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Chapter 16: Evangeline

The room was silent. The only person inside the room was Negi as he read a book on his small table. 'Hmm...lets see...' He thought as he read the contents inside the book thoroughly. 'Wait a minute...' He paused when he saw something that surprised him. '...THEY ACTUALLY SELL PANTIES IN VENDING MACHINES?' His eyes widened and jaw dropped as he picked up the tourist guide to Japan and took a closer look to make sure he didn't misread the text. 'Japan is sure a strange country...'

"Hey aniki!" Negi jumped and screamed in surprise as he quickly closed the book and turned around to look at Chamo.

"Chamo-kun! W-What's up?" He stuttered in shock at his ermine friend. Chamo raised his eyebrow at his weird behaviour.

"What's that book your holding there, aniki?" He asked curiously.

"Huh...it's nothing that would interest you Chamo-kun...hehe..." Negi replied chuckling as he hid the book behind him. However, Chamo got a mischievous look on his face.

"Oh I get it aniki..."


"Hehe...come one, we're both guys here...it's okay if you're interested in that stuff already..."


"What...I mean it was bound to happen one of these days."

"It's not what you think it is!" Negi shouted in frustration. "See! It's only a tour guide to Japan!"

"So why were you hiding it?"

"It's because...I felt embarrassed..."

"That's a lie."

"No it's not!"

"Whatever...anyway I wanted to ask you something.


"Who's panties do you like better? Konoka-chans or Asuna-chans?" Negi felt a nose bleed come to him as he closed his eyes and waved his arms in front of him.

"What are you doing? Put those back!" Negi shouted.

"Come on, it's only us guys here at the moment."

"Just put them back, damn it!" Negi shouted and turned around to avoid him.

"Party pooper..."

"Sorry for being an English Gentleman..." Negi muttered, his face still red. He looked out the window and saw the night sky. However, he also felt this strange magic energy nearby and he frowned. He stood up and went to grab his staff. Chamo saw this and raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong, aniki?" He asked.

"Something feels strange so I'm gonna go check it out." He told him.

"Then let me go too." Negi nodded his head and Chamo ran up his arm and rested on his shoulder.

"Alright then, let's go!"

"Well, I'm heading home first, Nodoka!" Haruna told her shy friend as they waved goodbye to each. Asuna, along with Konoka looked back at her and frowned in worry.

"I wonder if she is going to be alright." Asuna said.

"I'm sure she will be fine. After all you were the one who said that vampires didn't exist." Her best friend replied.

"Well yeah...but I've been thinking...since Negi is a mage...maybe there are such things as vampires." She told Konoka.

"Yeah that would make some sense...I don't know...maybe we she go with Nodoka just in case." Konoka replied with a smile.

"Yeah, you're probably right." They both nodded and then ran after Nodoka to catch up with her.

Nodoka hummed a little tune as she walked toward her destination with a small smile on her face. She suddenly stopped when she realized where she was. "S-Sakura Lane..." She frowned in worry as the conversation between her classmates from before resurfaced in her head. She felt scared at the thought of a vampire, but she knew she had to stop being scared. She pumped her fist as she mustered up the courage to continue walking down Sakura Lane. "I'm not scared..." She felt a strong breeze blow by her. 'Ah...the wind is sure strong...I better hurry...I'm not scared...I'm not scared...I'm not scared...' She then heard some rustling behind her and she jumped in fear. She stopped and turned around. "W-Who's there?"

Nodoka didn't see anything at first, but a dark mysterious figure suddenly appeared and looked down at her. Nodoka wanted to scream in fear, but she couldn't move any part of her body. "Seat Number 27, Miyazaki Nodoka, isn't it?" The dark figure spoke and then chuckled. "Sorry, but...I'll be taking your blood now." Nodoka screamed in fear as the figure descended down toward her.

"Hold it right there!" The dark figure's eyes widened when it saw Negi appear in front of Nodoka and used his staff to block the attack. The figure grunted a bit as her attack wasn't piercing through his defense magic. So, she backed off and returned to her spot on top of the street lamp and then smirked. Negi glared at the figure. "How dare you try to hurt one of my students?" He shouted. "Nodoka-san...are you oka-AAHHHH!" He shouted in shock as Nodoka fainted and fell on the ground. "Nodoka-san!"

