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Chapter 7

Illusive Alliances on the Praying Blade of Storms

I felt like a weight had been lifted from my burdened shoulders. Openly revealing my secret was liberating, it didn't matter to me if everyone in the village would find out. The children shouldn't be left in the dark with matters concerning myself. The boys felt more at ease than before, and probably felt safer.

As we made our way to the Uchiha clan compound the same group of ninja followed us, although a few that were spying on us at the shop were gone, the majority of them remained. The entrance to the clan compound was in view and it appeared that a variety of individuals were apparently waiting for us. The clan head, Itachi was standing at the side of the gate with what appeared to be an entourage of clan members. The boys immediately moved slightly behind me and held each other's hand for support.

"Alto-san, the house you requested has been prepared and is ready for you to move in," Itachi began, his calm voice couldn't mask the palpable tension in the air.

"I took the liberty of furnishing the house; I hope you will find it to your liking."

"I'm sure I will, Uchiha-sama," I replied, after giving a bow of respect. It would be quite counterproductive to anger any of them more than they already are.

"Come," he beckoned. "Walk with me. There is much to discuss."

Pushing the pram onwards, I soon fell into step with him as he proceeded to lead us to our new home.

"I'm sure you noticed the group of ninja that have been watching you for a while now?" he stated.

"To be honest, it was not that difficult," I responded.

Those of his entourage bristled at my reply.

"Really now? I was under the impression that they were to remain unnoticed."

"I'm sure they were hidden from most of the populace, but it is difficult to mask one's energy."

"Energy? Do you mean Chakra?"

'I suppose a little lesson in energy is needed. Ken'ichi most likely knows and I'm sure Keitaro is capable of understanding the concept.'

"Ken-chan, Kei-chan, listen carefully. This is a lesson that you must understand before I can teach you the higher level techniques," I said.

Itachi looked very much interested, as did the rest of his group.

"There are many forms of energy that exist around us. Too many to specifically list. Some can be manipulated only by a certain type of people, while others can be used by anyone," I began.

I recalled my initial training in the basics of Qi with the rest of the disciples when I first began. Unlike others, I didn't find it embarrassing that I had to be taught with the rest of the beginners. All of which were merely children around the age of five.

"Chakra is mostly considered to be the energy of life. That fact is not incorrect, but it is not the only energy that is intrinsically connected to life in all its forms."

At the moment, everyone began to look quite confused. It was rather amusing to watch.

'I wonder if this is why the Grandmasters laugh all time when they teach?'

"What is Chakra essentially?" I asked rhetorically. "It is merely the combination of Qi which is physical energy and Reishi ( Spiritual energy ) which is spiritual energy. It is the natural bonding of these two energies that create Chakra. There are other energies that one has within them, but it would be difficult for me to actually be able to teach one how to use them."

"Why is that?" An old woman asked. She may have looked quite aged, but she held herself with a manner of dignity that bordered on pompousness.

"The way I manipulate energy is vastly different from most people."

"How so?" Itachi asked. "I had assumed from your explanation that all these energies exist within us and can be manipulated," he reasoned.

"That is true for a large variety of energies, but some cannot exist within oneself. Some only exist in the environment around us. I am…different from most people. The reason for this is because my body does not hold any form or type of energy that is not directly related to life itself."

"What, but that's impossible! You wouldn't be alive, let alone exist," shouted one of the ninja that were apparently tasked with guarding Itachi.

"Ah, yes… That would be correct, and yet here I am," I blatantly stated.

"Is that the reason you're immortal?" Itachi inquired.

"At first I thought the same as you, but it is not so. My immortality is one of my bloodlines."

That admission shocked them to core of their being.

"So you're saying that it can be passed down? As any other bloodline and that you have more than one?"

"Hey Tenzou-sempai! Are you getting this?" I asked to my squad-mate.

The radio crackled before his reply came.

I heard it and quite frankly, I'm not surprised.

"I know right? But damn! Now everyone going to try and get him into their clan."

The radio crackled before other voices entered the conversation.

