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The Lost Boys ran Rufio, their leader, back to camp. He had recently been stabbed in the heart by the dreaded pirate, Captain James Hook. They needed some way to save him. Rufio had been their leader for a very long time. Plus he was their best sword fighter.

They rushed him into a hut. Everyone shouting his name, waiting for him to wake up.

"Rufio!" "Rufio!" "Come on, Rufio!"

Some of the little ones patting his face. Others running to get water. Some getting leaves to wrap around the wound to stop the bleeding.

The Lost Boys came back with the water, and back with the leaves.

As they cleaned and "bandaged" the wound, Rufio began to moan.

A small, young Lost Boy walked up to Rufio, "Are you okay?"

Rufio slightly smirked, his eyes half opened, "The rat scum missed!"

"Rachel, time to get up, we have guests visiting in two hours!" Mom yelled from down stairs.

I rolled over to my side and groaned.

"If it's aunt Lucy and cousins Terry and Mia, tell me, where's the fun in that?" I screamed back down to my mother.

"Rachel Laura Davy you're to young to be sleeping in! Would you please get down here?" Dad called me down as well.

I sighed in defeat, "Be right down in a minute." I lazily stood up, squeezing my pillow to my chest. I grabbed my midriff hoodie that hung off the door handle. I walked out and strolled down stairs to greet my family.

My parents kissed me on the forehead when I entered the kitchen. It smelled like bacon and mint scented soap.

"Why can't I just stay in my room, it's not like Terry or Mia need me. And Lucy just walks to you." I asked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

Mom put some more bacon on the pan. I walked over to the island bar. The tiles cold on my feet. I took a seat next to Joseph, my older brother.

"I'm older than you, and yet I still wake up earlier than you." Joseph laughed as he teased me.

I snarled, "Shut up the hell up, Joseph."

"Joe, be nice to your sister. Rach, watch your language." Dad directed us to do.

I chuckled, "Hell isn't a bad word, dad."

"Yes, but I know what you meant." Dad scowled at my brother and me.

"Sorry dad." We apologized in unison.

My older sister, Lydia walked in after her morning sickness. Lydia is my oldest sister, also who is having a baby. Long story short, she did it under aged.

"Morning Lydia, sleep good?" Joseph laughed as he poked at her bulging stomach.

"Shut up the hell up, Joseph!" Lydia screamed and slapped his hand away.

"Lydia!" Dad yelled, slamming the newspaper down on the table.

Lydia scoffed, "Dad, hell isn't a curse word."

"Lydia, we don't want any language in this house, under our roof. So listen to your father, please my dear?" Mom asked kindly with her soft voice.

I pulled a piece of paper out from my pillow sheet, "Hey mom, look what I drew before I went to bed." I handed her a picture.

It was a night sky, with only two stars, and a full moon on the left corner. Then in the middle was me, with dancing fairies swirling around me.

"Are these fireflies?" Mom asked me with a curious expression.

I shook my head, "No, mom. They're fairies." I smiled like it was obvious.

My mother sighed and looked towards my father.

"Rachel, don't you think your a little old to still be drawing this?" Dad asked.

I shook my head again, "What's wrong with still wanting to be a child? It's actually better on you, because that means there's less of a chance of me having a teenage pregnancy." I explained, cocking my head to Lydia.

"I can hear you!" Lydia noted with fruit loops in her mouth.

My mom leaned onto the counter, so she and I were eye level, "Rachel, I really love how you want to stay a kid forever, I really do. But, that's impossible. Only in fairy tales it happens. Soon you're going to go to college, get a job, get married, raise a family. I want you to live this experience. So I want you to go to your room, and throw away anything that anyone under twelve would have." She paused with a sigh, and stroked my brunette hair, "I want you to live in the present, live your life."

"But I don't want to grow old, I don't want to die." I whispered.

My mom looked at me with sympathy, about to hug me. But I couldn't take it. I stomped out of the kitchen, and to my room to be alone.

The sun was going down by the time I got ready, and it was already set by the time our relatives made it. I was silent, I didn't feel like talking. Dad was up in his study doing work, Terry and Joseph were messing around in their yearbook, while Mia and Lydia talked about possible baby names. We had a small spaghetti dinner, which was mostly quiet. Well except for the boy getting noodles stuck in their noses.

We then migrated back to the living room.

My mother laughed, "I swear, kids of 1991 are probably the strangest out there. This morning my daughter, Rachel, tells me she wants to be a child forever!" My mom laughed so hard, her glass of wine nearly spilled.

Aunt Lucy took another gulp of her wine, "Children are so ridiculous."

I couldn't help but intervene, "Well I'm sorry if it's my fault I want to live in a world of my own, where I can stay young forever!" I yelled, and the room went silent.

Mom leaned forward, "Look, Rachel, I know we went over this already, but sometimes you just need your feet firmly on the ground." Mom smiled at me.

"But if everyone's feet were on the ground, then we'd still be in the stone ages." I pointed out.

"They weren't thinking childish dreams!" My mom had no choice but to scream back.

Tears forcefully pushed through my eyes. I tried to hold them back, tried to wipe them away, but they returned quickly. I leaped out of my seat and ran up stairs. My mom slouched back and sighed, apologizing under her breath.

I slammed my door and locked it. I wiped the tears off with the sleeve of my hoodie.

"I want to stay young forever, I don't want to die. Never grow old, in a world of my own." I ran to my window and looked to the stars, "I wish I could be a kid forever."

A twinkle in the sky began to come closer at amazing speed, "Good wish, Rachel."

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