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Chapter 1: The interview

"Whatever happened to Jessica Olson?" the headlines stared out at her and Jessica threw aside the paper in disgust, and it landed right at Sarah's feet. She bent down to pick it up with one hand while balancing the two mugs of black coffee she had been previously holding. Not the easiest thing to do, but she had gotten used to Jessica's recent bad mood and was thankful it was just the newspaper and not the paperweight that was thrown on her feet this time. Yes, Jessica really did do that.

"What did the poor thing do?" Sarah asked as she placed a cup before Jessica, who took it immediately and began sipping it, gulping it down, more like. When she was done, she tried to snatch Sarah's but she held it safely out of her reach. Taking a seat on the sofa beside the couch Jessica was seated on, Sarah leveled Jessica with a stern stare. It was comical, the way their roles had gotten reversed in the past month. It had always been Jessica who'd had to keep Sarah in line but now,…Sarah sighed.

"You have to tell me what happened sometime, Jess. It's been almost two months, one of which you spent being a workaholic and the other, an insomniac. Tell me, what did he say? Stubby doesn't know either, and it's killing the both of us. Don't you think it's unfair that we should get stuck in the middle of your spat?"

If it had been another occasion, Jessica would have recognized the guilt trip Sarah was pulling on her. But as it was, she only took the paper from Sarah's hand and opened it up to the page she had been reading; the Hollywood section that contained the article speculating about the various reasons why Jessica Olson was no longer the girlfriend of Christopher Wilde, rock star extraordinaire.

"This is stupid. You know he'd never think that. You dating him for fame or money! That's the silliest thing I ever read and I've read some crazy things" Sarah's cell sang out 'Something about the sunshine baby' and she picked it up, her eyes never straying from the slumped form of her sister.

"Yeah, what about?" Jessica tuned Sarah out; she knew it was Stubby.

"Why that…I'll watch it. When's his next concert? Can you get me a backstage pass?"

"Oh, don't worry. You'll have your rock star when I'm done with my sister's boyfriend"

"Ex-boyfriend" Jessica mumbled as she sunk further into the couch.

"Yeah, sure I'll tell her. Bye, love ya" she switched the phone off and came back to reclaim her position on the sofa.

"What'd he say that's got you so riled up?" Jessica asked feebly as Sarah pushed aside the junk on the table to find the TV remote. After finishing high school, Jessica had gone into law, while Sarah was content running her wedding consultancy. They had bought a flat at LA and had settled here. Everything had been going wonderfully well, until…

"Watch for yourself" she turned the channel until the all too familiar show played on it.

"Welcome to starstruck. I'm Libby Lam and here we have Christopher Wilde for a five minute exclusive about his recent breakup with Jessica Olson. Tell us Christopher, rumor is that you were seen with your ex-girlfriend Alexis at a charity concert."

"Yeah. We'd decided to be friends after our relationship didn't work out. She was still coping with her broken engagement when I met her and we, caught up" he replied, flashing his hundred watt smile at the camera. No doubt a million fan girls would be swooning at the screen. Jessica turned her eyes away from the TV, while Sarah kept muttering what appeared to be insults under her breath.

"And about your girlfriend?"

"Jessica? Jess and I, we decided we were better off without each other. We, didn't see things the same way and we decided to spend time apart from each other"

"So there's still a chance of the both of you getting back together?"

"I don't think so, no. But life's full of surprising turns. You never know"

"Alright folks. That's it for today from starstruck. This is Libby Lam…" Sarah shut the TV and turned to Jessica with a raised eyebrow. Jessica merely turned to the other side of the couch, burying her head in the cushion.

"Don't think I'm being pushy, but I atleast need to know why I'm going to bludgeon a world famous rock star before I do it" that got a little smile out of Jessica and she took several deep breaths before turning to Sarah.

"He suddenly discovered that I was dating him for the limelight and the damned money. He, he accused me of cheating on him, Sarah. How could he do that? Of all the jerky, insensitive things…But you know what? I decided he isn't worth it. After this interview, the nerve of him! I won't mope anymore. I'll get out, get a new life, move on." Jessica sat up suddenly, but the sudden shift of gravity stumbled her and she sat still for a moment before she regained her balance.

"Before that, I think you should eat, and get some rest" she led Jessica to the kitchen, where they spent the rest of the day cooking a gourmet meal and spent the rest of the evening eating it.

"You go on ahead, Sarah. I'll just be here"

"Why do you insist on not sleeping? You're hurting yourself. You have work tomorrow, too"

"I…I dream when I sleep" Jessica admitted, her face flushing.

"Doesn't mean you should skip it. Come on. You can sleep beside me if you want"

"What am I, three?"

"You sure act the age" Sarah replied as she dragged Jessica away.

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