Let's be honest people, any clan would jump at such an opportunity.

But you heard him; he said that immortality is a curse. He gave some pretty good reasons for not wanting to be immortal.

Yea, so what? Three thousand years! Imagine, in all that time you could learn almost all the jutsu ( technique ) in the world.

Idiot! That's the reason Orochimaru went rogue in the first place. He wanted to learn all the jutsu in the world, but he wouldn't live long enough to do so. Therefore he tried to find ways to become immortal.

How do you know so much about Orochimaru?

I was there when Hokage-sama raided one of his labs.

"Alright guys cut the chatter. It looks like he's got an answer," I commanded.

"I do indeed have more than one bloodline, but it is hard to explain," I stated.

"What are these bloodlines? Or are they secrets?"

The elders in the group were even more intrigued than before, while those who were tasked with Itachi's safety looked strangely apprehensive.

"It is said in ancient folklore that demons live forever…"

They all visibly tensed. The moment I said the word 'demon'.

'What happened? They act as if they've encountered demons before.'

~Then it's true isn't it?~

The radio crackled, a cacophony of startled voices poured in through the headset. Alto had insinuated that he was a demon, many were still bitter over the Kyuubi attack three years ago.

I don't care how human he looks! He just admitted that he's a demon, and we're just going to sit here and do nothing? We should take him into custody immediately!

I'm the senior officer here! We will inform the Hokage before any action is to be taken. Do I make myself clear?

"Hai, Taicho."( Yes, Captain )

"Judging by your reactions I assume that the rumours are true, about the Bijuu and the Jinchurikki?" I inquired.

Immediately I was surrounded by a variety of masked individuals, each with a short tanto aimed at my throat.

Focusing my Mana, I created a magnetic focus point above my head. Their blades slipped from their grasp and clashed against each other in mid-air.

"Soru." ( Shave )

The world blurred, refocused, then blurred again as I struck each assailant. The strikes were not lethal, but would no doubt leave a bruise. Returning to my original position and securing the pram, each of them were on the ground holding the area where I had struck them.

I couldn't believe what I just saw. Alto had revealed that he knew about the Jinchurikki we had in our possession. Then the ANBU had appeared and surrounded him. Their blades seemed to be pulled out of their grasp, but that wasn't what interested me.

No, what interested me…was that speed.

'That speed, it…it was almost like how Shisui moves.'

I fought alongside Shisui on many missions, sparred with him, watch him train. Shisui had mastered Shushin ( Body Flicker ) to a degree that was only rivalled by the Yodaime Hokage ( Fourth Fire Shadow ). It was the reason that earned him his nickname – Shushin no Shusui ( Shusui of the Body Flicker )

Shushin was a technique that enabled one to move at extremely high speed via placing a seal on almost any surface. The seal acts as a signal, which one can sense. The user must then circulate a large amount Chakra throughout their body, specifically their muscles. Doing so enables the user to move at high speeds, speeds at which the senses of sight and smell fail in determining where the user is moving. The seal is keyed to the user's Chakra constantly releasing a signal for the user to move towards, negating the need to rely upon any of the five senses.

Shisui was capable of using Shushin whilst already performing Shushin, a Shushin within a Shushin. Against a single opponent, it was like watching multiple copies of Shisui decimating his enemy to those whose eyes are untrained to high speed movement.

The technique that Alto demonstrated 'Soru' was something akin to what Shusui would look like in combat, but whilst one would see multiple images and glimpses when Shisui moves, this technique had no such thing. I kept hearing a distorted sound every time he seemed to move.

'I didn't see after-images, you were in one spot and then immediately you were in another. I saw slight blurs of movement and yet, I still couldn't keep track of you. Shisui moves faster and I can easily keep up with him, even when he's trying to move as fast as he can. So how? How can I not keep up with you? You, who moves slower than he does…'

"Everyone remain calm!" I shouted. Looking at the ANBU I commanded that they stand down.

Their swords were still miraculously floating in the air above Alto.

