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It was late in the evening when Yuiko returned home to see her father busy with work. She didn't feel like eating so she headed straight up to bed and threw herself on the bed covers.

In the end, she went looking for Leo around the mansion but couldn't find him anywhere. And she knew her friend wouldn't want to see her, so she went straight home. What was she supposed to do if she did find Leo? Comfort him and tell him she will never be afraid of him? Or just pet him like a little dog? She remembered Leo's last words before fleeing. "She's right. I am… A beast."

"Why did Leo say that?" Yuiko moaned as she buried her face into the soft pillow and kicked her feet in the air. Unless those rumours are true and he did kill some people. But, the Leo I know is so sweet and loving, like a puppy… She couldn't work him out at all. She buried her head deeper into the pillow. "Leo…"

"Yuiko! You'll be late for school!" Yuiko's father shouts from the first floor.

Yuiko shoots up, wide eyed and in shock. "I fell asleep? Oh, no!" She jumped from her bed and threw on her school clothes. Leaping down three steps at a time, she sprinted downstairs and out the house in record time, saying farewell to her father and jumping into her shoes.

She couldn't be late for school, she's never been late for school. The weather wasn't on her side either, with the sun blazing down with an immense heat. It was hard for her to keep up the pace she had in the heat. Luckily for her, she knew a shortcut through the park that took her close to the school, and she arrived with a few seconds to spare… Just.

The bell rang the instant she took her seat in the classroom. She leaned back and released a heavy sigh. "*huff**huff* I made it…" She let out a few coughs and leaned forward to start the lesson.

Midway through the lesson, Yuiko began to cough even more and her concentration wavered. The class president looked over to see Yuiko a light red. "Hey, are you alright?" He whispered to her.

Yuiko turned to face him and gave him a weak smile, but said nothing. This is bad Yuiko thought to herself. I can't afford to be sick, I just can't. I feel too hot in here… She turns to the window to see that it is wide open. She turned back to face the front and struggled to keep her concentration.

The bell rang for the end of school. Somehow, Yuiko was able to survive the lessons and keep her concentration enough to write down notes. Although not very many. Rena hadn't spoken to Yuiko all day, but the concern on her face was obvious. She watched Yuiko as she struggled to her feet and left the class in half a daze.

"Some fresh air will do me some good…" Yuiko said to herself between coughs. As she stepped outside, Rena caught up with her.

"Hey, Yuiko!" She yelled after her friend who turned around suddenly. "Yuiko, are you alright? You've looked really sick all day…" Rena spoke in a voice, unsure as how to act. It was understandable, since the other day Rena ran from Yuiko without hearing an explanation.

Yuiko looked at her best friend with eyes of sincerity. "I'm alright, really! It's just a little cold, that's all!"

Rena felt bad for not speaking to her friend all day, even though she was sick. "Um… Yuiko? Is it alright if I walk with you home?" She asked.

Yuiko gave her a soft smile. "Actually, I'll be going to the mansion to find Leo. He must feel lonely after what happened yesterday…" She knew it would be more wise for her to return home, but she had to see Leo. All she could think about was Leo.

Yuiko started to walk away, when Rena grabbed her arm. "Are you stupid, Yuiko? You're sick! You need to get home, don't worry about that monster!" Rena stopped as she realised those words fell out her mouth. She felt a deep sense of regret. "Um, Yuiko, I'm sorry. I never meant to-"

"It's okay, Rena." Yuiko butted in, facing her friend with a smile. "I know you don't like me seeing him, but… If I don't, then no one will. He's all alone and that thought makes me feel sad." Yuiko brushes off her friend's hand from her arm. "You don't need to come with me. I'll be alright, I promise."

Yuiko walks out of the school grounds and heads towards the mansion atop of the hill. "W-wait! Yuiko!" Yuiko stops and looks to see Rena running after her. "Yuiko…" Rena grabs Yuiko's arm once more and looks into her friend's eyes. "Yuiko, I'm going with you."

Yuiko smiles at her friend and nods. The two of them make their way to the mansion, where the beast boy awaits…

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