Quil and I were sitting on our front porch watching our grandchildren run around the yard. Our lives have been so blessed.

Charlie never got sick again after Jr. gave her his marrow. She met a guy named Brent while she was away at college. He was a nice man and easily won over our hearts. They married ten years ago and blessed us with beautiful twin girls. Quil's parents lived long enough to watch them turn five. They were killed in a car crash almost five years ago. It was hard on Quil and I felt like I lost my parents all over again.

Jr. on the other hand was still living the bachelor life. He met a nice girl a few months back named Mara. She is a little fire cracker and I had no doubt she would keep our handful of a son in line. I could never be thankful enough for him saving our little girl's life.

I couldn't imagine having a better life. Even when I was diagnosed with stage four bone cancer. My life with Quil and our children was everything I wanted it to be and more.