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Hyper reunions!


Barricade pulled into the NEST parking lot, transforming with a yawn. "Good god, I need a recharge..." He stretched until he heard his hydralics pop slightly. Bumblebee beeped and twittered in agreement, mimicking his friends motions.

"Why do we always get the night shifts?" The ex-con whined slightly, walking into the hanger, nodding in greeting to various soldiers who greeted the two mechs.

Bee beeped in response, Because we're stealthy and night is a better cover than the broad daylight?

"Aw shut it." He grumbled, knowing the yellow mech was right.

Soon, Optimus Prime came into view. The two scouts stopped and saluted their leader with respect. Optimus nodded with a small smile.

"Welcome back." He said. "Anything to report?"

Bumblebee beeped slightly, making a so-so motion with his hand while Barricade simply shrugged. "We got attacked by a flock of pidgeons but either then that...nothing too exciting or important."

Optimus noticed how tired his two scouts looked, and nodded. "Alright. Take a nice long rest and report back afterwards."

Barricade and Bumblebee nodded gratefully and were about to leave when Epps called out. "Yo, Sam and Tai will want to know you're back! Rec. Room killing brain cells."

"Of course.." 'Cade said dully. Bumblebee twittered in amusement as they both set off to find the two young adults.


It was no surprise when they saw the two of them locked in an intense battle of Soul Calibur 4...Tai had refused to buy 5...

"Ivy! No using your dinners for distraction!" Sam yelled as his character slashed his weapon at the female characters middle.

"Come on, smother him with your jugs!" Tai yelled back, numerous cans of Rockstar surrounding her.

"Huh. That is either really good or really bad." Barricade muttered, his optics widening slightly.

Bee beeped slightly. He knew what Tai was like when she had too much caffiene. The yellow bot whistled to get their attention but it didn't work.

Barricade gave him a look that said, "Bitch, please." and picked up what appeared to be a discarded can of Monster, no doubt belonging to Sam. He placed it on his palm and with a flick of his claw, it zoomed across the room and hit Tai right in the back.

She shrieked slightly and turned around, along with Sam. Both of their faces lit up with excitement when they saw who was standing there.

"Bee!" Sam exclaimed, leaping up and heading over to the yellow bot, and gave him a high five. Bee made sure to do it softly so he wouldn't shatter Sam's hand. "When did you guys get back?"

Bee beeped in responce. Not that long ago actually!

Sam nodded, feeling excited his guardian was back, safe and sound.

Before anything else could be said, Tai had broken out of her shocked happiness and let out an excited squeal that echoed around the entire base.

"BARRICADE IS HEEEEEERRRREEEEEE!" She screamed out excitedly, starting to run around in a circle, her bright green converse squeaking against the concrete. That caught the attention of a few people and bot's, who poked their heads in to see what the commotion was about.

Barricade simply stood there, pinching the bridge of his nose plate in irritation and amusement. His charge was way, waaayy to happy sometimes. He would never admit this out loud, but it made him feel good when she got this excited to see him.

Tai then ran towards him and he knelt down, holding out his hand. She latched onto his wrist, hugging it with all her might.

Barricade looked up when he noticed movement in front of him, and saw Optimus and Jazz standing there, looking amused.

"Hey! 'Cade, you're back!" Jazz exclaimed happily.

"Yeah, hey." He said back gruffly, swinging his wrist slightly, but that didn't even loosen her grip in the slightest. It only made her laugh.

"As you can probably see, she has missed you." Optimus said with amusment in his voice.

Barricade rolled his optics slightly as he smirked slightly. "Alright, flesh waffle, get off." Tai let go and looked up at him with a raised brow.

"Flesh waffle? Is that the nickname of the day?" She asked, sounding completely serious.

"Well, I can't really call you douche waffle, you call me that on a regular basis, so that wouldn't sound right." Barricade retorted.

Tai nodded, agreeing. "Oh yes, see, that nickname took me a good five seconds to come up with and to use my affectionate nickname I call only you, against me, would just not be cool." She said in such a serious tone that Jazz and Optimus looked at her surprise.

However, the ex-con was ready with yet another witty retort. "Well yeah, that is the beauty that is our partnership, flipping each other off in our way of saying, "Hey skankface, how's life?" and throwing insulting names at one another is completely normal."

Tai laughed at skankface. "I love that name, that is amazing! If you add face after any insult, it makes it okay and funny."

The pair walked off, no doubt still bantering their famous banter, exchanging insults.

Sam and the three mechs watched as they left.

"They make my head hurt." Sam said after a few minutes.

Optimus chuckled slightly.


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