"Alto-san, if you would be so kind as to return their swords. I give you my word that they will not attack."

Alto hesitated, but nonetheless relinquished his hold over the weapons. The ANBU sheathed their swords and stood in attention, waiting for my next order.

"ANBU!" I shouted. "Return to the Hokage and report. Dismissed."

'This was supposed to be a calm and relaxing day. Simply introducing a new resident in our clan compound. I was supposed to return home and waste the rest of my day, indulging in countless boxes of Pocky… Damn it all…'

My legs burned. I hadn't practised Rokushiki ( Six Styles ) for over a hundred years, let alone use it for actual combat.

'I was foolish not to be completely prepared for combat. If I didn't have the element of surprise when it comes to movement techniques, then I would most certainly be dead.'

Itachi directed the ANBU to the Hokage and apologised profusely for what had occurred.

"There's no need to apologise Uchiha-sama. Neither I or the children were harmed."

The boys were shocked beyond belief.

"S-sensei! You moved so fast, even faster than you did when you fought the temple invaders," Keitaro exclaimed.

"I thought that you were in my chambers… You weren't supposed to see such things, not at your tender age."

"Sorry Sensei, but we both looked through the keyhole and saw you fighting them," Ken'ichi said apologetically.

"It's alright. The reason I was able to move so fast was because I was using a technique from Rokushiki. A style of combat designed for anyone to learn and become immensely strong. It was some of the techniques I was allowed to learn from the Forbidden Scroll."

"You got to read the scroll?" Ken'ichi asked.

Placing a hand on one end of the scroll I nodded in affirmative.

"The grandmasters allowed me to learn only theories of high speed movement. There were quite a few different techniques, Soru is only one of them," I explained.

We continued our way towards our new home in silence. Itachi's entourage were too preoccupied with all the events that occurred today. When we reached our destination Itachi gave us a small tour of the house.

The house, unlike the others that surrounded it was a typical Edo-style home with shogi doors and tatami mats. The houses nearby were mostly what were considered to be 'modern' in this age. There were a variety of appliances that Itachi explained to me and gave a short lesson on how to use them. Washing machine, dishwasher, television, radio, and so many more.

The forge appeared quite old. Everything that was needed were all neatly organised, it would not be difficult to start up work soon.

"Is everything to your liking?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you for all you've done. I hope to start work on the forge as soon as possible; I don't wish to be a burden on you or the village," I replied with a deep bow.

With a short bow Itachi and his clansmen left.

I had told the boys to explore the house and choose which room they wished to stay in. I carried the girls, to one of the rooms that was made into a nursery. The room had all the supplies I would need to raise them, which took a lot of stress off my shoulders. I had no idea a parent would require so many things to help raise children.

I placed both the girls in their crib before leaving the room.

'I still find it amazing how the girls are hardly any trouble to take care of. Most of the stories parents tell sound terrifying and yet I haven't experienced any major troubles so far.'

~That's because they're Qi is in tune with the environment. If a storm or any sort of natural disaster were to occur then the girls will surely be wailing and crying non-stop as most parents describe.~

'Perhaps… The theory correlates to what little I have read from their mother's journal.'

The boys were waiting in the living room watching television. They were absolutely amazed by the images and scenes displayed on the screen.

"Have you both chosen your room?" I asked.


"You can have today off to relax, but tomorrow I expect you both to train twice as hard to make up for today."

Leaving them to enjoy their new-found fascination with all the technology in the house, I found a decent sized room which was empty except for a few futons and blankets that were neatly placed in one corner.

I placed the Forbidden Scroll on the floor and unsealed it. Rolling it open revealed a multitude of seals one after another. Grandmaster Kazue had once informed me that the scroll is sentient in a strange way. If it deems one worthy then it shall allow them to view either all of its secrets or just a few in particular. The scroll didn't reject me in any way and the seals didn't attempt to block my access to its contents. It was therefore assumed that I could read and understand whatever was hidden within.

