This is all wrong, none of this makes any sense. How could it have come to this? It all seemed to be going so well, all the Espada were defeated and posed no more threat to anyone in the real world or Soul society. The ones that were left were the overall leaders of the whole Arrancar threat, Ichimaru Gin and Aizen Sosuke. They were the last barricade to a peaceful and happy existence, if Ichigo could defeat or kill both of these men, then that was it. The nightmare would be averted and everything would be fine, his town safe, his friends out of jeopardy and both worlds still intact.

As Ichigo left the Dangai Precipice World he walked out onto the broken and ruptured ground that was once a street of the Real Karakura own. With his father over his left shoulder still he surveyed his surroundings in more detail, to his right Ichimaru lay on a raised bit of ground with blood seeping out of the area that his arm had once occupied, above him Matsumoto looked deeply into his eyes as her own leaked tears onto his face that was rapidly losing colour. Ichigo placed his father onto the ground gently,

"Thanks dad" Ichigo calmly told his unconscious father.

Ichigo looked around further and found the faces of his school friends Tatsuki, Kiego, Mizouro, even Chiziru was there, surprisingly.

"Don't worry guys this will all be over soon" Ichigo told his friends confidently.

That was when he finally looked at Aizen, he didn't even look too human anymore. He had three sets of wings extending from his back, his face had kept its almost always calm exterior except for those eyes. They just looked like they emanated pure evil or malice, the smile on his face and his arrogant voice didn't help to alleviate such a description.

"My, My Kurosaki you do sound as if you think you can stop me" Aizen pointed out with an all too confident smile

"Aizen I want to fight away from here" Ichigo almost ordered

"Again Kurosaki, you sound almost too overconfident in your own abilities" Aizen countered "I do believe that here is a fine position for us to fight don't you? Just where all of your friends can watch your demise!" Aizen finished with a loud roar and charged at Ichigo.

Crap, we fight here, we might involuntarily destroy the town with our fight Ichigo thought to himself. Aizen slashed at Ichigo intent to cut at Ichigo from the neck and decapitate him, Ichigo instantly dropped allowing the zanpaktou to pass over his head but heard as buildings behind him began to crumble. Looking behind him he watched as the low-lying buildings that surrounded them were crumbling as if they had been cut away.

"You should not get too interested in much else besides me Kurosaki" Aizen advised, his blade extended far to his right in the position he had stayed in after slashing at Ichigo. The satisfaction that Aizen must have been getting from this was overpowering, Ichigo could feel it from his spiritual pressure, it was full of malice, ill intent and sheer arrogance. Aizen quickly moved his hand in order to take an other stab at Ichigo, thrusting forwards Ichigo was forced to parry Aizen's attack and due to this some of the buildings to his right started to crumble as an effect. Damn Ichigo thought to himself I have to lead Aizen away from the town otherwise it's all gone.

"My, my if we keep going like this we will destroy the town" Aizen commented as his and Ichigo's blades were still pressed against each other, Ichigo looked to the face of the traitor captain and saw his face turn into a smile

"I guess we had better leave here, otherwise all of the souls I require for the Ouken will be extinguished" Aizen admitted.

Aizen forced outwards with his zanpaktou with all of his strength and forced Ichigo's blade to vibrate from the force. As Aizen pushed he finally beat back Ichigo's blade and as his zanpaktou was able to swipe free of the zanpaktou barrier he caused a large area of ground to his right to become upturned and malformed, Ichigo could hear the screams of his friends and looked over to their direction. He felt something grab onto his clothing and looked to see Aizen's hand grabbing him tightly, with what seemed like a slight crouch and barely any force behind the jump they had shot into the air. Ichigo looked back to where his friends were in fear of the worst possible scenario his friends were in.

To his relief though he looked and saw that Aizen had unintentionally created a shield for the four of them.

After a few second Ichigo felt a strong force acting against him and was suddenly flying towards the ground at an increasing speed. As he connected with the ground again it was his back that got the full force of the impact, reeling from the burst of pain that exploded from his back Ichigo coughed up a small amount of blood. Sitting up again Aizen was in front of him simply standing there, he didn't even have his sword held at Ichigo in any form of aggression.

