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Zachariah was growing impatient. He had a job to do and Dean Winchester and his abomination of a younger brother were causing quite the amount of trouble for him. Dean was stubborn and infantile, completely ignorant to what he had to do. Dean did not know who he was up against, nothing more than a pig-headed human who thought he could disobey orders.

Dean was no match for Zachariah, that much was so. Zachariah knew that with a snap of his fingers, the stubborn Winchester boy would be no more, but that is where the issue lay. He could not cause harm to Dean Winchester, he was needed too much and Castiel's sudden change of alliance was not helping things either.

Castiel had been loyal for a while but the Winchester maggots had gotten to him. He had half a mind to snap the disobeying angel into tiny pieces…but, there was no time for that. Destroying Castiel would not change Dean Winchester's mind, would not break him of his rebellion. No, there was only one way to break Dean Winchester, and Zachariah planned to use that to his advantage.

Castiel was finding it hard to remain silent even though silence was surrounding him. No noise, barely the sound of breathing reached his vessel's ears. There had never been a louder silence.

Sam fidgeted on a small, dingy, motel room couch, seemingly fascinated by getting dirt from under his fingernails. He spared a glance at his older brother who was silently cleaning his shotgun, and quickly glanced back down as Dean's eyes snapped up to meet his, a glare being shot at the youngest Winchester.

"It is very quiet." Castiel blurted out, breaking the carefully controlled silence. Dean snorted and Sam shrugged.

"Observant, aren't you?" The older Winchester mumbled.

Castiel fell quiet once more and again, the room was filled with suffocating silence.

Things were strained between the Winchester brothers, Castiel knew this, but it did not take away the awkwardness when they lapsed into their periods of forced hush.

Castiel had not arrived until after the argument had taken place but with one glance at the boys, he knew that this blowout had been massive. Arguments were more common amongst the boys lately, as Castiel had observed. Emotions ran high and hurtful words were shoved in faces. Mostly Sam's.

When the boys argued, Castiel had noted that Dean was more likely to yell, to scream obscenities and hurtful words at his brother while Sam simply sat and excepted the abuse. It troubled Castiel because he knew that this was not usual of Sam. Sam was more quiet than his older brother but he had never been one to back down in an argument, spewing his own words or anger and frustration. It troubled Castiel to realize that Sam agreed with what his brother was yelling. He hated himself just as much as he thought Dean did.

That too troubled Castiel.

Dean did not hate his baby brother, he loved him. Sam just had yet to realize that when Dean acted like this, it was out of worry and confusion. Dean would not admit it and therefore, Sam's heart shattered piece by piece with each argument.

Castiel's thoughts were interrupted by Dean suddenly standing up. Crossing the small room, Dean grabbed his jacket and without a word, stomped over to the door, slamming it behind him as he crossed the threshold.

Sam's head sunk a little lower and he mumbled, "He really does hate me, doesn't he?"

Within seconds, Castiel had vacated the chair that he had been sitting in and sat down beside Sam on the couch. It was much too small for two people to fit comfortably but he knew personal space was not an issue for Sam, at least when he was concerned.

Placing a comforting arm around Sam's gently trembling shoulders, Castiel drew him in close. "He does not hate you. He is simply worried."

Sam snorted, obviously not believing the angel. "Everything is my fault. I really screwed up this time. I…I don't think there is anything I can do to fix this." Sam's voice was breaking but he kept the tears at bay.

"It is not your fault. Stop blaming yourself." Castiel firmly told Sam.

A weary, too weary, sigh escaped Sam as he lay his head on Castiel's shoulder, the angel knowing that Sam was unconvinced.

Sam knew he had lost his brother. After all that he had done, there really should not have been much surprise. It didn't take away the hurt though.

Snuggling himself against the pillows, Sam fought to fall asleep. Castiel had left a short while ago and Sam was having trouble with the momentary separation.

Castiel still cared about him unconditionally and Sam could not bare to part, even for a moment, from the only one left in the world that cared for him. Castiel had tried to convince him that Dean still cared, that he was not the only one left that cared about him, but Sam was hard to convince.

