Hello there! Now, before you all kill me for making you think that this is an update, let me explain! First of all, because I have like five stories out, this is posted on all of them. Okay, so about a week ago, on Saturday night around 12:00, I was chillin on my laptop like I do every night (because obviously I don't have a life outside of the internet) and I ejected my flashdrive to charge my iPod and phone. Well, later that night, I plugged my flashdrive back in. Nothing happened. I tried it again, nothing happened. And still today, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. Guess what was on my flashdrive? All of my stories and art and pictures and any other random crap I had saved on there. It's gone. Goodbye. Because of course, being the lazy-ass idjit that I am, I never saved backup files. So, while I was already behind in updating my stories to begin with (Oh god my Kingdom Hearts readers I am SO SORRY), it's going to take me a few weeks (maybe months) to get things back in gear. I'm not quitting any of my stories (at least I hope I wont), I just wanted you all to know why exactly I haven't, and probably won't be, updating for a while. Thank you for your patience and for putting up with me ;-; I'll do my best to get over myself and rewrite all those chapters I was about halfway through at the time. In the mean time, happy reading 3