"Should you really be worried about her, Negi-sensei?" Negi's eyes widened at the familiar voice and looked at the figure.

"This voice...you can't be..." The clouds that were in front of the moon moved and allowed the moonlight to shine down at the figure. Negi's eyes widened a bit as the figure was none other than Evangeline. "No way...you're..."

"That's right, Negi-sensei...the name is Evangeline A.K. McDowell." She introduced herself.

"So...you're the vampire that the girls have been talking about." Eva giggled in response.

"Of course...although I have to admit I did find it amusing to see how those petty girls viewed me as." She giggled. "Although, I am impressed with your ability, brat. You really are his son."

"Ah! You know my father?" Negi asked in shock.

"You can say that..."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Do I really need a reason? After all, a vampire does need blood to survive you know."

"But you're really a mage, aren't you?"

"Maybe...but it doesn't matter, after all you will be mine soon enough." She smirked and tossed two vials at him. "Freeze Lance!"

'Crap!' Negi ran over to Nodoka and lifted her into his arms before kicking his feet at the two vials, using his magic to create a barrier. He was able to block the attack, but the shock caused a violent wind to interrupt and shredded Nodoka's clothes, leaving only half of her clothing still on her. "That was close...Nodoka-san..are you ok-AAAHHHH!" He screamed in shock as Nodoka was almost naked, right in his arms. Chamo came out of Negi's clothing and looked down at Nodoka. He then gave him a perverted smirk.

"To think you would go this far..."

"IT'S NOTHING LIKE THAT!" Negi screamed at him.

"Hey! What's going on here?" Negi froze in horror as he turned his head to the fiery red head Asuna and Konoka looking at him, with red faces and eyes widened.

"T-This isn't what it looks like..." He told them.

"To be honest...I'm not surprised by this..." Asuna replied, clutching her fist.

"Negi-kun...why is she...?"

"I told you it wasn't me!" Negi shouted back.

"Haha...isn't this amusing. Now we have two other classmates here." All four turned their heads to look at Evangeline as she smirked at them.

"Huh? Isn't that..." Before Asuna could finish, Negi stood in front of them, blocking their view of Evangeline. He then turned his head toward them.

"Asuna-san...Konoka-san...I'm leaving Nodoka-san with you...so go on home before me." He told them and then rushed forward.

"Ah! Negi-kun!" He heard Konoka call after him, but he didn't stop. Evangeline smirked at him before taking flight and flying away. Negi quickly hopped onto his staff and flew after her.

'She can fly without a broom or a staff...she really is impressive...but something seems off...for someone like her, I feel very weak magic energy coming from her...why is that?' Negi wondered as he never let his eyes off Evangeline, just in case she does something. "Hold it, Evangeline-san! Whya re you doing this? As your teacher, I cannot allow you to do this!"

"Hahaha...I hear you are looking for you father, aren't you sensei?"

"So...you do know about my father..." Negi raised his hand and started chanting a spell. Evangeline was surprised when he suddenly summoned several copies of himself behind him.

'Multiple bodies...? No...these are summoned elementals...'

"Catch her!" He ordered his summoned elementals as they charged at her.

'Impressive...to be able to summon 8 air elementals at the same time is sure a hard feat to do...' She smirked and then threw magic potions at his elementals.

'There she does it again...I see her magic power is weak...I should use this to my advantage.' He thought and increased his speed, dodging any blasts coming from the potions hitting one of the elementals. He then appeared in front of her and raised his arm. "Got you! Kazehana Disarm! France Excalmatio!" The spell shredded the cloak she wore and left her only in her white colored night gown. He blushed at this and when they landed on the rooftop of one of the buildings, he did his best to avoid looking at her.

"Not bad, sensei...it's your victory..." She told him.

"This is my victory Evangeline-san...so now tell me...why are you doing this and what do you know about my father?" He asked as she smirked.

"Do you really think you have won?" She told him and Negi raised an eyebrow. He sensed someone else was nearby and moved his eyes to search for this new presence. He didn't have to look long as another figure dropped onto the roof behind Evangeline. "Well then, how about you try some of that magic you use now?"

