A/N: Ah! Yay! The sequel to DOAV, I'm excited! This is my first time writing a sequel, so bear with me here! The story starts just before Ever's Victory Tour. For this story, I am going to try to make most titles be interesting and uncommon or obscure words.


Renaissance- literally means rebirth, new beginning


The sun is shining as I step off the train. After a dreary night on the tribute train I am finally home. I wasn't expecting anybody to welcome me home, but boy was I wrong! Standing in front of me is a rather large crowd. I recognize a few of thefaces. Namely, Uncle Rexton, Ziva, Kenton Rainriver, Damien Gilead and surprisingly, Uncle Raphael. They all embrace me one at a time- save Uncle Ralphie of course. He just looks me in the eye and murmurs, "Congratulations."

Kenton is the last to give me a hug. "Ever!" He exclaims.

"Kenton!" I grin.

He hugs me a beat longer than he should, but I don't care. I'm just glad to be home.

"Kenton?" I ask.

"Yeah, Ever?"

"Where's Josh and Ivy?"

He bites his lip. "Their parents made them stay home today...uh, it's a bit cold outside for their, er, liking."

"Oh..." I say slowly.

"Elizabeth, get up!" Screams Tanith Rudo. I am pulled from my mental flashbacks.

I groan and throw the covers off me and scream, "Go away!" Even though I already threw the covers off of me and I am walking toward my closet. I can feel Tanith rolling her eyes on the other side of the door. I grin, knowing I am giving her grey hairs. I throw on a pair of shorts and a grey hoodie. Cinna will make sure I am wearing something more appropriate in a few hours anyway, so why bother?

"Finally!" Tanith huffs as I run past her barefooted and hop onto the banister to slide down.

I sniff the air when my feet meet the cold tile floor. "Is something cooking?" I walk into the kitchen and see Daddy standing by the stove. Sober. Smiling. Making pancakes. I rub my eyes with my fists to make sure I am not going insane. "Daddy?"

He grins, "You were up late, and I was hungry."

I laugh, "Let me take over."

"No, this is also an apology for what the prep team is about to do to you."

"You make it sound like they are going to violate me." I say, stealing some pancake batter.

He shakes his head, "Not only that, but the whole Victory Tour."

I smile halfheartedly, "It can't be that bad. Besides, District 11 is first! I get to hang out with Uncle Chaff, Miranda and Kieran for a day and a half."

Daddy smiles. "Speaking of Chaff, he wants to know what you want for your birthday?"

"My birthday?"

Daddy stares at me like I am on morphling. "Ever! Your thirteenth birthday is in fifteen days!"

"Whoa. You're keeping track?"

"Of course I am- don't tell me you forgot about your own birthday."

"No." I lie. In all honesty, I did. What with all of this victor business recently I haven't been able to breathe. "Can I go back to bed 'till Cinna gets here?"

"Sure, why not. I should probably start getting un-sober so I don't kill your prep team for you."

"Thanks!" I exclaim before yawning and running back upstairs. I didn't ask to go to sleep so I could actually sleep. I just needed to get away from everybody for a few minutes. Later today, I will leave for the Victory Tour and will have to relieve the Games. Ugh! I hate this, I hate this, I hate this!

"Elizabeth your prep team is here!"

I sigh and head downstairs. I have decided to go by my middle name, Elizabeth when dealing with Capitol people. I let out a small groan of irritation when I see Flavius, Venia and Octavia. The three go through their normal routine. I am relieved when they call Cinna in. "Cinna!" I exclaim, running to hug him.

He hugs me back and apologizes for setting the prep team on me this early. I giggle and tell him it's alright. He smiles and pulls something from a bag. "I think you'll love this."

I nod and hurry to put it on. The dress kind of resembles my chariot outfit. It is black underneath, but the part that everyone can see looks like a nice warm little fire when I move. "Whoa...how did you do that?" I ask.

He just grins.

"I take it you're not telling?"

"Not a chance, Ever."


"Hurry, hurry, hurry!" Tanith says, barging into the room.

I scream, "What if I were naked just now! Is that something you would have wanted to see?"

Tanith rolls her eyes, "But you weren't!"

"I could have been!"

"But you weren't!"

"I could have been naked! Then what would you have done?"

"I-I-I-I-" Tanith sputters.

"I for one would feel so violated. For all I know your a pedofrea-"

"Ever Elizabeth Abernathy, that is enough fighting with Tanith!" Daddy yells, suddenly showing up too.

"Yes Daddy."

He grins childishly. "That's my job." Tanith rolls her eyes and calls Daddy names I'm not allowed to repeat under her breath. The Capitol cameras flash non-stop until we all reach the train station. Despite the fact that I know two of 11's victors, I am nervous and I am terrified. Who knows how the other victors will act?

First stop, District 11.

At least this hellish Victory Tour will be over within a month or so. Then it's a few months of relaxation...and then it will be time for me to mentor two kids alongside my father and watch them die.

Damn, I just love being a victor. Please tell me everybody caught my sarcasm!

"Elizabeth, let's go!" Tanith yells.

I wave to the Capitol cameras, following my father's instructions of playing the crowd.

This was mainly just a chapter to get the story started. Next chapter, the actual Victory Tour :P