Apologies to the Purists:

- I set this story in 1930s Chicago as I wanted to write about the Depression and felt it was a strong and compelling setting for a story, providing some good motivational aspects. I know Flattop as a character was introduced to the strip in the 1940s. Call it creative licence.

- The characterisation and gangster relationships are based primarily on the 1990 movie depiction with some strip inspiration and some creative speculation. The movie itself has a bit of period crossover look between the 30s and 40s. Additionally, the tie-in comics for the movie "True Hearts & Tommy Guns" placed the events as taking place during Depression-era 30s although the movie didn't have a hint of the Depression in it.

- The passage of time is a little indefinite - I guess the movie takes place over a couple of months or so, this story takes place over a much longer period of time, but again - call it a creative licence. It's doesn't adhere strictly to a particular canon anyway. Call it all 'inspired by'.

Reference Material:

- Although this story does not adhere strictly to a particular canon, the following was used as insiration and guidance:

* Dick Tracy (movie novelisation)

* True Hearts & Tommy Guns (3-part comic series)

* Dick Tracy (the movie)

* Dick Tracy: Flattop (the original comic strip series)

- Most of the places named are actual places that existed in Chicago in the 30s and whilst there is some fabrication and application of imagination, the details concerning wages, conditions, etc are in keeping with reality.


- This is, essentially, a "romance" fic. Two characters - one canon, one original - meet and begin an affair.

- I tend not to write sappy or saccharine romance fic and when using canon characters ALWAYS adhere to what I believe is authentic characterisation to the source material. That's the pleasure of it for me - writing convincingly and true to character. It's challenging and interesting to imagine how a hardened, cold-blooded gangster might interact with a girl he wanted to 'get to know a little better'. But my perspective of 'in character' may differ to yours.

- Whilst there is reference to and inclusion of various criminal activities, the primary story is the evolution of the relationship.

- Yes, there will be some sex and suggestive content. Some violence too.

Original Character:

- The focus is on an original character and the story is told from her eyes.

- Because I believe in building believable characters, the three (short) chapters are very much focused on painting a picture of her with the classic Gould characters entering a little later and Flattop in Chapter 4. Hang in there! I do this so you get to know her and hopefully like her.

- I feel reasonably confident saying this character is not a Mary Sue of the obnoxious stripe - but your milege may vary. Give it a go and make up your own mind. If you don't like it - stop reading! It's all good! :)

If you're prepared to give this story a red hot go, then thank you! I appreciate it a lot. Interested in all feedback so please do leave a review if you feel so inclined. Constructive criticism very welcome.