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Danny sighed and stretched as he got up from his desk, the bell having rung only moments before. Lately his back had been one big knot his shoulder blades aching like crazy, he figured it was just growing pains but damn it hurt! "Danny you alright?" Asked Sam, he nodded.

"Ya im fine." He answered as Tucker joined them in the hall.

"Dude you don't look so good." Said Tucker concerned Danny rolled his eyes and shrugged wincing in pain when he moved his shoulders.

"Im fine!" He said exasperated they both looked at him unconvinced, Danny shook his head. "Im going home alright?" He said looking at them, Tucker gave him a horrified look.

"Dude! Theres definitely something wrong with you your passing up a nasty burger!" Said Tucker Sam just rolled her eyes and shot Danny another concerned look.

"Right, you want us to walk you home?" She asked Danny shook his head no.

"Na, ill be fine, you guys go have fun ill head home." He said they nodded and walked with him for a few blocks before he turned off to go the opposite direction waving goodbye at them as he went. He walked another block and ducked into an ally before letting the himself fall into his ghost form. He took a relived breath as the pain in his back lessened slightly turning into mere tightness. He barley paused for breath before he was off the ground shooting high into the sky a feeling of absolute happiness pervading his mind now that he was in the air. Truly nothing could compare to flying he thought as he looped through the sky, invisible to the people below. Not noticing that his usually bright white glow was tinged with green.

In his tower deep in the ghost zone ClockWork smiled slightly watching Phantom zip though the air. The boy really was something else he thought amused, sure he made mistakes, but every young thing did, it was just the way the world worked. Phantom just had the unfortunately fate of being important enough that his mistakes could have much more far reaching consequences. After all how many kids could say that if they cheated on a test the world would have ended? It wasn't something any child should have to deal with, but Phantom was special, especially to him. Because really, the only way the ghost portal could have turned him into a half ghost instead of just killing him was if there happened to be a ghost standing in the exact spot the portal was going to open.

The chances of that? Slim. Unless of course, you happen to be a ghost who knew exactly when and where the portal was going to open, he could have arranged for another ghost to be there, but he had seen the best out come if he was the one who got caught in the energy. There were only a few other ghosts that would have worked since Phantoms powers would be at least at first a reflection of their own and it would also influence what he did with those powers.

He had also in part done it because it gave him free reign to interfere in Phantoms life as he wanted because the boy was technically his 'son' after that. He smiled slightly again watching Phantom hiding around the corner from his home eyeing it like it was covered in poisonous snakes, which it really might as well have been, before apparently deciding that getting shot at wasn't worth not having to take the stairs. He landed and changed back staggering slightly as the pain in his back reestablished itself, Clockwork winced slightly knowing that it was only going to get worse as the day and night wore on, it was for the best thought this was the best course the future could possibly take.

Phantom grimaced before standing up straight in the ally and walking into the house and up the stairs, all but collapsing in bed before spotting the note on his bed side table. He frowned and picked it up reading it through.

Trust your instincts and you'll be fine.


He didn't like the sound of that, he sighed and rolled his shoulders trying and failing to work the knot out again, before setting the note down and pulling his covers up. Well, by the sound of it he didn't need to worry about whatever it was right now. He nodded and rolled over closing his eyes never noticing that even in his human form he was still glowing faintly green.

Later that night he woke in agony tears leaking from his eyes, he could feel his ghost side trying to take over and let it. Falling back into his pillows the pain falling to a more manageable level. He groaned and sat up making the pain spike through his entire body. It wasn't just his back that hurt anymore. The pain was coming off his core now wave after wave of pain, he put a hand to his chest in confusion. Why is this happening? He wondered sinking through his bed without even realizing it, he looked up blinking in surprise at finding himself in the lab. How? He wondered confused as he got to his feet before remembering Clockworks note. Follow his instincts? He wondered to himself, but the only thing he wanted to do was go into the ghost zone! So what the hell was...oh...He winced chagrined, that would probably be what Clockwork was referring to. He thought how else did you explain a sudden irresistible desire to go to the ghost zone? With that he walked forward pressing the button to open the massive doors on the portal, they slid back a moment later to reveal the glowing green spiral of the ghost portal. He hesitated for only a moment before walking through, Clockwork had never steered him wrong before, he thought, it was doubtful the ancient ghost would start now.

Though the mirror, night reflected,

miraculous to see,

my soul threw away the mask that hides the deeper me

Braking the dark of night,

(True light,White night)




Quetzal-So what do you think? Clockwork will be playing a major part in the story he doesn't have enough stories for me to cut him out in anyway. Plus he's my favorite character!