'Who is that? Is it her accomplice? Whatever, I'll just defeat both of them.' He pulled his arm back and then moved it to the front. "Rasuteru Masukiru! Eleven Spirits of the Wind! Become a seal and blind my enemy!"

"Hmph." Eva scoffed as her accomplice charged at Negi and then flicked Negi's forehead. His eyes widened in shock by the surprising attack. He looked at her accomplice and he immediately recognized her as another one of his students.

"Hey! You're..."

"Let me introduce 'my partner' to you...3-A seat Number 10, Minisuteru Magi Karakuri Chachamaru."

"Chachamaru-san is your partner?" Negi shouted in shock. 'Dang it...I don't even have a partner...' He blushed at the ritual he had to perform to get a partner.

"You seem flustered...does that mean we won?" Eva chuckled.

"No! I cannot lose! Just give yourself up before I have to go serious on you girls!" Negi warned them, but was flicked in the forehead again by Chachamaru. "WOULD YOU STOP DOING THAT?"

"This is pretty pathetic, sensei." Eva chuckled and smirked. "I thought you would be handle us."

"Shut up! I just never planned on my students being the ones I would have to fight." He told them, gritting his teeth. "I really don't want to face my students, but I guess you leave me no choice." He closed his eyes and then slammed his staff down onto the roof. He then clasped his hands and started chanting a spell.

"I don't know what you are planning, but we won't let you complete that spell. Chachamaru!" Chachamaru nodded her head and quickly charged at her sensei. At that moment, Negi opened his eyes and then pointed his hands at them. Chachamaru appeared out of nowhere and threw a punch at Negi, but she felt herself punching a magic barrier. Her eyes widened when she couldn't move. Eva noticed this and glared at Negi. "What did you just do?"

"I stopped her movements by sending shocks of electricity through her body." He answered.

"Wait a minute...you know that she is a..."

"Yes I do...however, that fact that she is a robot doesn't mean anything. If electricity is sent into someone's body, they will get paralyzed." He told her. "Now that she is, it means she won't attack me for a while, leaving this fight just between me and you now."

"Very clever...as expected as someone who is his son."

"You seem to hold a grudge against my father. Exactly what did he do?"

"That idiot...he sealed my power to the extent that is barely there all because he defeated me in a fight. He made me stuck in this little girl's body and staying in this carefree Japanese School for the past 15 years!"

"Well...you seem to be a pretty bad person so I guess what he did was right..." Negi crossed his arms.

"Do you have any idea how miserable I have been?" She growled at him.

"That's still no excuse for what you are doing!"

"You brat..." He watched Eva carefully but he noticed that her eyes trailed to something else. He then heard a voice.

"Negi-kun!" Negi's eyes widened as he turned his head to see Asuna and Konoka make their way onto the roof.

"W-What are you girls doing here?" He asked in shock.

"We thought it was weird as to why you were acting strange so we decided to see what you were up to." Asuna said and then looked to see Chachamaru and a night gown wearing Evangeline. "But it looks like you were doing nothing but perverted things."

"That's not what it looks like!" He yelled. "What about Nodoka-san?"

"Takahata-sensei said that he would take care of her. He said she'll be fine" Konoka answered.

"I see..." Negi sighed in relief. 'Wait a minute...did he tell the girls to come look for me? What is he thinking?'

"It seems we will have to fight another day..." Evangeline suddenly told him as she walked over to Chachamaru and placed a hand on her shoulder. It caused the spell Negi put on her to disappear.

'W-What? How did she disarm my spell?' Negi wondered.

"Very soon, the time for our real battle will come...you better be prepared to protect someone you really care about, Sensei." She smirked and then hopped onto Chachamaru's shoulder. Before any of them knew, they flew away.

"Negi-kun...what's going on?" Konoka asked, confused by everything that just happened.

"I'm not sure...Konoka-san...but we should head back." He told them and they nodded.

"Fine...but you better tell us about those two when we get there." Asuna added and Negi nodded.

"That's fair."

When they returned to the dorm room.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" Negi began sweating bullets as Chamo forgot to put away the two girl's panties. Both of them had red faces as they looked at Negi.

"It's not what it looks like..."



To Be Continued...

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