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Hermione gazed out at the familiar view bathed in early summer sunlight. As always it was beautiful with the valley stretching out in front of her and the lake shimmering in the sun. She suddenly remembered the Rainbow that Draco had showed her, it seemed a long time ago now. She was a different person then, they all were.

The world was different as well. After news spread of Voldemort's death most of his death eaters suddenly disappeared into the woodwork again. They wouldn't do it without him. Any of them who had been out in the open had been captured by The Order. A few had rebelled and attacked Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the Ministry Head Quarters but the rebellion had been short lived. They were out- numbered by The Order and wizards in general were more willing to stand up for themselves.

The day Draco and Hermione had left The Tower room had been completely crazy. They had met with Dumbledore who was his usual self, talking as if he had known it would all work out all along. Hermione knew differently though as she had seen his face the day he had told her about the task. After that they had dared the walk back through the school to the Grand Hall. As they entered, silence had fallen across the big room. Hermione had wanted to crawl out again on her hands and knees but Draco had grabbed her hand and dragged her in. Dumbledore had addressed the school and called Harry, Ron and Draco up to the front. For once, every house in the school actually seemed united.

The days following had been madness. Everywhere Hermione went she was stopped and asked questions about Voldemort, The Order and mostly Draco! Did she see him kill him? Did she cast a spell to make him do it? Were they really a couple? Were they getting married? A 3rd year had even asked if she'd seen him naked? For heaven's sake! Hermione gave a little smile to herself, well half naked actually!

Draco's little group of followers had swelled and he was constantly surrounded by girls. If anyone could handle this it was Draco but even he needed to be able to walk from lesson to lesson without being stopped a million times. Strangely, it hadn't bothered Hermione that Draco was receiving so much adoration from girls. Some of them might be prettier than she was, or more confident but the fact was none of them knew Draco like she did, none of them had seen him vulnerable or upset. They weren't the ones he wanted to spend his time with.

Luckily the initial frenzy had worn off. They still had plenty of staring eyes but neither of them were being bothered so much anymore. She turned to look around her and saw Lavender and Ron, their arms around each other as they always were since they had become an item again. The first time Ron had been with her Hermione had found her annoying and irritating. What was strange was that she now quite liked her! Lavender hadn't really changed just Hermione's attitude to her. All the lavish attention she paid to Ron which had seemed false before Hermione now knew to be genuine. She really did like him! And Hermione was more than willing to put up with anyone who liked Ron.

The sun was warm so she lay back on the grass, her hands behind her head. She heard giggling from above and shielded her eyes to look at the two figures high above her on brooms. Draco was circling Ginny rapidly diving in front and behind her. She was a very good flyer and dodged him well but Draco was just that bit better and eventually managed to wobble her broom. The pair of them had become firm friends since the task. Hermione had always got the impression that Ginny had a soft spot for Draco even from their first conversation about him. They were similar characters, confident and outgoing and good looking enough to turn heads. Their love of daredevil flying had cemented their friendship and it was a daily routine for them to head off together for an hour. Again Hermione was perfectly comfortable with this. Apart from the fact that Ginny was completely besotted with a certain famous, dark haired wizard she could see that what Draco and Ginny had was a proper bone fide friendship and Hermione actually liked this as it was good for Draco.

"Deserted again aren't we? Abandoned as usual." Harry joined her on the picnic blanket, taking up the same position as she had.

"I know, dumped for a piece of wood." Hermione joined in.

"Ooh! Don't know if I can let you call the broomsticks that!" Harry turned to her "Precision instruments, highly intricate."

"Oh! Forgot you were a stick lover too!" Hermione said with a grin.

"Stick!" Harry sounded mortally offended. "How dare you!" he was grinning back at her though.

"Anyway, why don't you go and show Draco who's the boss on a broomstick? You'd beat his dives." Hermione said.

"Nah. Not my sort of flying. I love it for Quidditch but not messing around." Harry sighed contentedly "Thanks for the vote of confidence on my flying skills though."

"What if he's after your girl? It is Draco Malfoy you know." Hermione said sarcastically.