Placing my hand on the first seal, I focused my Qi to release its contents. The 1080 Juzu and the Shin-Ken( God-Sword ) materialised before me. The Juzu were the most sacred object to the temple, it was an artefact that allows one to commune and even summon the gods. To use it requires that you are in good favour with the god you intend on summoning I had once used it to summon Susanoo ( The god of seas and storms ). I never even got a chance to at least use a sliver of his great power before he nearly drained me of all my energy. I was very close to death that day, the disciples had informed me that I was barely alive with burns and lacerations to every inch of my body.

Adjusting the Juzu to an appropriate length I then placed it around my neck. Even without the ability to summon the beads were still powerful, capable of amplifying the wearer's abilities. The result of using the Juzu that one time made my bloodline to evolve to a higher level. If a clan such as the Uchiha, or the Hyūga whom are supposedly their rivals were to use the beads, then their power would increase two-fold.

'That is under the assumption the beads will actually respond to them.'

Strapping the Shin-Ken to my waist and drawing its blade, I could only marvel at its perfect balance and incredible sharpness. The blade was another artefact that the temple protected. A sentient blade that has guided me along 'The Way' for centuries. I was - at first – terrified, I never really believed in god. How could one believe in such at a time of conflict, where the Shinigami stalks those who seek to be 'Invincible Under The Sun'. When Kami ( god/spirit ) herself spoke to me through the sword, I believed that I would be struck down by lightning on the spot. Kami is most certainly a goddess, no mortal could create such objects of power. She did not punish me for my sins or reprimand me for my lack of faith; instead she gave me forgiveness and offered a way to achieve the redemption that I sought after since the Old World ended.

'Now, more than ever… I need guidance. The future does not look so bright and the foes I shall face are far more formidable than I ever imagined.'

.:Do not let your heart falter Kenshi ( swordsman ). You have made it far along 'The Way'. The path ahead is paved with obstacles and you will face many trials. Alone you will fall, but alone you are not. The blade shall guide you along the divine path, all that is needed is to have faith in oneself:.

'As always Kami-sama, your wisdom-filled words gives me the strength to rise and continue along this path.'

Closing the scroll for now, I left the room with sword in tow and proceeded to the relatively spacious backyard. Not enough space to train in but large enough to improve it into something more. No trees or shrubs just plain grass. Perfect for me to improve into a nice garden.

I moved to the centre of the yard and drew the sword from its sheathe before stabbing it into the ground. It looked just like any other katana one would find. It had no elaborate additions of any kind. Sitting before it, I took a meditative position and began to slowly drown the distractions of the world.

The next few days went by peacefully. The girls were enjoying their new room and the boys were progressing well with my teachings. Itachi and I were currently having tea while discussing various topics. We had made a strange sort of friendship, despite the growing animosity between his clan members and myself.

"One of your clan members, Shisui was most hostile towards myself and has repeatedly challenged me to a death match. I outright refused and told him that I had a responsibility to take care of my children. My death would leave them without a guardian," I informed Itachi.

He gave a heavy sigh and took a small sip of tea.

"Shisui knew and worked with everyone who was involved in the temple attack. I not surprised that this occurred, though hopefully in time things will calm down."

"Indeed I hope so. At the moment, I require a small favour."

Meeting my gaze he replied. "How can I be of assistance?"

"I require someone to watch over the children, just for today," I answered.

"I believe I can find someone capable of keeping them safe. If I may ask, why do you need a babysitter?" he inquired.

"I have found myself lacking the resolve needed to continue on the path I tread. I am not sure why, perhaps it is the weariness of the years I have lived. It would not be the first time I have had these uncertainties. Thus I must find my resolve."

I placed my cup of tea down on the tray before me.

"I must reawaken my forgotten tenacity for life..."

"What does that mean?" he asked.

"The reason one strives to move forward in life is because they know that their time is limited. They know that their life could end quickly and unexpectedly and thus driven to excel at whatever they apply themselves to. The awareness of their mortality is what drives them," I elaborated.

"I see... Another curse of your immortality I presume? It seems foolish to try and become such."

