The Dilemma

Another day, another case. Sam and Dean are at the local bar unwinding after a successful case.

Dean: "Those Vampires didn't even have a chance against us."

Sam: "I still don't quite understand what Melina was saying."

Dean: "Who cares? Melina wasn't human. We had a successful night"

He takes a drink off his beer and Sam sighs at his discrimination.

Sam: "Think about it for a minute. What if vampires really are trying to become just like everyone else? What if they really do have jobs and families and interact with other human beings around us? How would you know if you were talking to a human or a vampire."

Dean: "Dude, really? I'm a hunter. I know the freaks from the humans."

Sam: "It's not like they were showing symptoms. For example, someone who is possessed you can tell by the way they act or the way their eyes look. It's obviously staring you in the face. Melina looked just like a regular every day person."

Dean: "Ruby looked like an every day person and she was obviously possessed. She walked around like nothing was wrong until I busted her."

Sam: "You just proved my point. Melina worked around blood in a hospital. It was all over her scrubs. She was out in the direct sunlight. She didn't blister or burn up. She seemed to enjoy the sun. There wasn't anything strange about her skin or anything."

Dean: "I'm not buying into the whole Twilight thing. I'm sorry. It's in her nature to suck blood and she has to have it to survive. I don't care where she gets it from. It's still human blood she craves and she will go after it. Do you honestly think that Melina walks around a hospital full of blood sacks and doesn't think about eating any of them?"

Sam: "It is the perfect cover. People die from sickness all the time in hospitals. Who's to say she's not the Angel of Mercy?"

Dean: "She ain't no angel. I can tell you that right now."

His phone rings as he is finishing his beer.

Dean: "It never fails. Whenever I think the night is over."

He goes outside so he can hear the person on the phone.

Dean: "Hello?"

"Hey Dean. It's Jess."

Dean: "Jess, hey what's up, sis?"

Jessica: "Oh, not much. Just trying to get used to this new world I'm living in over here in New Orleans."

Dean: "New Orleans does have it's own magic at times. I can agree with that."

Jessica: "Hey, I heard about that vampire case you guys were on. Where was that happening?"

Dean: "We're in Seattle. How did you hear about that all the way in New Orleans?"

Jessica: "Let's just say the hunters talk. Hey, listen I need some advice as my brother to his sister."

Dean: "Advice as as your brother to my sister. I don't know if you should be asking me for advice. I'm a little one sided on certain subjects."

Jessica: "I just need an objective point of view and I know Sam will try to tell me what I want to hear and make everything all right."

Dean leans up against the hood of the Impala preparing for a long conversation. He was glad he finished his beer.

Dean: "All right. Lay it on me."

Jessica: "OK. I don't know how much you know about the Louisiana area in general, but apparently some of those crazy voodoo stories are true."

Dean: "Crazy voodoo stories? OK, you've got my attention here. What have you gotten yourself into, Jess? Voodoo is serious business."

Jessica: "Oh, Dear God, no. Nothing like that. I'm so sorry. That just totally sounded like I was in a sacrafice or something."

Dean: "You're nervous about something. Just slow down and take a breath. You can tell me anything. I'm not going to judge you for anything. I'm the last guy on earth to judge someone else's moral decisions."

Jessica: "I'm glad you just told me that because what I have to tell you does concern a few moral decisions."

Dean: "Does it involve hunting?"

Jessica: "No and it doesn't involve the family either. Look, your probably going to think I'm drunk or crazy. I'd feel better if I was crazy or drunk. But, I've seen things these past couple of months that have totally confused the hell out of me and I can't really talk to anyone about it because they wouldn't get it.."

Dean: "What happened to Elizabeth? I thought you two were BFF's."

Jessica: "Elizabeth found a new boyfriend."

Dean: "Why does that sound more like your asking a question then making a statement?"

Jessica: "Does the name Damon Salvatore mean anything to you?"

Dean: "Salvatore. Hmmm, no. That doesn't ring any bells with me. Why? Should it?"

Jessica: "Well, in a historical sense of speaking it should only mean something if you've done research on Fell's Church or the city of Mystic Falls, Virginia

Suddenly. Dean wished he had Sam's quick computer know-how. He'd be looking that up and he also wished he had another beer.

Dean: "What's the Reader's Digest condensed version of Mystic Falls, Virginia?"

Jessica: "Huge Church fire in 1800's that killed a bunch of old vampires. Damon and Stefan thought their maker was in that fire, but it turns out she wasn't. Damon and Stefan left Mystic Falls to start a new life in New Orleans and have been living here peacefully until recently. Apparently, there is a society that lives out here of Vampires and other supernatural creatures that all live together in quiet communities."

