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Love and hate

"Yuiko! Hurry or you'll be late for school!" A man with a stethoscope shouted upstairs.

"Alright! Alright! I'm going!" A girl with short brown hair came running down the stairs, carrying her school bag. She rushed on her shoes and opened the front door. "I'm leaving now!" She yelled to her father.

"Have a good day, Yuiko!" The man wiped his hands with a cloth and sighed. "That girl should really learn to get up and ready earlier…"

Yuiko ran down the street, huffing and panting. Her bag banged against her leg as she kept a tight grip on the strap over her shoulder. She turned down a street and came across a ginger cat, basking in the morning sun. Her eyes began to shimmer and sparkle at the sight. She just couldn't resist.

"You're so adorable! I wanna pet you!" She jumped towards the cat with affection. A little too much affection. She grabbed hold of the struggling and frightened cat and refused to let go.

"Mreooowww!" The cat cried and turned on Yuiko, Scratching her face numerous times.

Yuiko released her grip on the cat and it took the chance to escape from Yuiko's sight. "Wait, Kitty! I only wanted to pet you! Come back!" She yelled after the cat, but to no avail; the cat was long gone. She pouted and continued to school, depressed.

I love animals. She thought to herself. It's just that animals hate me… Maybe I'm a little too forceful? She came in sight of the school and saw her friends. At least I'm good with people.

The school bell rang and Yuiko sat in her usual seat, receiving unusual gazes from others in her class. Her injured face seemed to attract a lot of attention.

"Got attacked by a cat again, Yuiko?" A girl with black hair in a bun sat next to Yuiko with a concerned look.

"Animals really seem to hate you, don't they?" Another girl sat on Yuiko's desk pointing at a scratch on her cheek. "A scratch this deep seems to mean 'get away from me you freaky woman!' to me…"

Yuiko lowered her head. "Thanks for cheering me up, Rena…" She spoke sarcastically. "I wish I could pet an animal without it running away or attacking me…" Yuiko mumbled, pouting like a little kid.

Rena smiled gently. "Don't worry! Sooner or later, animals will start coming to you!" She patted Yuiko's back, encouragingly.

"I have a feeling it's going to happen much, much, much later…" Yuiko grumbled, depressed over the fact she cannot even speak to an animal without going all-out and ending up scratched or scaring them away.

"Did you guys hear?" A boy butted into their conversation, changing the subject. "There was a group of guys who went to that haunted mansion!"

Yuiko perked up. "You mean the one just outside of town?" She asked the boy, completely forgetting the fact she was so depressed a few seconds earlier.

Rena turned to the boy. "But that's crazy! No-one ever dares to step foot anywhere near that place! Why did they do that?"

A boy with glasses joined in the conversation. "Supposedly, they were over-heard by some of their class men and wanted o prove they were the toughest guys in the town. But police reports say they found them at the gate, almost killed by some sort of wild beast."

Yuiko almost jumped out of her skin. "Really! But, class pres, how is that even possible? There are no animals which pose a threat in this area!"

The class pres turned round and pushed up his glasses. "That coming from a girl with injuries all across her face? If you want to make us believe that, don't show us evidence which proves you wrong…"

Yuiko slid down in her seat and folded her arms. "Even so… No animals in this area would kill, right?"

"Yuiko is right … But if it wasn't a wild animal, what could it have been?" Rena sat back and looked out the window to the direction of the mansion.

The old, gothic-style building sat on top of a hill, watching over the entire town, where birds and different mammals lived. A dark aura emitted off of the building, giving Rena goose-bumps.

"Well, whatever it is, it needs to be investigated…" Yuiko stood up from her seat. "I'll ask my dad about it, he should know if there was any wild animal that could do that, since he is the local Veterinarian." She picked up her bag and waved to her friends. "I'll be going first."

Rena sighed. "I hope Yuiko isn't going to do something foolish…"

"That girl always ends up in some sort of situation when it regards an animal of some kind." The class pres watched as Yuiko left.

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