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Just out side of Platform 9 3/4, Kings Cross Station.

"Miss Hermione?" A young first year called out, causing Hermione Granger to turn around, from looking for her friend Harry.

"Yes? How can I help you?" Hermione replied.

"Someone on the train asked me to give this to you; he pointed you out to me. He said you'd need to read this when you got home," the young lady said, handing Hermione an envelope with her name written on it, in a dark reddish ink. Looking at the envelope, Hermione could tell that whoever had addressed the envelope was someone sloppy as there were a number of ink spots across the front.

"Do you remember what he looked like, the man who handed you this letter," Hermione asked.

"Not really, the corridor was very crowded, but he was tall and had a rough voice, kind of like daddy when mum died last year," the little girl replied.

As she looked around Hermione forgot that she had been looking for her oldest friend just moments before. Hearing her parents call her name, she stuffed the envelope in her purse and headed towards them, needing the support that came from a close and loving family after the loss of one of the wizarding worlds greatest heroes.

That night as she started getting ready for bed, Hermione remembered the letter that she had gotten at the station, and pulled the envelope from her purse, and opened it. Noticing that the entire letter was in the same reddish brown ink as the envelope, she began to read.

Just down the Hall, Dan and Emma Granger were also getting ready for bed when they heard a loud crash from their daughter's room. Running to check on her, they found Hermione collapsed on the floor of her room, clutching a letter, and crying. Gently Emma gathered her daughter to her, and handed Dan the letter while rocking Hermione. Dan glanced at the letter and read.

Dearest Hermione,

For the first 5 years that we've known each other you were nothing but the truest possible friend to one who had never before had a friend. You were the first person who ever showed kindness and cared for me. You were the first person who ever hugged me, and were the only person to see past the scar to just Harry. The only real fight that we had prior to this year was about the Firebolt that arrived for Christmas in our 3rd year, and looking back at that now, I can understand and be thankful that you worried about me enough to try to protect me. I wish I could have said then what I wanted to. Looking at our 4th year I wish I could have seen the beautiful woman that you had grown into sooner, though I suppose that I still would have been too afraid to ask you to the Ball. Yes I'll admit, Hermione that I was afraid to ask you, as by then I had realised that I loved you. You are the one person that had stood beside me and protected me both from others and from myself. I was afraid of loving you because everyone that I've loved or who has loved me has died, and I didn't want to have to face that with you as well. When you were hit by Dolohov's curse in the battle at the Ministry, I will admit that I was nearly destroyed by the thought of losing you. It was my love for you that helped me to drive out Voldemort when he possessed me in the Atrium after his battle with Dumbledore. I wanted so much to tell you how I felt and to beg you to be my girlfriend Hermione, but when I found out that ever damned prophecy I was again destroyed. And then our 6th year, this year we have finally completed. What happened 'Mione? I found the Prince's book, Snape's old potion book, and it was almost like you became a different person. I did offer to share the book with you, to let you read the modifications but you refused and worse, you turned against me. I could nearly forgive you for that, but every time this year that I needed you. Your wonderful mind, your support, you turned against me. I could almost forgive you this Hermione. I would have forgiven you everything, for you are the one person that I would gladly throw myself into harms way for. But today, on the ride away from the only place that I've ever considered home, when I needed you the most, you still weren't there. When my very heart and soul was being crushed by the burden of having to watch the man who had been like a grandfather to me die in front of my eyes, so shortly after seeing my godfather killed, you didn't help me. Knowing that if I had been free to act I might have saved him. When I needed your help and support, even if only as that of a friend, you abandon me, you leave me to be with Ron. Yes I know you had a prefect's meeting and yes I know you had to patrol the train. But to never stop in, to disappear for the entire 6 hour train ride. Never to even look in and see how I was coping. I'm unable to forgive that after everything else. And so while I loved you, I guess you felt nothing for me, not even friendship. Good bye Hermione and I hope that Ron was worth it. Where I'm going no one will find me, and perhaps, I'll find some peace. I truly did love you at one point. I would have faced even Voldemort wandless and alone for you, but this final betrayal I can not forgive. Goodbye and may you find happiness,

Harry James Potter.

The next morning, the wizarding world was shocked to its core by the headlines in the Daily Prophet, but none more than one young witch.

Boy-who-lived found dead

Late last night the body of Harry James Potter the famous boy-who-lived was found dead lying on a bench just inside the gates of Platform 9 3/4. Ministry officials declined to comment as to what exactly may have happened, but would comment both that his wrists had both been slashed, and a trail of blood had lead from the tracks of where the Hogwarts express would have been parked to debark the returning students. Found amongst Harry Potter's effects was a quill soaked in blood.