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Carlisle POV

It had been three days since Bella had woken up; we hadn't managed to spend much time together to discuss our relationship or even what Bella was going to do in the immediate future with regard to her father. She had actually spent a great deal of time out of the house with Jasper; since her empathetic ability seemed to be what was causing her discomfort in the house which only got worse over time once she was aware of it, and Jasper started to help her learn how to use it. I had to admit that I felt a small amount of jealousy that it was not me, that was able to teach her such things and that she was spending less time with me but I also knew that it was a ridiculous feeling to have. Bella was just adapting to her new life it was silly of me to get overprotective of her.

Bella was adapting surprisingly well, she had encountered a human scent on a hunt with me yesterday but due to her ability was able to focus on my feelings rather than her own, since I was almost immune to the scent. Since then we had worked out that Bella should be fairly easy to control as long as she was with me, all she had to do was focus very hard on just my emotions. Jasper thought the idea was pretty incredible and felt a little foolish for not thinking of it himself.

"Carlisle it's time." Alice's voice chimed. "I can see her now...we could do with everyone upstairs."

"Alright." I nodded. I headed upstairs as Alice bounced into the front room to tell the others.

We all stood behind Edward at the bedroom door, everyone anxious and excited. Since Alice could now see Leah I could safely assume that the change was complete and that she was no longer a werewolf but there was always the possibility that she could be something in between.

"Where am I?" a voice demanded. Edward stepped slowly into the room first.

Edward POV

I approached her slowly, making sure she knew I wasn't a threat. She was even more beautiful than I had imagined she could be. Her skin, though paler still held more colour than the rest of us, her hair was longer and shiner, every piece of exposed skin showed flawless smoothness and toned muscles.

"Leah." I croaked out. I just wanted to run to her, clutch her as tightly as I could and never let go but I knew that would startle her and end very badly for me.

"Oh great." She muttered. "What the hell have you done?" I grimaced to myself, I knew she would be mad but I had hoped I wouldn't have to explain myself straight away.

"To right you have to explain yourself! What gave you the right to make me a stinking bloodsucker?" she snapped. I narrowed my eyes at her curiously; I could hear the family behind me just as confused. She was out of bed now and she looked pretty pissed.

"Leah, you were dying." I protested softly.

"I would have healed! I'm a wolf!" she growled. Carlisle stepped into the room behind me and Emmett followed.

"Even your ability to heal faster would not have saved you. You would have been dead." Carlisle confirmed for her.

"I'm dead now." She hissed. I just wanted to hold her and make it all right, try to take all the anger and pain away but unfortunately she wasn't going to be interested in getting close to me in her current mood. "Don't talk about me like I'm not here!" This time there was no mistake; the whole family had gathered just inside the doorway all looking pretty confused.

"I didn't say anything." I replied calmly. 'Can you hear me Leah?'

'Jesus he's really lost it!' "Of course I can!" she snapped.

"Edward is she doing what I think she's doing?" Carlisle asked in his head.

"Yes." I replied. "I think so."

'Are they insane? I am so out of here!'

"Leah, I think you can hear people's thoughts just like me." I explained before she got any ideas about running out on us. "Will you allow us to do a test? I will think of a colour and you tell me what colour alright?"

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes. "Green." Then her eyes widened suddenly as if suddenly realising that she had heard me say something without my mouth opening.

"What about Carlisle? If Carlisle thinks of a colour can you tell us which one?" I asked. I heard Carlisle think of the colour blue but Leah just shook her head. I stepped closer to Leah, one slow step at a time until I stood right in front of her. 'I can hear you and you can hear me. Can you hear anyone else?' Leah was silent for a moment and then shook her head again.

"She can only hear me." I said aloud for the other's benefit.

"Interesting." Carlisle mused.

"Like the pack? They could hear each other's thoughts but only each other's unlike Edward." Bella said.

"That's probably not far off." Carlisle agreed. "Perhaps Edward is her new pack so to speak so she is now able to hear him as he is her."

"Could it be something to do with Edward changing her?" Jasper asked. "I changed Bella and she's an empath, Edward changed Leah know she doesn't feel that thirsty either..." Jasper's thoughts became sidetracked as he noticed that the second newborn of the family was also in amazing control of themselves. Leah was more aggressive than Bella, but Leah was pretty aggressive anyway.

Hunting with Leah had been interesting; she was wild and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It was incredible to watch her. We raced and I won but it was pretty close. Leah was still mad at me, mostly at the discovery that she could no longer phase.

"What are you smiling at?" she demanded, tossing her last victim to one side. "You think this is funny?"

"No, not funny." I replied.

