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Chapter 1: The Fated Omiai

Konoka sighed for like the umpteenth time today. She was not a fan of the omiai meetings that her grandfather would always set up for her. She knew her grandfather always set up these meetings for good intentions, but she wondered when he would get a clue that she just wasn't interested in getting married just yet. 'I'm only in my second year of middle school! I'm too young to get married.' She though letting out another sigh. Not only did she dislike going to these meetings, she always seemed to get stuck with partners that were much older, even ones that were twice her age.

She had to think of another plan to try and get away from this meeting, just like she did all those times before, but today was a bit trickier. There were a lot more guards than normal which didn't leave any room for her to run away. She began to think of another possible way to escape, but all the strategies she used before were useless in this situation. This also made her wonder about the person she actually is meeting. If there were this many guards to make sure to keep her in the room, it probably meant that whoever this person was was very important.

Sighing again, she wrinkled her purple colored, flower pattern kimono. Her partner was late. It felt like she was waiting for her partner for hours, but unfortunately it was only about 15 minutes since she entered the room. She started to get impatient. She hoped that her partner decided to reschedule so that she could go back to her dorm, change quickly and prepare her bag for the start of the new semester. However, lady luck was not on her side as the door opposite the one she entered opened and a man in a black suit and glasses walked out. Konoka looked up at him thinking he was the body guard of the other person involved in the meeting. It turned out she was right, as several more body guards entered the room making it that much harder to escape. She knew she had no choice but to go with the meeting, praying that it wasn't some man that was much older than her. Her prayers were answered.

Konoka's eyes slightly widened at the entrance of a teenager whom, she had to guess was roughly about a year older than her, enter the room. She was certainly surprised. She wondered if he was in a similar situation as she was, both being forced into this omiai meeting. If he was, then she most definitely felt sorry for him. She hated going to these meeting as much as the next person, but she also hated when someone else, who was as young as her, had to go through the same thing. She wondered if he felt the same as her, despite the supposed fake smile she thought he had.

"Konoe Konoka-sama, it is an honor to be here at your presence." The security guard that entered first spoke as he bowed his head and placed a hand to his chest. Konoka returned the bow and greeted him with a smile.

"It is an honor to meet with you as well." Konoka gracefully replied.

"Thank you Konoka-sama, allow me to introduce you to yo-" He stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder as he turned his head toward the owner of the hand.

"Thank you Irudo, but I think I can introduce myself." The red haired teen said nicely as the man named Irudo looked at him, hesitating for a moment before nodding his head and walked away back to where the other security guards were stationed around the room. Konoka watched as the red head sat down on the small mat across from her and gave Konoka a genuine smile. "It is an honor to meet you, Konoka-san, my name is Negi Springfield."

"It is an honor to meet you, Negi-kun." Konoka replied back with her own smile. She looked at him in detail and blushed a little at how cute he kind of looked. Suddenly, Negi used his hand to motion Konoka closer, which she found strange but did so anyway until they were about a couple inches apart from each other. Konoka felt her cheeks get warm at the close contact and wondered what he was about to do, when he opened his mouth and whispered something to her.

"I'm sorry about all this. I can tell that you are used to being in these omiai meetings a lot, so I was just wondering...wanna escape from this place together?" His proposal shocked Konoka as she blinked at him and all he did was smile at her, awaiting her answer. Konoka eyed the security guards around the room and found no opening to escape.

"Um...sure but how exactly do you plan to escape with all these guards?" Negi chuckled.

"Just follow my lead." He told her, pulling back and put his fist to his mouth to cough. "Irudo-san?"

"Hai, Negi-san!" Irudo perked up and walked toward Negi, going down on one knee.

"I don't like her." Konoka sat there in shock.

"Huh?" She said in confusion as Irudo looked at Negi in shock, who had his head tilted to the side avoiding to look at Konoka or Irudo.

"Negi-san, what are you saying?"

"Do I have to repeat myself?" Negi responded like a spoiled rich brat. "I said I don't like her."

Konoka wasn't sure what she should say. One minute he acted all nice to her and offered to run away from this omiai meeting and now he was acting like some spoiled rich boy who didn't get his video game of choice.

"B-But...Negi-san..." Irudo was as confused as Konoka at this sudden change of tone. Negi however, continued to avoid looking at him, but opened his eyes to look over at Konoka and then, to her surprise, winked at her.

It was then that she was catching on. 'I see...good plan...Negi-kun.' It was then Konoka's turn to act like a spoiled brat as she crossed her arms and turned away from Negi. "Is that so? Well, I don't like you either, you spoiled brat." She never talk the way she just did, but she had to make it believable and hoped that it was good enough to fool the guards. Luckily, it worked.

"What did you call me?" Negi frowned in anger, slamming his fists on the table.

"A spoiled brat. Do you need me to spell it out or something?" Konoka responded not bothering ti look at him.

"Ah, Konoka-sama, Negi-san!" Irudo said their names trying to calm them down, but it wasn't working.

"You think I'm a spoiled brat! Well, your nothing but a spoiled princess!" Negi fired back causing Konoka to flush in embarrassment and finally look at him, both acting like they were angry with each other.

"You know what, I don't need this!" Konoka smacked her hands on the table and stood up. She took one last look at Negi, before turning around and heading toward the door.