Sighing contentedly as he began to settle down, Sam slipped into a light sleep.

His sleep didn't last long.

He was awoken by strong hands jerking him out of the bed, a shocked cry escaping him. His arms were held behind his back as he fought to clear his vision, to see who had ahold of him.

"Let me go!" He yelled, fighting for escape.

His only response was a soft laugh from behind him as a familiar figure slowly faced him. Sam let out a sigh and rolled his eyes.

"What this time, Zachariah?" Sam mumbled as whichever one of Zachariah's minions continued to hold his arms back. "Dean's not here and even if he was, you know you aren't getting a 'yes'."

Zachariah smiled slightly, a gleam in his eyes. "Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that, Sammy." He responded and, with a jerk of his head, Zachariah motioned for the one holding Sam, who Sam still had not gotten a chance to see because of the position he was held in, and, with a flash of light the motel room was gone.

Sam sat strapped down to a uncomfortable chair, his hands bound behind it and his legs tied to the legs of the chair. Zachariah slowly circled him, a soft smile still upon his lips.

"What do you want?" Sam repeated.

Zachariah continued smiling lightly. "You and your brother have been…well, bothersome lately and to be quite honest, your petulant little attitudes are wearing me thin."

"You're breaking my heart." Sam sneered.

Zachariah's fist smashed against Sam's cheek, leaving the youngest Winchester groaning in pain. Leaning down in front of his captive, Zachariah gripped Sam's long hair, forcing him to meet his eyes. "Like I said, Sammy." He hissed through clenched teeth. "Your attitude is wearing…me…thin."

Sam glared at his captor, blood dripping from a split lip. "What is this about?" Sam whispered.

Zachariah laughed arrogantly. "I would have thought that would be obvious, but then again, what can I expect from a maggot like you?"

Sam didn't respond but Zachariah continued.

"Your brother is stubborn, to say the least and everything we have tried seems to not be getting through his thick skull. He has a destiny, a job, and he is going to accept it whether he likes it or not."

"What has that got to do with me?" Sam whispered.

Zachariah patted Sam's head gently, like he was a child. "You are your brother's weakness, Sam. He'll have no choice but to come to your rescue and when he gets here, me and him are going to have a nice long chat about his disobedience."

Sam paled. Zachariah was using him as bait to get Dean to say yes to Michael. "Leave him out of this!" Sam yelled. "Do what you want to me, but leave him out of this!"

Zachariah laughed loudly. "Oh, Sam. Trust me, there is a lot I would like to do to you. Starting with ripping you apart shred by shred but sadly, you are needed. You are no importance to me, to anyone, but Dean is sadly important and you are going to help us get him to accept what he needs to accept."

Sam opened his mouth to speak but with a wave of Zachariah's hand, Sam was unable to utter a word.

"No." Zachariah began slowly, as if speaking to a small child. "You are going to listen to me." All Sam could do was glare as Zachariah slowly walked in a circle around his captive.

"We have already set up clues as to where you are. Dean is going to take them and then he is going to come save his precious Sammy."

Sam opened his mouth to speak, forgetting that he had been silenced. With a annoyed sigh, Zachariah waved his hand once more and Sam was able to speak again.

"What…what makes you think he'll come?" Sam whispered. It was true, Sam decided. He had no true hope that Dean would even care enough to want to save his own brother. After everything Sam had done, he had little hope that Dean would come, once again, to the rescue.

Zachariah, having walked behind the chair, leant down and whispered in Sam's ear, "He'll come. And I'll be waiting."

With that, Zachariah took his leave, only stopping to tell the still unknown person to keep an eye on Sam.

Sam, despite the fact that he was being watched, struggled futilely against the bindings. A soft sigh came from behind him, from the one "keeping an eye on him" and footsteps could be heard coming closer before his watcher came into Sam's line of vision and made himself know.

Sam's heart turned to ice in his chest.


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