Unlike the last time there was no pondering what had happened everything had just gone black. No one notice that Jason wasn't in the group till they were all safely in Belle's car.

"Where's Jason?" Sienna said frightened. Everyone was trying to look out of the Escalade's doors and windows, everything was silent, no one dared to breath. There was Jason face down with a pieces of metal sticking out of his back.

"Jason!" Shouted a chorus of voices but Sienna's was the most clear, shock and terror radiated throughout the group. With the bolts still flying it took everything from Adam and Brad to hold Sienna in the car.

"No we have to go get him! Please we can't leave him back there!" she pleaded

"Sienna we can't, we'll lose more if we go back. Belle, drive!" Brad commanded and Belle hesitantly listened to him, worried about her best friend.

"No Belle, Please go back we have to get him, we can't just leave him, please, please, please!" Everyone was quiet, and Belle started silently cry.

"Sienna, please there's nothing we can do for him now. Do you think Jason would want to get yourself killed trying to get to him?" Adam said in the most serious tone any of the group had heard him speak in. And that was that, Sienna stared ahead with a blank look on her face, tears silently flowing down her cheeks.

"What the hell is wrong with you! I'm paying you for a cure, not to kill my family!" Bianca screamed with rage. 'Hopefully it isn't too late' she though, she had seen that he could make the change safely and have Jason turn was a lot better then dying from her mistakes.

"I'm staring to think your more expendable than I thought." With that she ran over to Norton with inhuman speed and snapped his neck. The guards took action restraining her and aiming their crossbows. "Really? You guys are that stupid? Your boss is died so go home, no more pay for you." She said was a matter of facty, 'Wow, these mood swings are getting worse.' Jason! The alarms went off in her head, she didn't have much time and with that she went over to him, cut her wrist let the blood trickle down his throat then bite into his neck and drank.

"Sienna please talk to me!" Belle pleaded. They had gotten to Zach's house in time to catch the end of a council meeting. Brad and Adam filled in the council on what had happened.

"So Bianca hired this Norton to find a cure for transition sickness and he is responsible for all of the attacks throughout the country, and the one who shot Jason." Mr. Devereux restated.

"Yes, Sir." Brad said. All the time that details were being ironed out and Sienna was just sitting in the other room listening to the story over and over again. 'Why aren't they sending anybody after him? Doesn't Jason matter to anybody but me? Oh my god, what about Dani and his parents what can we say? ' Sienna was brought out of thought by finally hearing Zach say;

"Who should we send to go out and look for him?"

Her world was shattered again when she hear he dad's response. "We can't send anybody right now, it's too hot. Tomorrow morning well send a team in, but I do think we should have people watching the building and all possible exit routes for +++ incase he's already gathered his stuff and will try and make a break for it. We can't let this information out."

That was when Belle walked up. "Sienna please talk to me!" Sienna just looked at her 'best friend' for a few minutes and finally said.

"What do you want me to say? I probably lost Jason forever because you wouldn't go back." The words stung Belle, "What about his family? Even if you didn't want to do it for me, why not Dani and his parents?" With that Sienna started to cry again. She not have noticed but a majority in the other room had listened to her rant.

"She is right, what are we going to tell his family? Are we even sure we can produce a body for them if that's what it comes too." Zach trying to keep his emotion out of the statement. Unlike most of the council Zach could admit Jason and Adam had saved there asses on multiple occasions and the nonchalant manner in which this situation was being handles was really starting to get to him.

"That will all have to be taken into consideration, Bianca was there so I'm sure nothing too bad came of him, and for now we'll just call his parents and say he's sleeping over somewhere. This will reconvene tomorrow morning, I think everyone needs a little break." Most of the council agreed with Mr. Devereux and started with packing their things.

"So that's all your going to say! You people are crazy!" Adam exclaimed earning many dirty looks of the older member. Quickly Zach meet Adam and started to tow him away shooting him a look that said 'Shut up, we'll talk later.'