Her heart's split into fragments, y'see? There's one for friends, one for family, one for the little pets that she loves to keep. And there's one that's never been filled. That fragment is the one for romantic love.

But then she sees him, him with his light brown hair and bright blue eyes. She can't help but feel something in that discarded fragment of hers.

Rationally, she knows she shouldn't be thinking this way. He's a year older than her, practically her older brother, and it's something like incest. Most of the time, her rational mind wins out over her heart. Too bad it doesn't this time.

"Lucy, come out to play!" He yells to her from where he sits, covered in a mound of snow by his brother and Molly.

Her heart skips a beat again, that fragment of her heart. She has to tell it to calm down before she replies, "Coming!"

Once she comes out, Lorcan attacks her with an enormous pile of snow. As she sits there, covered in snow, laughing so hard she can't breathe, she feels happier than she has in a long time. He's laughing, too, and she pulls him down beside her. Her heart skips another beat, but it feels different now.

Maybe because her heart's not in fragments anymore. For some reason, it's all blending together.

A/N: And that was the first drabble I've ever written.