All I remember about my creation is pain and combat. Funny thing is, that's all I can remember about my life after that. If I strain myself I can barely make out a strange man smirking as I felt that pain. I shrugged it off; my duty after all was to protect my baby girl from those arseholes who want to drain her so they can become even more freakish. My name is BD-B 31 or 'Ben' as the man called me.

'Angels, Mr B!' called out my Little Girl. She wanted to be let down; I was always hesitant of ever letting her off my back but that was her job after all. As she started draining the spliced corpse of its ADAM, my eyes made circles patrolling for splicers before moving back to make sure she was still there. Suddenly I heard footsteps and muffled voices coming towards us as the footsteps got closer the voices became clearer, "The little freak and her tin man are through here!"

Three splicers burst into sight, two were the thuggish ones that liked to get up close, the other was one of the one that preferred to keep their distance and was armed with a machine gun. I revved my drill and roared, the two thugs ran at my little girl I jumped in front of the first and sent him sprawling into the wall, cracking his skull in the process. I swung at the second who ducked under and went to grab my baby. "Help me Daddy!" she yelled out. I jumped and stomped the splicer's skull under my heavy diving boots. The third started firing at me and my little girl so I jumped on top of her to shield her from the bullets. 'Click' 'Click' came the noise of the empty magazine. I charged at the shooter and impaled it through my drill. I revved my drill to remove the splicer and turned around to find my little girl safe and sound. She smiled at me and I tried my best to smile back.

Our victory was short lived though as the crawling splicers jumped down from the roof and froze me with the touch of their hook. I roared out as they took my little girl. They yelled out triumphantly and went to make their escape before I broke out of my bonds and proceeded to massacre all but one of the crawlers. The last one dropped my girl and ran off. I was on my guard and my drill fuel was running low. That's when I heard it 'THUMP' 'THUMP'. My little girl screamed as ten new splicers burst onto the scene. Including the last of the crawlers there was also 3 whackers, 2 shooters, 2 other crawlers and 2 of a new kind that liked to throw bombs. But the thing that came last made my oxygen tank chill, another big daddy, but his porthole was green, the splicers were controlling him. I threw my little girl to safety and turned around to fight the bad people. The whackers came first but I just tossed them aside like rag dolls. The shooters started firing on me so I grabbed a nearby vending machine and threw it at them which slammed into them and crushed them against the wall. The big daddy lunged forward at me with his drill, I met it with my own and punched him in the helmet with my hand. He broke free from the drill lock and punched me in the arm, i shrugged off the attack and lunged with my drill, he didn't have enough time to bring his drill up so he bought up his hand which I destroyed with my drill as easily as sea slugs crush beneath my boots. I went to go for the finishing blow but found myself thrown against the wall by an explosion. One of the bombers threw another bomb but held it too short giving me enough time to pick it up and lob it back taking them out. I turned around and found the crawlers to be missing. I heard a scream and raced over to find two crawlers attempting to cut open my little girl's stomach. I stomped on one and disembowelled the other. 'Hahahaha' came the laugh from above. I roared again. The last crawler dropped down from the ceiling but, there was a strange green object in her hook, I realised what it was a second too late and she threw the hypnotise plasmid at me. I could feel my free will being forced away. "Kill the girl!" she ordered. I felt my legs move up towards my little girl. I fought against it but my struggle was futile. I saw the horror on my little girls face as I reached her and brought my drill up to strike. I shut my eyes as I came to finish her but I found my drill stoping and my will returning, I turned around to find they crawler impaled and the handless big daddy swaying over her. I ran over to him and made a noise which meant 'thank you' he went limp and his blowhole went dark. I surveyed the mass of bodies around me and reminded myself that as a Big Daddy this was my purpose in life. I went over to my little girl. She was lying on the floor, I reached out my hand to help her up, she smiled at me, I smiled back. In the distance, a non-spliced man wearing a white sweater watched and loaded bullet piercing rounds into his machine gun.