"Can you imagine flying in a thunderstorm?" I whispered. "It's not a farfetched idea... The streaks of lightning, while only existing for less than moment are inevitable etched in your mind. The way it roars and paints the sky in lucid shades. When you're inside the clouds, your fate is in the hands of god. That knowledge of knowing that any moment could truly be your last..."

"I have heard many shinobi attempt to achieve flight, but never truly passing the threshold. Even Suna ( Sand ) shinobi who specialise in wind based techniques never achieved it," Itachi stated.

"The weather outside is clear, not a single cloud," he continued "How will you attempt what you described?"

"If I perform such a feat and survive then it shall serve as a deterrent to those who may have ulterior motives for my children. A show of power from me will demonstrate the lengths I am willing to go to protect them."

I gave a nod of understanding. His reasons were sound and were necessary to keep people who would bring harm to him or his charges, people like Shisui.

Danzo, despite his appearance as a hawk would no doubt attempt to be on Alto's good side and perhaps even be his sponsor. Assuming that Alto accepts such a lucrative offer, he would possibly be able to create a clan of his own and gain a seat on the council. I wouldn't be against such a move; if possible it could bridge the hatred between my clan and his.

Being acknowledged as a clan would give the safety he desires, whilst also increasing the power of the village both economically and militarily.

'Besides… I am eager to see what power he wields. It would certainly be a grand sight.'

Itachi had chosen a woman from his clan to watch over the children. If he trusts her then I could do the same.

"Truthfully I am eager to see what you're capable of. Shinobi are in a way warriors themselves and are eager to gage their strength against others." Itachi said.

I laughed and continued to walk towards the edge of the wooden platform of the pond they had in their compound for the purpose of training their young in the ways of fire. His challenge had stirred my competitive spirit in a way that Takezō used to. Apparently his clansmen had found out that I was going to give a demonstration, and gathered around the pond. The shinobi in the group appeared the most eager.

Stepping onto the water with light guided steps that left soft ripples in my wake, I began perform a sword dance as I summoned the Shin-ken in a shower of golden sparks. The ripples became waves as I gathered the surrounding Qi around me. The water appeared almost crystalline as they bonded with the energy, drops began to rise and suspend themselves in the air.

My blade swung with graceful precision that forced even more water to rise. As the dance progressed I began to chant.

However innumerable all being are, I vow to save them all.

However inexhaustible my delusions are, I vow to extinguish them all.

However immeasurable the teachings of the sword are, I vow to master them all.

However endless 'The Way of the Sword' is, I vow to follow it completely.

The water surged outwards, rising and falling with my steady breath. Then slowly the water began to swirl with me as the epicentre. The second chant began as the swirls raged.

To study 'The Way' is to study the self.

To study the self is to forget the self.

To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things of the universe.

To be enlightened by all things is to transcend the distinction of the self and other and to go on in ceaseless enlightenment forever.

The dance came to an end as I sheathed the sword and sealed it within myself. The water exploded upwards as I ascended into the sky.

When Alto stepped onto the water I could feel something happen around the pond. The air suddenly felt different, it was hard to describe the feeling. The air felt heaver? Like it was humid, and the air itself was vibrating. The waters seemed to look so much clearer, more pure than it ever had. Droplets floated around Alto and sparkled in the sun's rays. The chants that he had said sounded like something a monk would say.

'Were they part of the technique? Or simply to help focus?'

The water exploded upwards and slowly floated down. Alto had flown quite fast into the air, only becoming a flying speck from those of us on the ground. He circled around the perimeter of Konoha multiple times and before I could marvel at the fact that he was flying, a single drop of rain fell on my face.

"What the hell?" exclaimed one of the bystanders.

White clouds began to form and expand, covering Konoha and the outlying area. Alto was still circling around but much faster than before, causing the clouds to swirl and condense.

I lost sight of him when the clouds darkened and the rain began fall. The drops of water got bigger and heavier. The bystanders began to panic and ran for shelter.

"Itachi-sama, you must seek shelter from the storm," cried my assigned bodyguard.

