Chapter 4: Black Haru. Or is it Black Yuki?

After class was over Daisuke and Satoshi went over to Kyo.

"Hey what was that guy's problem? What did I ever do to him?" Satoshi raved. He ranted about Yuki all the way to their next class.

"That wasn't like Yuki. Completely like Haru but nothing like Yuki. I don't know what came over him to just snap at you like that." Kyo replied. It was very out of character for him and Kyo was worried what was wrong with the gray haired boy.

"Well he needs to have a reason before he snaps at someone. It's really rude to just yell at someone out of the blue for no reason." Daisuke said shaking his head.

"He must of had some kind of reason." Kyo said not wanting his friend's to get the wrong idea about Yuki. Especially since he hasn't told them Yuki is one of his boyfriends.

"It had better be a good one." Satoshi huffed.

"I doubt that he would tell us anyway." Daisuke said, cracking his neck.

"I can get him to tell me." Kyo said.

"Oh yeah? How?" Satoshi asked.

"You leave that to me." Kyo dodged the question and walked to his seat. Satoshi and Daisuke just looked on at him in confusion. After school Kyo, Tohru, Yuki, and Haru met up to go home.

"What took you so long to come here Kyo?" Haru asked when Kyo came up to them.

"I was saying bye to some friends of mine." Kyo said shrugging his shoulders.

"Ah. You mean that Satoshi guy?" Haru asked.

"Yeah him. Hey Yuki?" Kyo asked. Yuki looked over to him his eyes telling him to continue. "What happened in class today? Why'd you snap at Satoshi like that? I've never seen you like that." Kyo asked.

"You told him to let you go and he didn't so I made him. End of story." Yuki said, his left eye twitching. This was the last thing he wanted to talk about.

"But that was way over board. And Satoshi does that kind of thing all the time. That's just how he is." Kyo argued, not willing to let the subject drop.

"Well he should get over it. He needs to learn personal space." Yuki growled.

"What do you care? It wasn't like he was on you." Kyo said.

"No he was on you. You may be used to them doing things like that but I'm not and I don't want to see some other man with their arms around you." Yuki growled out at him.

"Wait. Some guy had his arms around you? Who? What are you guys talking about?" Haru asked, getting in to the conversation.

"It's nothing you need to worry about Haru. Just Yuki being jealous," Kyo huffed, crossing his arms glaring at the back of Yuki's head while he walked ahead.

"Damn right I'm jealous! He kept touching you and only me and Haru are allowed to do that." Yuki growled out at him.

"Who are you two talking about? If someone was on Kyo I wanna know who and why." Haru said, who was border lining black.

"That Satoshi guy we met earlier." Yuki answered. He told Haru everything that happened getting cut off at some parts by Kyo saying he was wrong and saying how he remembered it.

"That's basically what happened Haru." Kyo said.

"I can see why Yuki's jealous. If I was there I would have beat the crap out of him. No one but us is aloud to touch you kitten. No One." Haru growled putting emphasis on the last two words.

"Why are you two so damn possessive?" Kyo asked.

"Because we love you and who knows what some guy would try to do if we just let them do whatever they want." Haru replied.

"Look they're my best friends, and that's how they are. It's not going to change, so get over it." Kyo glared.

Seeing that Yuki was going argue more and not wanting to make things worse between the two, Haru quickly said, "Alright we'll lay off," looking at Yuki to agree.

"Yeah. I'll stop...for now," he said, turning around.

"Geez and here I thought black Haru was bad. Now I gotta deal with a black Yuki too." Kyo mumbled. The rest of the way home was silent.