"Nah. Not worried about that either. Who'd want him when they already have me?" Harry laughed "Anyway, I hear he's already had his heart stolen by another." He cast her a sideways glance and she returned it. It was funny how it was between her and Draco. They were quite obviously a couple and acted like one in every way but they had never actually declared this. Everyone had just presumed and they had just drifted into it.

She propped herself up on one elbow and looked at Harry.

"You do like him now, don't you?" she asked. For some reason she needed Harry's confirmation that the feud between him and Draco was well and truly over. On the surface and against all odds the three boys had become friends. Good friends in fact. The six of them were always together and on top of that Draco, Ron and Harry spent time at Quidditch and sometimes just hanging around together. At first Hermione along with half the school had found this very strange. It was just so opposite to how the first six years had been at Hogwarts. Gradually they had all grown used to it and now it sat quite comfortably with Hermione. And she had been right all along. Harry and Draco were alike, in lots of ways.

Harry sat up too. "You mean Draco?"


"Why are you asking me that? We get on really well." Harry shook his head "Still sounds strange to hear myself say that!"

"I know you're friends on a day to day basis. What I mean is do you actually really like him? Or is it because of me?" Hermione looked a bit shy as she asked this, not wanting to sound big headed.

"I won't lie to you Hermione. It was all because of you at first. I could never imagine that I would like him! But then I suddenly found I didn't hate him anymore. I actually enjoyed his company. The way we all worked together on the task made me see him in a totally different light, if you know what I mean." Harry paused "Don't know why I'm asking you that! You know exactly what I mean! Anyway to answer your question is, yes I do like him. Quite a lot actually" he put his hand to his forehead and fell backwards again "Oh my god! What the hell did I just admit to?"

Hermione laughed "I know! It's all very weird isn't it?"

As she said this Draco and Ginny landed a few feet away both looking flushed and out of breath.

"One day Draco Malfoy you'll have a shock and I'll beat you!" Ginny declared plonking herself down by Harry.

"Yeh right!" Draco did the same, squeezing on the blanket next to Hermione. "Never in a million years Weasley."

Hermione looked at Harry and raised her eyes to the sky making him laugh.

"Talking of which, Ron – we've got Quidditch Practise in 15 minutes, we'd better get a move on. Come on Ginny that's you too! Hope you haven't worn yourself out!"

Harry and Ginny stood up and Ron joined them with Lavender attached to his arm. They arranged to meet Hermione and Draco afterwards in the Tower Room. When they had gone Hermione looked at Draco who was stretched out on the blanket.

"Do you wish I played Quidditch? We could practise together and all that." She asked him.

"No. I like the peace when I'm at Quidditch, it' the only chance to get away for an hour or so." He sniggered and she poked him in the ribs.

"I mean it! Not that I want to play Quidditch of course! Don't think the team could cope with that! I mean would you like it if we had a common interest?"

Draco sat up and looked at her. "You're not having a confidence crisis are you? I mean I know Ginny and I spend a bit of time together but it's just a bit of fun, it's not because you can't fly."

"No! I didn't mean anything about Ginny. You've got no chance, she's in love with Harry." Hermione smirked at him.

"Thanks! Now I'm having a confidence crisis!" Draco lay back down and shut his eyes.

"Yeh right! It would make anyone lose confidence having scores of girls following you around all day telling you how wonderful you are and how you saved the universe!" Hermione said sarcastically. "How is the fan club anyway? I haven't heard you mention them much lately."

Draco gave her a dirty look "Very funny."

"Anyway, you all think you've got away with it but you haven't." Hermione said cryptically.

"Got away with what?"

"Treating me like a child, bullying me, tricking me, deceiving me..."

"OK, OK, I get it!" Draco raised his hand to stop her. "Funny really because only yesterday Harry and I said we couldn't believe you hadn't mentioned it!"

"Well I thought it was bad taste me whinging away when the three of you had stopped the war before it even started." Hermione said begrudgingly.

"So you thought you'd pick on me when I'm alone, even up the fight a little." Draco teased her.

"Actually, that's another point. Three of you! One of me! Ganging up and plotting behind my back!" Hermione pointed her finger at him.

"You're not mad really. If you were you wouldn't have let it go this long before bringing it up."

