Title: such pleasure be in things to us forbidden

Disclaimer: not my characters; title from Milton

Warnings: dark mentions of violence/character death

Pairings: Arthur/Eames

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 140

Point of view: third

Prompt: any, any, the one who thinks he/she is taking advantage and the one who actually is

One day, Eames knows, one of them will turn on the other, and it'll be a blaze of glory and blood and bullets (and, more than likely, a blade), and then one (or both) of them will be dead, spread prone on the ground, eyes staring.

It will be beautiful. It will be devastating.

It will be amazing.


One day, Arthur knows, Eames will try to pull a fast-one on him. It's simply Eames' nature; he goes with the strongest, and he must always test just who is the strongest.

One day, Arthur knows, Eames will wonder if Arthur has grown weak or complacent.

Because Arthur knows this, he will see it coming, make adjustments to whatever he has going at the time, and beat Eames into the ground.

It will be beautiful. It will be electrifying.

It will be fun.