Everyone knew about the ridiculous drama between the Pierrot Clown and the Pierrot Rouge and I had grown tired of hearing it. With four women for assistants, it was only natural that they would chatter on and on about how romantic it all was, how lucky the Ballerina was to have such men vying for her attention. I thought it was all sentimental nonsense. Romance is nothing but a pretext to a moment's pleasure. It was something I conjured to add women to my group and nothing more. That never made it real. If anyone truly believed that a man felt the words he spun, they deserved to be trapped for being such featherheads.

Now, that didn't mean he criticized either of them for their taste. She really was lovely now that she had shed that girlish flowing dress and embraced a much more seductive part of her personality. I had never looked twice at her before that moment. After, it was difficult not to fall from the silk I climbed on if she slunk out with those legs of hers.

It was not as if the attraction were cone sided, and that is the thought that keeps others from thinking me completely to blame for the ensuing action. I had exited from my room at one point and found her staring at me. She had reached for me. Yes, yes, the Pierrot Clown was next to me. I suppose it was possible she was moving towards him. But I was far more handsome, after all, so what is the likely scenario?

I ran towards her and she coyly ran away. Annoyed once again, I decided to ignore her and wrap my arms within my familiar silk cradle. I saw that she watched me out of the corner of my eye and leaped forward, doing all I could to impress her. It was this that caused me to miss my step and land quite a bit faster than intended. I silently cursed her and turned to tell her to be gone, but she had already vanished.

This was deliberate teasing, plain and simple. That could not be tolerated.

Some days later, my four girls had begun their choreographed routine, and I smiled. Perfect. The music drew the Ballerina out and she danced along with it, her movements fascinating in the shimmering light. I pretended not to notice her then locked eyes, smiling faintly before launching myself into the sky once more. There was no need to go to her. The moment I had landed, she ran towards me, and I encouraged her to leap.

Snug within my arms, I allowed the silk to twirl us higher and higher. Completely isolated, away from the world, it was easy to take what was so freely given.

Once returned to the earth, I carefully dropped her and nearly laughed at the Pierrot Clown's reaction. Clearly he had seen it all. It was no concern of his, though. I returned to my work and saw that he grabbed her wrists a bit roughly. Well, perhaps this would work better for him. The woman needed a strong man to keep her in line and he very much doubted such strength could come out of the Pierrot Clown unless brought about by jealousy.

I watched as their dance became frenzied. He tossed her way only to have her return. I couldn't tell if he truly wanted her to leave him be or reacted out of anger. Either way, it was amusing to watch. They moved, twisted, turned in a way I had not believed possible of either of them. As I returned to the sky, I watched as the Pierrot Clown moved to stand just out of the Ballerina's reach. She stood behind him, too frightened to approach.

I continued my work again and, after a few moments, saw her tentatively reach for him. Seeing he had not moved, she embraced him, laying her head upon his back. Who knew if she forgave him? It was no concern of mine, after all. I had work to do.