"We've all been a bit busy in case you haven't noticed. I thought I'd let the dust settle."

Draco sat up again. "OK. I admit it. We tricked you, ganged up on you, treated you badly, male chauvinistic pigs etc. etc. etc. I'm very sorry if we upset you and I'm sure I speak for Harry and Ron as well." His words sounded sincere but the tone wasn't apologetic at all.

"You're horrible. I can't think why I like you." Hermione folded her arms in front of her but was trying not to smile.

"I said sorry! OK then, if it makes you feel better, I'll take whatever punishment you want to throw at me. Anything you want to do I'll take it." He leant closer to her and Hermione looked at him suspiciously.

"What are you up to?" she asked

"Me? I'm up to nothing!" as he said this he slid his arm round her waist and rolled her over until she was lying on her back with him leaning over her, his face close to hers. "I'm ready for my punishment now." He said suggestively and she laughed. He leant in closer and kissed her gently on the lips. She would have liked to keep up the pretence of being mad at him but couldn't so she kissed him back. Suddenly he drew back and pulled them both to sitting position.

"Seriously, Hermione there is something we haven't told you about that night. But I think you should know."

Hermione looked at him with troubled eyes. "What?"

"The curse that almost hit Harry, the one that broke his broomstick..." Draco paused but Hermione didn't need him to complete the sentence, she already knew.

"The Killing Curse! Really?"

"Yes. So if that had been you trying to escape then who knows! So I'm not sorry we tricked you and I never will be." He squeezed her hands and Hermione knew he'd won the argument. He was right, she wouldn't have stood a chance on a broomstick, she'd be dead.

Draco's face changed again his lips curling into a small, mischievous smile, before he continued "Of course, the curse only missed Harry because he's the best flyer at Hogwarts."

Hermione grinned at this comment. "Yes, that's right!" she said.

"And I only caught him because I'm the second best flyer at Hogwarts." Draco flashed his grin at her.

"Oh, I don't know. Ginny is pretty good now. Maybe you might scrape third best, on a good day."

He made a grab for her and she did a quick manoeuvre away from him, giggling. She went to stand but as usual he was too quick and she cursed him again for being Quidditch Seeker. Before she knew it she was flat on her back again with him leaning over her.

"Do you think anyone has more fun than us?" Draco asked her, sincerely. "I can't believe I walked around with my nose in the air for six years thinking I had a better life than you, Harry and Ron. What a bloody idiot!"

Hermione raised her hand to his cheek and gently stroked it. "I'm very glad I showed you how wrong you were." She said

"Don't ever doubt us, Hermione." Draco said this quietly and when she went to protest and say she never did he placed his finger across her lips, in the familiar gesture they had used so many times. "You changed my life but you know that. At the risk of sounding like a very bad romantic novel, what you don't know is that you changed me. In here." He pointed at his chest. "I'm not the same person. I was cold, dead. I didn't care about anyone, I didn't know how to or why? So how can meeting one infuriating, bossy, demanding girl change me so much? It's like I'm brand new."

Hermione gave him a cheeky look "Bossy? Demanding?"

"Yes, everything I just said." Draco nodded "But you're also amazing, brilliant, funny and beautiful."

Hermione felt a flush of heat wash over her at his very lavish compliment.

"I mean it, Hermione. I'm not being all slushy! I don't even want to think about how my life would have been if you hadn't been given that task." Draco's eyes didn't leave her face.

"Thank you."Hermione gave him a gentle smile.

"I will never feel about anyone else the way I feel about you." Draco smiled back at her "There won't be anyone else, there just couldn't be." Suddenly he looked down as he felt emotion overwhelm him.

Hermione felt tingly all over not quite believing what he was saying to her. And in that moment she knew, without a doubt she knew. There would never be anyone else for her either, as Draco had just said, how could there ever be?

"I love you." She said it as she thought it with no hesitation and Draco's head shot up to look at her. She saw him take a breath.

"Hermione?" he used her name as a question and they both understood what he meant.

"I love you." She repeated it and he wrapped her in his arms.

And suddenly Hermione felt that The Prophecy had been wrong about Harry and Draco. Because in her mind there was no doubt that she was The Chosen One.


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