"No," I replied. "The rain may fall with great strength but the storm has yet to come. The winds have begun to howl and the roars of thunder have yet to be heard. This is merely the prelude to the song of Raijin and Fūjin as they wage war across the heavens."

The sensation of flight was always exhilarating, no matter how many times one flies. The rush of the wind whipping past, the unsurpassed view of the world below. Nothing really compares to the ability to fly.

'If you would be so kind… I would very much appreciate some assistance in this demonstration.'

~Ah! Finally admitting that you need me hmm? I would be most happy to oblige. Doing this will get rid of the weaklings and lead me to stronger opponents.~

'The entire purpose of this is to ward off potential threats. Not to issue them a challenge.'

~Ah! But it depends on how they view this, does it not? Nevertheless, our thoughts have strayed from our objective. Shall we begin?~


Mana is a very ancient energy. I know this from how saturated the world is with it. It's all around us in such abundance, enough to perform feats of such grand design that the gods themselves would be impressed. It exists in everything. Our bodies, the air we breathe, to the ground beneath our feet.

'I must have been accustomed to using this energy in my past life perhaps? Whenever I have used it I have this feeling of nostalgia. Like an old lost friend that finally returns home.'

If there is one property of Mana that sets it apart from other types of energy, it is that Mana can be used to do anything. The only limit is one's imagination. Qi has limits, Reishi has limits, but Mana has none.

Creating a storm on a large scale as this would require quite a bit of Mana and precise concentration. The storm should be created as one that self sustains itself when I finally release my control over it.

First I formed clouds of white until it spread to cover the whole of Konoha and the outlying regions. Then the winds began to pick up as the clouds began to darken. I stopped circling the village and floated in the centre of the soon-to-be storm. Spreading my arms out, I focused on the Mana around me. My focus started out with the Mana around me, and then slowly expanded. Reaching further and further to the edge of the village and beyond.

I poured my will into the Mana, commanding it to saturate the clouds with its essence. It was then that real storm had begun. It was at that moment when I relinquished my control, leaving my fate to the gods.

The clouds poured rain in such amounts that one would think the world would flood. The rage of lightning had begun with the songs of thunder echoing till the edges of the horizon. I swam through the clouds, twisting and weaving. The rain pelted me like arrows, each leaving a slight sting in its wake. Whenever lightning appeared my heart would skip a beat in fright, only to beat harder than before. The cracks of thunder threatened to shatter my ears; each time it sounded I would feel so disoriented.

'Being alive…never felt more real than this moment.'

The storm had raged for four days, today was the fifth. The council had convened, mostly due to the civilians members. They were feeling quite terrified about having a stranger in our midst, one capable of creating events such this storm or worse. The ninja members, while appearing calm and collected were just as frightened by this show of power.

"This council meeting has been called by various members. I am to believe that the reason for this meeting is due to Miyamoto-san's creation of this storm. Correct?"

The Hokage was as always informed of everything.

A civilian member stood up and began to speak.

"Hokage-sama, Miyamoto-san is threatening us with this storm he created. He mustn't be allowed to roam freely. Such a threat must be neutralised."

Many of the civilian members nodded in agreement. 'It makes me wonder how they can so easily think they have a say in matters of military nature.'

Hyūga Hiashi, the clan head of the esteemed Hyūga clan then rose from his seat and also spoke.

"Hokage-sama, I have only two concerns regarding Miyamoto-san."

The Hokage motioned with his arm for him to continue.

"Thank you. My first concern is that it is come to my attention that Miyamoto-san has knowledge of the Hyūga Taijutsu style. The Jyuuken ( The Gentle Fist ). A few of my clan members have seen him instruct his two children in a style that appears very similar, if not the same."

The council members whispered amongst themselves. They would most certainly see this as proof that Alto-san is a spy.

"My second concern," Hiashi continued. "Is the display of power that Miyamoto-san has been demonstrating for these past few days."

The Hokage sat in his chair, arms folded. His eyes were closed and wore a pensive look.