Negi stood up as well and began following Konoka, while he shout one last thing for the guards to hear. "Hey, I'm not done talking to you!" It was then that both of them disappeared behind the door, leaving the security guards all shocked at what just transpired here. Irudo stared at the door, hoping one of them would return, until he realized that they were not coming back. Realization hit him hard as he found out that the two of them were just acting and immediately rushed toward the door. He opened it and his eyes widened and jaw dropped to the ground in shock. The two of them were gone and out of sight.

"Those slick foxes!" Irudo cursed underneath his breath as a small vein was seen on his bald head. "What are you guys doing! Go find them!" He ordered the others as they scrambled in look for the two escapees.

"Oh man, did we get them good!" Negi laughed as he and Konoka found a vacant room to hide inside in. Konoka laughed as well as she looked over at Negi who leaned against the door. When she finished laughing, she was able to take a closer look at him and blushed when she saw how handsome he was. He was roughly a little taller than her, but his most striking feature was his red hair which was tied into a small ponytail at the end. Feeling her eyes on him, Negi looked over to Konoka and flashed her a warm smile which caused her blush to get slightly deeper as she reverted her eyes from him. "Is there something on my face or something?" Negi asked politely as Konoka shook her head, embarrassed that she was caught looking at him.

"N-No, it's nothing." She replied as Negi nodded his head.

"Allow me to introduce myself properly, Konoka-san. My name is Negi Springfield. I have come here to Japan for special training, but I was then forced to go to this omiai meeting and as soon as they had me in their grasp, I couldn't escape." Negi explained to her as she nodded her head in understanding.

"It's okay Negi-kun. I know exactly how you feel. My name Konoka Konoe. I am a student of Mahora Academy and I'm forced to go to these omiai meeting by my grandfather. He's the Principle of Mahora Academy you see and he always seems to make me go to these meetings because he wants me to find someone that can protect me." Konoka explained her own situation as Negi nodded his head and listened to her like the English gentleman he was. "But I know my grandfather is only doing this because he cares about me." She continued showing a small sad smile while looking down to the floor. "But I'm too young for something like this, I mean we both are. Besides, I'm not interested in dating anyone right now."

"I agree completely, Konoka-san." Negi responded. "You see, I believe it was your grandfather who recommended me and before I knew it I was here." Negi chuckled as Konoka joined in.

"That does sound like him." She added.

"By the way Konoka-san. I must say you look very pretty in that Kimono." He complimented her causing her face to blush in embarrassment.

"Oh Negi-kun, you shouldn't say that, your making me blush." She hit him on the head with a small mallet from the embarrassment causing Negi to laugh in amusement.

"Hey, I think I hear them from in here!" Both Negi and Konoka looked toward the door as the sound of multiple footsteps began walking toward the door.

"Uh oh! Looks like they found us." Negi chuckled as he offered his hand to Konoka who looked at it in confusion. "We should get get going before they catch us." He told her. Konoka nodded her head and took his hand before he placed a hand under her knees and a hand on her back, lifting her up as she gasped and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"W-What?" Konoka asked in shock. Negi looked down at her and smiled before he ran toward he window and jumped through it. Konoka was shocked beyond belief at his action as the door to the room finally opened. The guards opened the door just in time to see Negi jumped through the window and their eyes widened in horror because of the fact that they were two floors up. Konoka let out a scream and held on to Negi tightly, pushing her face closer to his chest and awaited for impact.

Konoka heard him mutter something under his breath, but she was too scared to hear what he said. A sudden abrupt stop made her squeal in shock before she felt Negi hit the ground with a light tap of his boots. She slowly began to open her eyes and looked up to Negi's smiling face and blushed. She turned her head and saw that they were safely on the ground which confused her. "Are you okay, Konoka-san?" He asked her, receiving a a nod from the blushing girl.

"Y-Yeah..." Negi smiled and was glad as he lowered her to the ground.

"There they are!" Both turned around to see some of the guards chasing after them.

"Man, they sure don't know when to quit." Negi chuckled and then took Konoka's hand, in which she blushed at the warmth of his hand against hers. "This way!" He told her and ran in the opposite direction of the guards.

It took a while, but they were able to get away from the guards again. Both Negi and Konoka tried to catch their breaths and slow down their racing heart beats from the long chase they endured. Once they were breathing calmly, Negi took out a small handkerchief he hand in his dress pants and handed it over to Konoka. "Here you go."

"Heh? I can't accept this!" She stammered waving her hands in front of her, protesting the idea.

"Don't worry about it." He replied as she eventually gave in and took the handkerchief from him. He took a peak to make sure no guards were nearby and let out a sigh of relief when none were in sight. "I guess this is where we go our separate ways." Negi told her, in which she frowned. Noticing this, he gave her a smile and gently placed a hand on her shoulder to comfort her and then put up a wide grin. "Don't worry, I know we'll see each other again." He reassured her as she nodded. "Until then." He waved goodbye to her and began walking away as Konoka stared at his back.

She took one glance down at the handkerchief before she smiled warmly and walked away in the opposite direction, where her roommate was waiting for her.

Meanwhile, Negi stopped walking when he felt a presence behind him and turned around to see his old friend Takamichi leaning against a wall of the school's building. "It's good to see you, Takamichi." Negi smiled at his old comrade.

"Yes, it's good to see you too, Negi-kun." He replied back with his own smile. "So, how do you like Mahora Academy so far?" He asked curiously as Negi looked up to the sky, a smile on his face.

"It's one interesting place." He replied as Takamichi chuckled.

"Yes, that is quite true. Well, I hope you complete your training, Negi-k...ah, or should I say, Negi-sensei."

Negi laughed. "Negi-sensei, huh? I like the sound of that."

To Be continued...