"Too right it's not! You ruined me! I'm not me anymore." She spat, marching over and poking me in the chest accusingly.

"Would you rather be dead?" I asked her.

"Yes." She replied. 'No'

"You don't mean that." I said quietly.

"Get out of my head!" she yelled, thumping me on the chest.

"It's not something I can help beautiful, you know that." I told her, reaching my arms around her.

"At least you don't get any privacy from me either." She sighed, resting her hands on my chest.

"There's my Leah. Enthusiastic as always." I chuckled, bending to kiss her lips. This was our first kiss since the change and I lost myself in it. Her hands ran over my chest as she willingly pressed herself closer to me. I squeezed her tighter and slid my hands to her behind. "Did I mention we don't need to sleep?" I mumbled against her lips.

"Really?" she asked, jumping up to wrap her legs around my waist as I cupped her ass. "Very interesting." Our hands were everywhere. We fell to the ground, stripping our clothes as we did so. Our skin caught the sunlight every time the wind tossed the trees above us. Leah was the only person who had ever had this affect on me. Even Bella as much as I cared for her, didn't do this to me. Leah brought out parts of my vampire nature I suppressed. Her body slid up over mine, lips hovering close to my neck before licking along my artery. Lust surged between us as I stared down at her beautiful body, bared to me. Her fingers skimmed over my hard stomach, sending quivers of anticipation across my flesh. I rolled her over, letting my hand explore her body as she lay on the ground, slowly circling her breast, holding her gaze with mine and watching her eyes darken with hunger. Only not for blood; for me. I brushed my lips across hers and she threw her hands into my hair, holding my lips to hers as she kissed me back wildly. I pressed closely against her until we were so close I could practically slip inside her, but she wasn't done toying with me. She flipped us back over straddling my waist when all I wanted was to bury myself in her. She kissed me and then leaned up smirking.

"I'm still mad at you." She said matter-of-factly.

"You have a very unusual way of showing it." I smirked back.

"You want me?" she asked. I just nodded. "Then you have to catch me first." She leapt off of me and bolted before I was even off of the ground. Luckily from our earlier race I knew I was faster and before she'd even crossed the clearing I'd caught up with her. I caught her in my arms and pulled her flushed against me.

"You're not fast enough to play chase and win." I teased, kissing her again. Every time I pressed myself closer to her she stepped back until I had had enough of playing and crashed us into a tree. She kissed me with a heat and fury now. I loved the gasping moan she made as I let my fingers slide down her stomach and inside her. I kissed her again, I felt a sharp pang and realised that she had bitten my lips hard. With that I pressed myself between her legs and filled her in one long thrust.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me tighter as I moved inside her. She groaned and started to move with me, every hard inch of me was buried inside her. It wasn't long before our movements got carried away, losing all control as I thrust and thrust, her riding me just as hard until the pleasure spiralled and hit us both in powerful convulsions. I was pretty sure after this our hunting would be over because we would have scared off any animal within a mile or so radius.

Bella POV

I had a new hunting partner. Leah was the most amazing newborn ever apparently. She had blown my trick to resist blood out of the water when we discovered that Leah didn't even want human blood! At all! Something to do with her being a wolf Carlisle and Edward decided; because she was used to hunting animals as a wolf it was easy for her to only have animal blood and she was an aggressive hunter. She was however pretty pissed that she could no longer phase. Emmett loved her! It had been two weeks since Leah woke up and they were like best friends. They competed on every hunt and always came back messy. I was now a little more refined than I first was although still not exactly tidy. Leah being unaffected by human blood meant that I could hunt with either her or Carlisle and if I came across a human I could just focus on them and I was fine after a moment. I was kind of jealous though. I wished I was the one who didn't find that humans smelt liked a McDonalds or a nicely cooked steak...or a good Chinese take away...

"What are you thinking about?" Jasper's voice chuckled.

"Nothing." I said a little too quickly.

"Well whatever it was you were clearly enjoying it." He replied with a smirk. "Carlisle told you about tonight then?"

"Actually I hadn't." Carlisle's voice sounded from behind Jasper.

"Oh, sorry." Jasper shrugged sheepishly.

"What's happening tonight?" I asked nervously.

"We're going out." Carlisle announced, leaning across the kitchen counter to face me. I closed my book and met his gaze.

"Is that a good idea?" I asked.

"Not anywhere busy or crowded Bella don't panic." He smiled. "I just thought it is only right of me to take you out on some form of date since technically we are already living together, if you consent of course."

"Date? Um...sure." I replied. I tried to stop it but my brain had already gone into overdrive before I could stop it and before I could quickly get control of myself Jasper's amusement was already bouncing back at me.