"You know Kurosaki, there was a reason that I wanted you to evolve and grow" Aizen started looking down to the reeling form of Ichigo starting to get back up onto his feet, his face did not change as he looked up to Aizen again

"You reminded me very much of myself, I was born vastly powerful as were you. For my goals I required one person who was on par with my power level in order to reveal to the Hogyoku My hearts true desire. That was to be stronger than even you!" Aizen finished as he lunged towards Ichigo again.

Ichigo lifted Zangetsu up in order to defend against Aizen's attack again, as their blades met the trees behind Ichigo were all blasted with shockwaves and were sliced in half. Before any of the splinters from these trees could hit the ground, Aizen had retracted his hand backwards and had swiped at Ichigo yet again, Ichigo was almost unable to block the hit this time and as a result was cut across his left arm. The blood seeping into the fabric of his black coat raced down his arm and ran off his fingertips and gave the grass a more menacing look to it. Ichigo clenched his fists and looked towards Aizen with a defiant look on his face.

"This is interesting, that cut alone should have destroyed you" Aizen pondered tracing outwards, trying to feel the strength of Ichigo's spiritual pressure but to his dismay he found none.

"Oh come now Kurosaki, you disappoint me" Aizen told his opponent lowering his blade again

"You gave up all of that wonderful spiritual pressure, al in order to strengthen all of your bodily functions. I am sorry to inform you that an enhanced body is not enough to defeat me" Aizen explained in a manner where he looked down on Ichigo. With a flap of his butterfly like wings he had assailed into the air and the gust from that motion blasted against Ichigo, only due to his legs enhanced by his monstrous spiritual pressure was he able to stand his ground.

"I am disappointed that you have went down this route, I required someone as strong as yourself in order to allow me to be on a level even close to the soul king, you have however not done as I had hoped and as an other failed specimen I must get rid of you" Aizen told Ichigo calculatedly from his high vantage point. Aizen extended his wings outwards and at the tips of all six wings balls of spiritual pressure began to swirl together and take on a solid form, the orbs took on a blue colour as they glowed against the white of Aizen's form. There was no sound as the orbs formed save from the slight breeze that had picked up as Ichigo stood waiting for the inevitable, he knew a cero when he saw one and knew exactly how to deal with this. Within the time Ichigo had to think it over he had appeared behind Aizen and had slashed at all six of the wings, causing the connection between the orbs and their power core. With this connection lost the orbs exploded involuntarily and consumed Aizen and Ichigo in a large amount of smoke, that shook the very ground so far beneath their feet.

Back where Tatsuki Kiego and Mizouro had been able to get onto their feet again they were all trying to make sense of anything that was going on. That guy before had some kind of power that they all knew Ichigo had, but his was gone and the other guy with wings had a monstrous amount, enough to ground all three of them. Not to mention the fact that over to their right a woman was crying over the last man who had tried to take on that beast of a creature who was now fighting Ichigo, he had had his arm ripped right off, with what looked like so little effort. With whatever little strength he had left he raised his right hand and cupped the woman's face in it and with a few last words his hand dropped and his head fell to it's side, he was gone. The woman became erratic and began to scream for help all the while crying.

As all three heads turned away from the sad sight they looked off in the direction Ichigo had been dragged after they had almost watched their town destroyed just because of the two men's fighting.

"Hey Tatsuki, you think Ichigo will be ok?" Kiego asked almost worried for even asking.

Tatsuki couldn't answer him, in truth she knew exactly what she wanted to say, she wanted to be able to say that of course Ichigo would win because if he was ever met with an obstacle he'd always do his best to beat it. Yet, in this situation she wasn't sure it would be that simple, she knew that when Ichigo was in that form he had a power that was unbelievably powerful in the past. It never had anything on the power that creature had though, it had the power to ground Tatsuki Kiego and Mizouro, Ichigo's never done that before and if he was going to beat that man he had better have something up his sleeve.

With that thought in mind they felt a collection of power off in the direction Ichigo had been dragged and could see the blue glow that was beginning to get larger. Tatsuki could instinctively tell it was the winged mans power because it had evil intent laced all through it, she feared that Ichigo was doomed because the amount of power being stored was monstrous. After a few second there was a large explosion and a huge mushroom cloud of smoke filled the sky as the shockwaves hit all of the situated in that part of the town. It ended up smashing all three friend's back to the ground and caused Matsumoto to be blasted from her area of mourning, as she flew through the air she was caught by a strong pair of arms. After they slid for a few metres Matsumoto felt her saviour drop to his knees, looking up to his face she saw the goatee and then the smile with closed eyes. Then when she looked down she noticed that the way the wind had blew she could see that white fabric of a haori, he's a captain? But of what division? I've never seen that insignia before Matsumoto thought to herself as Isshin was forced to place her on the ground and fell backwards already overexerting himself after spending three months using his spiritual pressure to hold back the walls of the Dangai

"Tank you" came the barely audible voice of Matsumoto

"Think nothing of it" Isshin answered before losing his consciousness.

