flipped again
(maybe they were switched at birth?)

two kids of two well-known families
one's a Malfoy, rich and pure-blood
war traitors, hated by most of the wizarding world
but Slytherins, tried and true

one's a Weasley, blood traitor but loved
heroes of the second wizarding war
Gryffindors, always Gryffindors

but when it's placed on the Malfoy's blonde head
everyone can hear "GRYFFINDOR!" ring out
(the Hall sits in shocked silence)

and when the Sorting Hat is placed on the Weasley's red one
a loud "SLYTHERIN!" rings out

surprised looks from all over the hall
whispers about how the hat's gone mad
"how could it put Malfoy in Gryffindor?"
the Gryffindors scoot away as if he's got the plague
(please, he's a Malfoy. as if his parents would let him anywhere near it)

the next day
two howlers arrive at the school
one for the Malfoy, one for the Weasley
both from their fathers that are far too harsh

"how could you be in SLYTHERIN?" one booms
"how could you be in GRYFFINDOR?" contradicts the other
their howls fill the halls
and the two kids' blushes fill their pale faces

but after that fateful dinner
he smiles a scared smile at her and says, "Scorpius."
"Rose," she replies, trying to act normal
that's their first start at a friendship

and it develops like no other
two children who got the o p p o s i t e of what they were expecting
though they were told to have no expectations

two children with fathers that disapprove
of their houses, their friends, their lives

two children who probably aren't going to
live up to the legacies of their parents
(whether good or bad)

because, contrary to popular belief, Rose Weasley is not her mother
and Scorpius Malfoy is not his father
(even though they sort of look alike)

Rose hates how everyone expects her to be studious
Scorpius hates how everyone expects him to be evil
(this could be the start of a great friendship)

maybe they were switched at birth
no, she's got that Weasley red hair
and he looks too much like his father

but even though she's a Slytherin she's still smart
and though he's a Gryffindor he's still cunning
so in fifth year they both get prefect

so, for one second, Rose's parents are proud of her
but then her dad remembers she's Slytherin prefect
(wouldn't he have gotten over his prejudices by now?)

in celebration, Scorpius takes her out to dinner
and it feels like a real, actual date
but she doesn't dare to speak the word aloud
and neither does he
because neither of them want to mess up their friendship

end of the year exams come up
and they both study, study, study
OWLs sound like messenger birds
but they're not quite that sweet

on exam day, for the two person practical test
she's paired with him
and they're required to work together
and play to each other's strength

(turns out they're the perfect team, who would've guessed?)

because she's a Slytherin and he's a Gryffindor
and even though it's supposed to be the other way around
opposites still attract each other
and they're still opposite in e v e r y s i n g l e w a y

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