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Dean couldn't decipher the moments that flew past him before and after his brother was rushed away on a stretcher, doctors barking orders to each other, one lifting Sam's eyelid and shining a light into his eye, a nurse hooking up a heart monitor, another placing an oxygen mask over Sam's bruised face.

A voice was speaking to him but Dean couldn't make out the words. The emergency room doors had swung closed and he lost sight of Sam but his eyes remained glued to the door, praying that his brother wouldn't die thinking nobody had come to rescue him, that nobody cared.

The voice grew more insistent and Dean was shaken out of his stupor.

"Sir, I need you to fill this out for me," A clipboard was gently pressed into Dean's shaking hands. The voice grew sympathetic. "Everything is going to be fine."

Dean turned wet eyes on the young woman speaking to him. With a soft, comforting

smile, she led him and Castiel to a small waiting area that was currently unoccupied.

Dean sat down heavily on one of the overstuffed chairs, Castiel slowly lowering himself down beside him. Dean, oblivious to the angel until now, noticed the broken, haunted look on his face as he stared at nothing. Similar to Dean's, Castiel's hands trembled slightly as well.

Dean wanted to say something to comfort the angel, to tell him that Sam would understand but he couldn't find the words for his thoughts were focused on whether or not Sam would live to prove it to Castiel.

Three hours later Dean and Castiel were led into the Intensive Care Unit, being assured that Sam would survive but had a long recovery ahead of him.

"We've stabilized him and his vitals are steadily improving." The doctor paused before continuing, giving Dean and Castiel time to relax a tad bit. "He is severely dehydrated and malnourished and we're working on that. His leg, surprisingly, did not need surgery to set but he shouldn't be putting any weight on it for awhile."

"He has a long recovery ahead, but I have faith that he will be absolutely fine." The doctor smiled reassuringly at the nervous men. "He woke up not too long ago and was slightly confused but that's to be expected. He's on pain meds so he will be groggy and will sleep for awhile but I'm sure when he wakes up you can fill him in on what he's missed."

Placing a comforting hand on Dean's back and Castiel's shoulder, the doctor gently urged them into the room.

Dean's heart shattered when he caught sight of his brother and from the soft gasp that Castiel released, Dean knew he felt the same way.

Sam lay propped up in the bed, unnervingly still, wires and tubes seemingly everywhere. Despite being over six feet tall, Sam looked so small and defenseless beneath the thin blankets, surrounded by machines. His head lay turned to the side, his mouth slightly open and his breathing even.

His left leg was secured in a heavy-looking metal brace and slightly elevated with a pillow. Bandages covered multiple contusions all over his body. Thin oxygen tubing ran under his nose and over his ears.

Bruising still plastered his face but Dean could feel himself relaxing a minute bit when he saw a bit of color returning to Sam's cheeks, a bit of life returning to him. The slow but steady beat of the heart monitor beside Sam's bed was another small relief to Dean.

The doctor quietly closed the door behind Dean and Castiel as he left them.

Dean slowly approached Sam's bedside, his hand curling around Sam's still one, his other hand gently brushing a piece of Sam's dark hair out of his eyes.

"I'm so sorry, kiddo." Dean choked. "I should have been there."

Dean slowly noticed that Castiel had remained at the door and had made no move to come closer.

"Cas?" Dean questioned.

Castiel shook his head, mumbling under his breath. His anguished eyes would not leave the floor. Backing up towards the door, Castiel lifted his eyes to meet Dean's for a moment.

"I…I can not…" With one last glance at Sam, Castiel disappeared leaving Dean standing shocked.

He knew why Castiel ran, he was barely keeping himself from running as well.

Sam stirred about two hours after Castiel had fled. Dean was immediately out of his chair and leaning over his brother.


Sam's glazed eye lids slowly peeled back and he blinked a few times as if trying to clear his vision. Dean gently stroked back Sam's long bangs as his brother slowly came back to reality.

Dark, glazed eyes slowly rounded on Dean, focusing and then widening.

"Dean?" Sam rasped, his voice incredulous.

Dean quickly hid the stab of hurt at Sam's disbelieved tone. Had he really thought Dean would not come for him?

"Yeah, Sammy." Dean whispered, quickly covering up the pain. "How ya feeling?"

"Okay." Came the forced croak. Sam's eyes glistened with unshed tears as Dean continued to gently stoke his bangs back. "You came."

Another stab of pain hidden. "Of course I did."

Sam licked his chapped lips, his mouth opening and closing again as he fought for words. "I…I didn't think…"

Dean gently shushed him. "I know you didn't, and I am so sorry for that Sammy. I should have never let it go so far that you thought I wouldn't come for you."

Sam's wet eyes met Dean's. "After everything I've done, I didn't deserve to be rescued."

Dean choked back a sob at that statement. He knew it was mostly his fault that Sam believed that.

"Hey," Dean spoke firmly, gripping Sam's chin and leveling his gaze with Sam's. "That is not true. I don't care what you do, you are still my brother and I will never stand back and do nothing. Ever."

A small tear fell down Sam's cheek. "Castiel did."

Dean's heart turned to ice in his chest. He had been dreading this. He knew that Sam had to believe that Castiel had betrayed him and he knew how that would have shattered his brother's heart.

Sam continued. "I knew I m-messed up and I should have known this was c-coming. I just was too stupid to believe he didn't care anymore."

"Sammy," Dean began.

"I do care, Sam." Castiel's voice broke through. Dean and Sam's heads jerked up to see the wayward angel standing in the doorway, clutching the wall, his eyes haunted. "You have to believe me…I-I had to play along, it was the only way." His words were rushed and frantic as he fought to help Sam understand. Sam's eyes widened as he was told the truth.

"You…you played along?"

"Yes, Sam." Castiel choked as he moved closer to Sam's bed but making no move to touch him, it was too soon for that. Sam needed to be convinced first. "If Zachariah knew I cared, that I was planning on overthrowing him, he would have taken you and I would have never found you. I had to act as if I was with Zachariah to have access to you."

Tears fell down Sam's face as he grasped what Castiel was saying. Dean was surprised Sam was grasping it so quickly but he should have known. Sam was intelligent and thought with his heart. He would have trouble fully believing Castiel had betrayed him.

"You…I…" Sam's voice broke as he understood and soft sobs began. "You don't hate me?"

Dean moved to envelope his brother in a hug but was knocked out of the way by Castiel as the angel wrapped his own arms around Sam's trembling frame.

"No," Castiel replied, his own voice cracking. "I do not and never will. I am so sorry that I stood there, Sam. I'm so sorry. If I had had another choice I would have taken it."

Dean stood back and listened to his brother sob against his angel's chest. He sent a silent thanks Heavenward that his brother was on the mend, physically and emotionally.

The End.

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