Is that Ichigo's dad? Just how many of them are in on this? Tatsuki thought to herself as she saw Ichigo's father save the beautiful woman. He had the same black kimono as the woman and Ichigo and had a white fabric with a black insignia. After he saved the woman though he placed her down and fell over backwards and it looked like he was sleeping, what a moron how can he sleep when his son is in danger? Tatsuki thought heatedly to herself.

Ichigo was kneeling on the ground reeling from the power of the attack Aizen had blasted at him, especially at such a close range, he was panting heavily from the attack. The only reason he was even still alive was due to his quick thinking and manoeuvrability, as the explosion had blasted both Aizen and himself, he had been blown quite a distance away and was still feeling the effects of that hit. He could hear no noise coming from Aizen and guessed he was either too far away to hear him or he was out cold. Ichigo surveyed his surroundings the remnants of trees lay upturned or destroyed at the root, the mountains behind them were cut and scarred from the shock of his own and Aizen's blades colliding.

"Bastard" came a groan directly in front of Ichigo, he looked towards the smoke and saw a form crouched over beginning to stand up tall again, that was when Ichigo saw the true extent of what had happened. Aizen wasn't panting due to pain, his body was transforming and had really started to lose resemblance of humanity. His head had become a hollows head, his arms grew out into large singular claws and he had at least three hollow holes running up his torso. His wings had changed also at the ends of each wing a set of jaws slowly clamped together as if chewing , and on the winds large eyes slowly opened eliciting a squelching noise.

"That was more painful than I had anticipated I wont deny it" Aizen groaned as he stood tall again, gaining no reply from Ichigo

"This is it Kurosaki, the level you have allowed me to reach in order to successfully attack the Soul Palace!" Aizen gloated shooting his head back and laughing, only stopping when he felt a strange effect coming over him in the direction where Ichigo stood

"This seems like the perfect time to use the new technique that Zangetsu taught me" Ichigo calmly stated to Aizen as his body was enclosed in a black spiritual pressure and shielded from view. Aizen could still feel it though, there was a huge amount of spiritual pressure pouring out of Ichigo's body and it was beginning to cover his entire body.

"You see the Final Getsuga Tenshou is when…" Ichigo began as his body began to be revealed to Aizen

"Where I become Getsuga" Ichigo finished as his body was fully revealed to Aizen.

His body was covered in a black fabric that went from his feet to his waist where it was then taken over by what looked like black ragged bandages that extended all the way up until it reached his eyes. His hair had grown longer and had changed to a deep black colour, it swayed ever so gently around his head as the breeze casually picked it out from the air. It was only when Aizen looked at Ichigo's right arm and seen the sheer amount of concentrated spiritual pressure did he realise his current predicament. Ichigo wasted no time and raised his right arm looking directly at Aizen, he saw the glint of yellow cover Ichigo's eyes for the slightest of seconds before Ichigo calmly ordered

"Mugetsu" at the mere calling of the word the entire sky began to cover over in the night.

Aizen was reeling from that one, he wasn't even directly affected by the attack, he hadn't even been physically touched. However he surmised that because he was within the field of darkness that was why he had taken some damage from the attack. As he stood up again Ichigo's look of sheer terror and fear were written all over his face. It hadn't worked! Aizen was still fine and was getting back up on to his feet. Ichigo was in no way capable of even getting up again, as his clothing all disappeared so too did the yelling voice of Zangetsu, infuriated that Ichigo had been cheated out of his relationship with his zanpaktou.

"That was indeed interesting Kurosaki, thank you for proving to me that this form is indeed strong enough" Aizen commented looking down to Ichigo who had by this point fallen to his knees and looked up to Aizen. Aizen had not been spared from injury, three of his wings had been cut off and there were many different cuts lacing all over his body, however his high speed regeneration more than made up for the cuts. The wings didn't however seem to be growing back.

