Title: Tutoring Sessions

Author: DebC

E-mail: debchilson@yahoo.com

Rating: G/PG

Keywords: Miranda/other romance, D/P implied, AU series

Disclaimer: Mysterious Ways, Declan, Peggy, Miranda, Mole and Professor Waldau all belong to Lion's Gate and Pax. I don't own them, although I wish I did. RJ, however, is mine. No copyright infringements intended; I'm not getting paid for story in any monetary form. My only "payment" is the fun of writing it and the joy of any feedback and kudos from my fellow fans.

Summary: A tutoring job leads to something unexpected for Miranda

Author's Notes: This is the first story in my first totally AU MW series. That's right, "series" as in more than one story. I've been wanting to write it for sometime now, but needed to come up with someone worthy of sweeping Miranda off her feet. I think I did it. ;-) This story (and the rest of the series) assumes that Declan and Peggy are a COUPLE. If you don't like that, all I ask is that you politely bow out from reading the more D/P centric stories in this series. I've yet to get an actual "flame" from this fandom, and I seriously hope not to start now. ;-)

"Tutoring Sessions"

Part 1

Miranda hesitated just outside the door to Dr. Waldau's office. Inside, she could him speaking, condemning someone in that superior tone of voice he used on practically everyone around him. She couldn't see who he was talking to, but she imagined whomever it was wasn't very happy. Feeling uncomfortable, she studied the sticky- note Waldau had handed her with her last test. 'Please see me during my office hours today,' was what it said, but now she wondered if she should knock on the door or just leave.

While she lingered, trying to decide what to do, the door opened and Waldau appeared, looking flustered.

"Ah, Ms Figelsteen, you're here. Please come in," he said, ushering her inside. "I'm sorry for the delay. I trust it wasn't an inconvenience?"

"No..." Miranda replied quietly, looking around the office until her eyes fell on a young man standing silently in one corner. His gaze seemed fixed on the bookshelf in front of him. Miranda studied him intently. He was tall with dark, shoulder length hair which was pulled back into a "mini pony tail" by an unassuming and equally dark hair tie. He wore blue jeans and a black shirt.

"Good." Waldau followed her gaze. "Now to why I called you here. RJ? Would you be so kind as to join us at my desk?" So saying, Waldau took a seat behind his desk and motioned Miranda to sit in a chair in front of him.

The man in the corner turned, and Miranda's still curious gaze was met by the most shocking set of piercing, ice blue eyes she'd ever seen.

"Miranda this is RJ. He's..."


"...Waldau's son," Miranda concluded in her usual deadpan. The simple statement sent Declan into a coughing fit, causing him to spew coffee through his nose. Miranda calmly handed him a napkin.

"Someone actually married Roger? And managed to put up with him long enough to have a kid with him?"

"It gets worse," Miranda countered. "Waldau asked me to tutor *his own son* in physics."

"Waldau's son needs help in his own field and he asked you?"

"I don't think they get along very well," Miranda said. "Waldau was scolding him like a child when I got there."

"Why does that not surprise me?" Declan shook his head. "So... what's he like? His dad?"

"Actually, he was kind of cute," she replied. "Beyond that I don't know, but I'm supposed to meet him at his dorm for our first tutoring session in two hours. I'll let ya know how it goes."

"Cute, huh?" Declan's eyes twinkled mischievously. He turned to Mole. "Whattya know, boy? Think she might be getting over ole Warren?"

"Declan! You know perfectly well there was never anything between me and 'ole Warren' to get over!" Miranda protested.

"Yeah, I know," Declan smirked at her. "But you're reaction was classic."


"Hey! Okay! I'll stop." He was still grinning. "Oh, before I forget... If you're not doing anything later, Peggy and I would love it if you joined us for dinner."

"Isn't tonight your three-month anniversary? Don't you... wanna... be alone?" Miranda asked, suddenly sounding a little shyer.

"Naw! That's next weekend. We're just hanging out tonight. Pizza and bowling. Can you come?"

"Sure. If the tutoring session doesn't go long."

"Great! You can bring Waldau's kid if you'd like."

"Declan!!!" Mole barked too, adding his dissent to Miranda's cry of mock-outrage.

"Okay! Okay!" Declan held out his hands in defeat. "I won't say another word."