"This demonstration of power is clearly a tactic to ward off those who would have ulterior motives for his charges."

'Councilman Danzō?'

"Let's face the truth. The moment he informed us that one of the boys is a descendant of the great Rikudo Sennin, we all had ulterior motives. You cannot deny that many would leap at the chance to seduce the boy into their clan when he approaches the appropriate age."

Danzō calmly sat in his chair as the entire council burst into shouts of outrage and accusations.

"What's wrong with desiring the boy's bloodline? Each of the major ninja clans has a bloodline, but what about clans that lack one. Is it really so wrong for us to try and increase our standing from both civilian and military aspects?" declared one of the lesser ninja clans.

"Tokugawa-san," the Hokage spoke. "We are not criticising nor questioning yours or anyone else's desire to introduce the boy into their clan. It is perfectly normal and natural to make your clan gain a higher standing, within good measure."

'Father had clearly desired more than what was necessary... and he paid for it with his life.'

Tokugawa-san sat down, but returned the focus of our meeting back to Alto-san.

"We have digressed from our original talk. We must decide on what course of action we will take regarding Miyamoto-san."

Once again, Danzō took this chance to speak.

"It is obvious that Miyamoto-san has great power and knowledge. Despite our past transgressions against him by the former Uchiha Clan Head, he has not been openly hostile and has been very cooperative with us."

"Openly hostile?" a civilian council member questioned. "Did he not attack a squad of our ANBU during his stay?"

I stood up immediately and spoke in Alto's defence. "The ANBU are to blame for jumping to conclusions and attacking him without provocation. Alto-san had merely defended himself with a unique style of combat."

A Clan Head of one of the lesser ninja clans, the Ashikaga began to speak.

"You seem to be on quite friendly terms with Miyamoto-san. How are we to establish any sort of relationship with him if you keep him locked up in your clan compound?"

His underlying accusation irked me, but nonetheless refused to take the bait. My composure didn't waver in the slightest.

"When Alto-san had requested a place to live and raise his family, I was obligated to fulfil such a request. He desired a home which had access to a forge, a home which I believe none of you had available and vacant. If you wish to see him then you are free to enter the compound to do so," I countered.

"A forge? Why did he require a forge?" asked the Hokage.

"Uchiha-sama," Danzō interrupted. "Since you have spent enough time with Miyamoto-san to refer to him on such a familiar terms, perhaps it would be best to inform us about him?"

'I know the game you're playing Danzō, but what angle will you come from?'

"Of course, all I ask is that I am not interrupted." I replied.

Taking a deep breath I began to reveal all I knew about Alto. I could only hope Danzō would play this game without the façade of being the Konoha Hawk.

"Alto-san is an immortal whose age is older than the continent and world we live in. He spoke of a place known as the 'Old World'. The Old World was a place that was very different to ours in terms of military might. Chakra was never discovered as a source of power to amplify one's combat abilities."

The council was filled with surprised faces and hushed murmurings.

"Alto-san had been raised in a village known as Miyamoto. There was a war at the time in the Old World, where a variety of clans all fought to rule the nation. The name of the nation that Alto-san lived in is Japan. Alto-san told me the names of the clans that had fought in the war. I believe that all of you will most certainly find this information enlightening."

I withdrew from my vest a small scroll.

"I had asked Alto-san to write down all the clan names. I shall now read them."

Chosokabe – Shimazu – Date – Mori – Oda – Takeda – Tokugawa – Uesugi – Hattori – Ikko Ikki – Amako – Anegakoji – Asai – Ashikaga – Ashina – Bessho – Hatakeyama – Honma – Hosokawa - Imagawa – Ito – Jinbo – Kikkawa – Kiso – Kitabatake – Kono – Kuroda – Matsuda – Miyoshi – Mogami – Murakami – Otomo – Ouchi – Sagara – Saito – Sakai – He – Satomi – Shone – Sogo – Takaoka – Toyotomi – Tsutsui – Ukita – Urakami – Utsonomiya – Wako – Yamana

By now everyone in the council meeting was shocked; their jaws were scraping the floor.