"Thanks for sharing." He winked and left the kitchen.

"Do I want to know?" Carlisle asked.

"Probably not." I sighed, dropping my forehead to the counter in frustration. How was it that I could still embarrass myself this much as a vampire? Life was so unfair!

"Did you speak to your father today?" he asked, changing the subject. I nodded against the counter. "Have you decided what you want to do about it?"

"What can I do about it? Either I go missing meaning he will always be searching for me or I fake my own death!" I groaned, leaning up on my elbows. "Neither of which are particularly appealing."

"I know." He replied, stepped around the counter to kiss my temple. There wasn't a pleasant way out of this. I just had to focus on the fact that right now, I had a family that loved me and would stand by me. I had even seen Jake once since my change, it was weird and slightly awkward but he understood. The pack had waved the treaty for the case of Leah and me because for me they knew it was what I wanted and I was dying and for Leah Edward was her imprint and she was also dying. She could still hear the packs thoughts when they were in wolf form but they couldn't hear hers anymore for which she was slightly grateful. Jake said we could try to remain friends but it would always be strange because we were natural enemies. Although when I pointed out that Leah had imprinted on a vampire he had no come back.

I leant against Carlisle's chest for comfort before turning and pressing my face against his chest, wrapping my arms around his waist tightly.

"What is the family going to do long term?" I asked. "I know we don't sleep but there still isn't enough rooms even for everyone to share any more...unless you count your study that is."

"Actually Esme is working on that right now." He replied. "There is a cottage at the edge of our property that needs some work doing to it, she's decorating it for Edward and Leah since Leah is the least comfortable here. Then either Esme or you and I will take Edward's room." It felt odd talking about sharing a bedroom with Carlisle even when neither of us needed to sleep. It still felt strange to me that I would never need to sleep again. When I thought of sharing a bedroom with someone it brought images of sleeping in my partners arms or waking up in the morning next to someone, neither of which were things I could now do. I felt a slight pang of sadness realising I would never wake up next to Carlisle or fall asleep in his arms. So sharing a bedroom purely consisted of sharing a space for clothes, personal belongings and some privacy. I waited for the heat to flare into my cheeks at that thought but it never came. In fact I was now beginning to miss things about being human.

"Carlisle do you miss me being human?" I asked, peaking up at him from my position buried in his shirt.

"There will always be some moments when I will miss things about the human Bella...but you're still Bella." He replied. "In fact I feel pretty selfish that you have now lost your human life and human family and I have been able to gain from that."

"Don't say that. This is what I wanted...I was just thinking about a few things I would miss." I replied. "Like sleep."

"I have to say I think that is what I miss most as well." He replied, leaning to kiss my nose. "After a hard day, going to sleep and shutting off. Tomorrow was a new day. Obviously the extra time is useful of course but still...sleep is something I miss."

"But really, if vampires lives forever then I couldn't possibly see the harm in losing a few hours a day to sleep." I reasoned. "It doesn't seem very fair, humans get what seventy years, more if they're lucky and spend half of it sleeping and we get forever and don't need to sleep."

"That does seem rather ironic." He murmured, running his hands from my back to my waist possessively. "But I would like to think of it as all the more time I get to spend with you mia cara."

"I'm sure you have found ways to amuse yourself for the past three centuries." I grinned.

"Nothing half as appealing." He replied, trailing kisses along my neckline. He stopped at the scar on my collarbone where Jasper's venom had left its mark before placing a firm kiss on it.

"You know that's almost like you just kissed Jasper." I couldn't help it, it was childish but it just slipped out. Carlisle just dropped his head on my shoulder muttering something so quiet that even this close I couldn't hear him.

"Smooth Bella." Emmett laughed as he entered the kitchen. "I'm pretty sure that'd knock a man down better than a kick in the balls!"

"Charming." I replied.

"but I bet I'm right." He grinned, grabbing the dustpan and brush from the cupboard.

"There wasn't really a need for you to point it out so crudely no matter how accurate." Carlisle said, raising his head. "What did you break?"

"Just the vase in the upstairs hallway." Emmett shrugged. "Rosalie's fault."

"Of course." Carlisle replied dryly as Emmett disappeared the way he had came. Then he looked at me and I felt a little intimidated under his gaze. That was of course before I found myself pinned against the kitchen counter and his lips roughly assaulting mine. I heard myself moan loudly as his tongue slid across mine and that was the moment he pulled away. "Meet me outside in two hours." He smiled and then he was gone. Oh that was not fair!

"Dr Cullen get your butt back here!" I shouted after him but he didn't reply and he didn't come back.

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