"It appears I have been set back somewhat" Aizen noticed looking at the three wings he no longer had

"I do believe I shall Extinguish your life however, as you could become a problem for me later on" Aizen finished raising one of his huge claws high into the air, Ichigo could only look on in horror as the last of his power was finally sapped from his body.

"For afflicting this much pain however, I shall make sure your death causes you to attack those once close to you" Aizen added before slashing down quickly and impaling his large claw into Ichigo's back, the claw travelled through and eventually erupted through his left pectoral after piercing through his heart and leaving a gaping hole. Aizen felt a power within him manifesting his desire and sure enough a Garganta opened and Ichigo's body was consumed within the golden light. As his tattered body lifted from the ground, a person burst through the undergrowth near Aizen.

"Kurosaki-san!" a voice shouted, Aizen traced the voice and finally found the sight of a man in a green suit with a matching green and white hat, alongside the zanpaktou already released.

"Ah greetings Urahara-san" Aizen greeted the ex-captain almost warmly.

Urahara looked at the form of Aizen and finally realised just how far he had fallen, no longer did he even resemble his shinigami self. All resemblance from the smart and caring captain he had everyone believe he was, was gone now. His body was covered in a white armour of sorts, with a mask to boot that looked surprisingly similar to Ichigo's one. His form was however not without flaw he could see that it had taken some damage due to whatever Ichigo was able to pull off.

"Aizen" Urahara voiced still concerned with why Ichigo was in the grasp of a Garganta, he kept on watching until the light had consumed Ichigo and eventually disappeared, closing the Garganta.

"What did you do with Kurosaki?" Urahara queried tipping his hat slightly allowing his eyes to become shadowed

"I do not see why that would be of any interest to you" Aizen answered honestly

"I guess that makes sense" Urahara admitted before he had jumped into the air and had reached Aizen. He instantly brought Benihime up to bring it straight back down again in order to slash at the left of Aizen's chest. Aizen quickly brought up one of his large claws to deflect against the attack, Urahara allowed his zanpaktou to bounce off the claw and continued on downwards. Once he had gotten close enough he placed his left palm over the place where the Hogyoku resided and began to chant

"Of all things unholy, to those that are lost from the light, I call upon you to seal away the evils of this world. Binding Art No. 100, Chains of Torment!" Urahara finished off feeling as his spiritual pressure was drained from him in wide tendrils, these tendrils began to convulse and finally started to form chains extending directly from his hand. The chains were by the looks of it red and were heavily rusted, as they entwined their way around Aizen's form they tightened exponentially. In his bound state Aizen was unable to do anything that the ex-captain had planned, Urahara calmly stepped away confident he had stopped Aizen and started to breathe heavily.

Urahara looked at the contorted face of Aizen and could tell that Aizen was doing all in his power to try and escape from the binding chains.

"It is useless Aizen, I myself perfected that Binding Art in order to hold anything, that used the Hogyoku's power" Urahara explained to the surprised traitor

"I specifically created it in order to stop the power of my creation as soon as I had made it, I always have a back-up just in case one of my inventions is used against me" Urahara finished tipping his hat again.

"As ever Urahara-san, your knowledge far surpasses my own" Aizen admitted before closing his eyes and chuckling slightly.

Urahara sat down onto one of the tree's that had been destroyed due to the power between Ichigo and Aizen and looked over the landscape. This place had been torn apart because of their fighting and it would probably take some time before it was ever back to it's original state. He felt presences closing in on him and knew that this was not going to be the greatest of conversations he was going to have, throwing himself back onto his feet he walked towards the encroaching people and stopped just a few feet away from where Aizen knelt still bound by the chains.

"Urahara-san!" came the bubbly voice of Orihime as she bounded over to the place where she felt the overwhelming force of Ichigo's spiritual pressure, which happened to be where Aizen was still kneeling down, his head down. As Orihime approached Urahara she looked in the direction of the core of Ichigo's spiritual pressure and saw the figure kneeling in that area , she looked to Urahara expectantly, but when she saw his face and the shake of his head her heart stopped. She was not able to move, why was he shaking his head?

"Let me guess, Kurosaki got himself into even more trouble now?" Ishida's voice cut in as he analysed the huge residual spiritual pressure as Ichigo's, little did he know just what sort of effect those words would have. Orihime broke down into tears as she heard those words and fell to her knees only looking at the bloodstained grass in front of her, it had his scent in it. Then she realised something, his scent was gone, it wasn't weak or far away it was simply gone. She felt a pair of hands rising up into her armpits and lifting her up, as she looked up to the person she saw the red of his hair and knew instantly who it was.

