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What's going on?

My body felt more like heavy stone than flesh. Even as I slowly curled my fingers and flexed my hands, the muscles felt numb, prickly, and unresponsive. Had they ever been used before now? My senses were non-existent. Eyelids fluttered and opened, my vision was blurred and out of focus, the air held no scent that I could recognise and my ears heard nothing but infinite silence.

Slowly, I began to regain control of my body, accompanied with my sense of touch and attempted to sit up.

The ground beneath me was loose and shifting, I blinked my eyes a few times dispelling the haze. The ground was red, crimson and it was not soil but sand. I grabbed a pile of the sand and rubbed it, feeling its smooth yet grainy texture, watching it slip through my fingers like a waterfall.

Where am I?

I glanced around and saw the dunes of scarlet red that surrounded me. I strained to see beyond the horizon, but there was nothing but sand in every direction.

I looked at myself and clutched my shirt and pants. Their material suddenly felt foreign to me. The shirt was a pale brown as well as my pants. It was torn in places and smelt slightly like wood smoke.

A gust of wind blew through the area kicking up some sand. I snuck a glance at the sky and saw the glowing moon. It looked so massive; I raised my hand and tried to grasp it, as if it were within my reach.

I involuntarily shivered as the wind continued to blow. It was cold.

Where do I go?

I stood up slowly and wrap my arms around myself in a feeble attempt to stay warm. The wind howls in my ears, as if it were mocking me. I start to walk, my feet sinking into the sand. I follow the wind towards an unknown destination.

Who am I?

I couldn't remember anything. My mind is filled with hollow memories, vague images and indistinct voices. Shouting and screaming of pain, the metallic clash of blades. The memories reside in the farthest regions of my mind, so deep and submerged in the empty void that reaching out to them is nothing more than a far-fetched dream...


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