"At some point in time the Old World violently ended, but Alto-san survived. He then spent a long period of time simply wandering from place to place after the Old World disappeared and the New World was born."

So far they were taking in all this information with shock, but were now certainly turned away from the idea that Alto should be exiled or executed.

"Then approximately two hundred and fifty years before the advent of the Rikudo Senin, Alto-san had become a temple guardian. What occurred after that is unknown until the attack by the former Uchiha Clan Head. After that incident the rest is already common knowledge."

After I had sat down the council had burst into whispers and wide speculations were being tossed about.

The Hokage stood up and the council chambers were immediately quiet.

"Uchiha-sama, those names you called out are clan names of those in this council and some are clan names from other Hidden Villages. Miyamoto-san hails from Earth Country. If he was a spy then I can understand how he would know the ninja clan names, but to know the clan names of civilians both here and from those in other countries is almost impossible. Not even my wayward student Jiraiya, whose spy network is vast, has never been able to locate all those clan names with ease. It took him nearly a decade to gather a few clan names of all the Hidden Villages. Miyamoto-san looks at best a young man of seventeen years. For him to know all those names is too farfetched an idea."

"Unless Miyamoto-san is truly an immortal," Danzō replied.

One of the Hokage's personal councillors, Homura stood up.

"Sarutobi, if what Uchiha-sama said is true then we must act swiftly. Miyamoto-san is a valuable asset even if he doesn't join our military force," he advised.

"If I may Hokage-sama, I request that Miyamoto-san be allowed to create his own clan and given a seat on both the military and civilian councils," Danzō suggested.

'So it appears that Danzō will be Alto's ally. No doubt he will be his sponsor, but to suggest he be placed on both side of the council? What sort of game are you playing?'

Both sides of the council were in chaos. Everyone was shouting at each other, some in support of Alto and other against.


The Hokage looked at Danzō, seeking to unravel his thought process.

"One man cannot be a clan, but… I am willing to allow such a motion to pass. That is under the condition that we decide by majority vote and that he has a sponsor."

"I myself will be his sponsor," Danzō replied.

'The votes will most likely go in Alto's favour. Now we just have to see if he accepts the offer.'

"All in favour of granting Miyamoto-san Clan power and privilege please raise your hands."

As I predicted the vote went in Alto's favour. Danzō had signalled me in ANBU sign language, the message was clear.

No ulterior motives. Konoha Rising will return.

Konoha Rising. A term referring to periods in history where many individuals rose and become legends in the shinobi world. Most of these legends all rose to become who they were and are during the darkest of times. The Shinobi World Wars. I myself am counted amongst such legends. Legends such as The White Fang, The Yellow Flash, The Black Thunder, the list goes on. To be acknowledged by Danzō is a great achievement on its own, but to be considered amongst the Konoha Rising is a title that will place you in the history books for centuries to come.

"Well then, it appears that-"

The council chamber doors burst open and a drench figure walked in. ANBU immediately burst into action and surrounded him.

"Are you still eager to gage yourself against me Itachi-san?"

I immediately ran towards him, pushing the ANBU away.

"Alto-san! You're alright, I had assumed the worst after the third day. What happened to you?" I asked.

He looked as if he was about to collapse so I placed his arm around me and led him to my seat. The council was silent as Alto regained his strength with deep breaths.

"Alto-san, you said that you would be gone for a day, four days have passed and today is the fifth."

"I believe I informed about the artefacts in my possession?" he asked.

"Yes," I replied with a nod.

"After the storm was created… I summoned Raijin and Fūjin."

I was shocked – no – beyond shocked. I was in a rare state of speechlessness.

"But…but you said the last time you summoned a god, you were nearly killed by the very same god you summoned."

He hissed in pain as he lay back, his body was covered in burns.

'Those look like second and possibly third degree burns. Just what the hell happened up there?'

"It appears I've caused quite a stir haven't I?" he spoke before laughing.

"That's a very big understatement," I replied, laughing along with him.

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