Renji felt pity for the girl, he knew that she loved that idiot and feeling his lack of spiritual pressure in the air made even Renji feel saddened, damn it, he hated that orange-haired prick, but he would not deny that he had come close to even viewing Ichigo as one of his most trustworthy allies. Renji lifted Orihime up and held her up, feeling that if he was to let her go she'd fall again. She quietly thanked him and looked over to where a figure was kneeling with his head down, who was that?

Ishida instantly regretted saying what he had once he had seen Orihime fall to the ground like that, once Renji had picked her up again he and Renji had shared a look. Ishida expected to see a look of disgust but instead saw only understanding. Renji was not going to berate the Quincy for what he had said, truth be told if he was there first he would have probably said it and then felt as bad as Ishida did now.

Rukia alongside Chad were the last two to make it to where everyone was situated, their wounds being some of the worst. Rukia quickly noted that Renji was holding onto Orihime, does this mean he has given in to those assets? Rukia thought to herself angrily as she thought of Renji holding her just for her body. But as she looked more closely she realised that he was not holding on to her as much as keeping her standing, this set off alarm bells in Rukia's head. Of all the outcomes she'd be in this state there is only really one reason. Rukia used Shunpo in order to cover the distance quicker, leaving Chad behind, who after seeing the urgency in Rukia's movements and the situation of Orihime also sped up his own pace.

"Urahara-san, what is the meaning of this?" Rukia instantly questioned landing right in front of him

"I am afraid I do not know" Urahara admitted, Rukia punched him square in the jaw in her anger

"Don't lie to me! You must know! You always know, you always know more than you let on!" Rukia shouted in his face

"That may be true, but not in this case Kuchiki-san" Urahara explained his face solemn

"Now isn't this adorable, young Kurosaki has left this world, leaving behind all of those close to him" a menacing voice talked smoothly. All eyes turned to where it had come from and saw the remnants of Aizen's face, everyone there instantly became hostile, Renji drew Zambimaru while still holding Orihime up, Ishida ignited his spirit bow and Chad had already covered both of his arms.

"Don't worry about it everyone, he wont be going anywhere. He is caught in my binding Art" Urahara mentioned before any of them made any needless attacks. Renji did not listen as he wrapped his right arm around Orihime's shoulder he raised Zambimaru into the air and slashed down causing his zanpaktou to extend towards Aizen.

Just to the left of Aizen's head a tear of a Garganta began to form, in the midst two sets of clawed fingers could be seen tearing at the fabric of the very air near Aizen's head. As the Garganta fully formed and opened a figure walked through and landed on the ground right next to Aizen. Orihime and Ishida looked at the newcomer with much fear. Because before them stood a creature so un-human that it could destroy almost anything of value from life to object. The horned head lifted up and looked at all of the people before it before turning to look at the bound form of Aizen. It opened it's mouth slowly and eventually let loose a bestial roar before ensnaring Aizen's head within it's maw.

The sheer brutality of that move had everyone rooted to the spot, as the creature pulled back, it released Aizen's head. Slowly Aizen began to disintegrate into spiritual pressure, that seeped into the body of the creature that stood before them. They all had a better look at it now, it was almost as tall as Renji, had a hollow mask that had two horns that curved forwards pointing in the same direction as the eye sockets. There were markings that ran from the top of the mask across where the eye sockets were and down to the bottom of the mask, behind the head of the creature long white hair swished in the breeze. Ishida and Orihime had seen him like this not a few hours ago, the only difference they could see was where his hollow hole was situated. It was in the place his heart should be.

Zambimaru soon came back to the point of interest as it continued on it's path towards the new participant of the people present. It quickly raised it's right hand and caught the blade without even the slightest hint of pain coming from the impact. The creature looked right at him and growled, Renji quickly withdrew his zanpaktou and put it all back together. Chad and Rukia got ready to go on the offensive but Ishida dispelled his bow and looked down to the ground. Chad and Rukia were about ready to attack the hollow with what little power they still had in their injured states and even Urahara was ready to attack this new coming hollow.

"Kurosaki-kun" Orihime barely whispered, everyone stopped in their tracks as Orihime's words were released into the air and the horrible truth was revealed to them, Ichigo was a hollow.

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