Dean: "Wait a minute, a quiet community of supernatural creatures? They live in New Orleans together."

Jessica: "Not together, but in the same state. Apparently, between Shrevport and New Orleans is the Vampire Area and there's a small ware community out here too."

Dean: "A ware community. As in warewolves?"

Jessica: "As in a whole pack of warewolves lead by one pack leader."

Dean: "Holy shit. No wonder you feel like your crazy. What's been going on?"

Jessica: "Nothing. That's just it. It's been quiet as a tomb over here considering the bed of Supernatural beings around here. I mean, warewolves and vampires are sworn enemies. You think they'd be out here brawling in the forest so I could stop and kill them."

Dean: "So, what, they like avoid each other or something?"

Jessica: "Looks that way. They don't purposely go bothering each other. Then there's Damon and Stefan."

Dean: "Let me guess. Socialized vampires."

Jessica: "How did you figure that out?"

Dean: "Sam and I just came off of a case where there was this community of vampires living together. Someone was trying to make it look like the vampires were going on a rampage killing everything and anything that wasn't nailed down. Come to find out, it was real warewolves. Not the kind that socialize like where you live."

Jessica: "Yeah. It's a regular Disneyland until there's a full moon. Socialized vampires in Seattle?"

Dean: "No such thing as socialized vampires. All vampires have a blood lust and they will always answer to the call of the blood. They want human blood no matter what they try to tell themselves."

Jessica: "Yeah, but you fought it off. You never fed."

Dean: "That was a completely different thing. I didn't want the change to happen. I got lucky that it was stopped. That could easily have went the other way."

Jessica: "Yeah. Then you'd be the advocate for leaving the socialized vampires alone."

Dean: "Stop calling them that. You can't socialize a vampire. It's like trying to have a pet tiger. The tiger instinct takes over and they will attack."

Jessica: "Damon makes no quelms about his "tiger instinct" as you called it."

Dean: "Wait a minte, your hanging around these so called "Socialized" vampires? That's like suicide."

Jessica: "No. I'm not around anyone at the moment. I'm at my house. The only one hearing this conversation is you."

Or so Jessica thought Dean was the only one hearing the conversation. Little did she know, her walls have ears.

Dean: "You'd better keep your well-trained, hunter ass away from those two crazy ass vampires."

Jessica: "I know how to protect my well-trained, hunter ass. Besides, they're both totally awesome. They'd never hurt me or Elizabeth."

Dean: "Jess, you're not serious. You're buying in to that mind compelling thing they do. There is no such thing as a social totally aweseome vampire. Get those romantic, Twilight notions out of your mind and get it back in the hunting game. I understand that your confused and you have no one to talk to this about, but this is a fantasy your spinning. You know the difference between a demon and a vampire?"

Jessica: "Yeah. A demon doesn't need an invitation to attack."

Dean: "Neither does a vampire. They both feed off blood. Remember that."

Jessica: "I'm aware of the equal lust for blood they have."

Suddenly, her instincts start to prickle and she grabs for her gun under her bed. She gets quiet on the phone and Dean can hear her cluttering around looking for something.

Dean: "Jess, are you OK?"

Jessica: "Shhh, yeah. Hang on a sec."

She gets really still as she is trying to figure out the weird shadow play she keeps seing on her window. Suddenly, a familiar figure pops up.

Jessica: "Oh my God, it's Damon. I'm gonna go kick me a vampire's ass right now."

Dean: "All right. Don't let me get in the way of you vampire ass kicking. Are we good?"

Jessica: "Yeah. We're good. I think I understand a little bit more now. We'll talk again later."

Dean: "All right, bye."

Jessica: "Bye."

They hang up and Jessica smacks Damon with the butt of her gun.

Damon: "Owe, what the hell was that for? I do still feel pain."

Jessica: "Good. I hope you feel that pain for a long time. It'll teach you not to sneak up on a hunter. I almost shot your ass."

Damon: "I can't die by bullets. I just heal back up like it never happened."

He lays down on her bed like he belongs there.

Jessica: "Ok, hello? What the hell are you doing here? Why are you in my room and on my bed?"

Damon: "Well, I couldn't help but over hear your little dilemma you were discusing with your brother, Dean."

Jessica: "Yeah. That conversation was between me and Dean. Not me, you and Dean and again, why are you in my room? Elizabeth is not here. You could use a telephone to call me."

Damon: "Where's the fun in that? You can't let those quick hunter skills of yours get rusty. Think of me as a living undead test of relfexes."