for instance, why was there not a vial for instant influence or power? "All you can tell me, yes. I choose beauty."

"We shall be together forever, Morgause, my love," Lot said, taking her hands and kissing them. He was besotted with the young girl who had recently agreed to be his wife. "I shall do everything in my power to please you."

"Everything?" the blushing maiden said, dark eyes flashing as her mind raced ahead, plotting a dozen things at once.

"Everything I can," her betrothed said, kissing her cheek.

The Enchantress smiled.