Chapter Fifteen: The Pardon…and the Possession

Kevin's life was hell. Gwen had driven away business, he was barely getting by.

He was sitting at home, listlessly staring at his TV when suddenly Gwen appeared before him, dressed salaciously and smirking.

"Cute." Kevin looked at her. "Get out!"

"You know I still love you don't you? If you'd only listen to me…"

"Shut up! I've had enough of listening to you!"

"At least you can't say that I've been unreasonable!" Gwen rushed him, tackling him to the floor. He reversed their position and pinned her down.

"Did you ever love me, really? Ever since you came back from the Null void?"

"Yes, I loved you more than anything, and look how that turned out for me!" the expression on her face was a perpetual sneer.

She kicked him in the chest; his first instinct was to strike back. Gwen wanted to fight, so he obliged her. But Kevin knew she wanted more than fighting.

Kevin kicked her, Gwen managed to block his kicks with her own as she struck him across the face. Kevin absorbed some metal and gripped her arms as he head butted her, sending her staggering backwards.

Kevin tried to knock her feet out from under her as Gwen avoided his leg. She gripped him with her powers and slammed him into the wall from across the room.

He groaned as he tried to get to his feet, but she was on him instantly.

"Gwen…what do you think you're doing?" Kevin demanded.

"I've got you, Kevin, and I don't intend to let you go," Gwen whispered as she pressed her mouth to his in a searing kiss, she jabbed a needle in his back, injecting him with a sedative.

"You…!" he exclaimed, terrified. He could see the lust in her eyes and knew what she wanted. He lost consciousness.

Kevin awoke with a start and looked around. He realized he was in a bed, and not in his own house, but he knew where he was. He could see her, sitting on a chair beside him.

"Kevin I missed you…" Gwen whispered.

"Stop acting like everything between us is fine, it's not!" Kevin snarled.

"The only thing that's between us Kevin…is clothing," she smiled at him, not her sweet smile, the ghastly kind that sent a chill down his spine.

"Gwen, let me go!" Kevin ordered. She'd bound him with energy cuffs. He glanced around, why was he on her bed? Oh crap, this wasn't going to happen. They didn't have a relationship anymore, physical or emotional.

"This is not going to happen," Kevin scowled.

"Just humor me, Kevin. This is the last time I'll ever ask you for anything," Gwen whispered.

"We're not going to make love, we're just having sex," Kevin smirked. "To think I was the one who was so worried about our physical relationship. Seems you got better now."

"Just enjoy yourself, you just can't admit that you think I'm smokin' hot," Gwen whispered in his ear. "And the cuffs are cute!"

"You're such a slut! I hate you!" Kevin glared. "Get these energy cuffs off me!"

She pulled his pants off instead. His shoes had been taken off while he'd been unconscious.

Gwen reached down and stroked his member. "You like that, Kev? Hmm?"

"No, I hate what you do to me. But you'll get my consent; you'd be a hypocrite otherwise."

Gwen looked thoughtful, yes; it would be hypocritical if she forced him to sleep with her. She gave him a sad look that he didn't notice.

"That's good; I want you to hate me!" Gwen kissed him deeply, she ripped off his shirt, stroking his chest, she removed her clothes, lowering herself onto him with the familiar ease.

"You're still wonderful, Kevin," Gwen groaned.

"The only reason I'm letting you do this, is because of what we used to have."

Gwen released his cuffs and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Yes. We don't love each other anymore, we're just going to have this one night stand, and I'll be long gone in the morning."

She rolled them over so she was beneath him, just like their first time together. Gwen guided him into her, he began moving, not caring if she was comfortable or not, he didn't care what she wanted. She guided him to touch her breasts.

"You can fake this can't you, at least treat me like a nameless fling," she smirked.

"I can't ever fake anything around you," he said bitterly, he didn't care about being gentle with her anymore. He just wanted to get this over with.

"Just hurry up!" Kevin scowled.


Kevin ejaculated quickly, she groaned as she felt her body climax shortly after.

It was over in minutes; Kevin could swear she was trying to cuddle him, as if nothing had changed between them at all.

"Don't cuddle me you slut!" he glared.

Gwen rolled away from him and didn't say a word, Kevin was too exhausted to try to capture her, he drifted off to a dreamless sleep. He awoke the next day to find she'd reconstructed his shirt, but she was gone just like she promised. Even Faria was gone; then again, he hadn't seen the old man for some time.

Gwen let the tears fall, she'd never be with him again, she looked down on the man she loved for so long, the one reason she'd made her deal with Diagon and inwardly seethed, one misunderstanding had torn their delicate relationship apart.

She resisted the urge to kiss him. "We will never meet again."

Ben heard a knock at the door; he got up and answered it. It was Gwen, and Evan.

"Ben, I need to know if...Evan can stay with you. With what's going on…I hope that you'll keep an eye on him."

"Of course, come on in," he let them in. Gwen told Evan to go see Kenny.

"Ben, I have to leave him with you, until I can call myself fit to be his mother."

"I know you've been viciously attacking Kevin's finances, driving away business, disrupting his work, please stop this. I can't stand to see you two fight."

"This is what has to happen between us, I just don't want Evan involved, he doesn't know I've broken off my relationship with Kevin. Just tell him I'll be gone on business for awhile."

"I'll take care of him, don't worry."

"Thank you and I'll handle anything when it comes to money." Gwen turned and left. That was the last time Ben saw her.

Gwen returned to the Incarcecon and sat inside her old jail cell, she rested her head in her hands, she sighed. This was where Kevin said he'd send her back to with no chance of escape. Of course, she'd never told him exactly where her cell was.

She'd gone too far, she knew that, but there was no turning back now. Her plans hadn't completely fallen through. She could still fix what happened to Devlin, but she had to deal with Michael.

She approached her rapist's cell; she could hear him screaming, his own son torturing him as Giovanni laughed.

"What's the matter, Daddy? Can't take a little pain?!" Giovanni shouted, he broke Michael's legs again as he continued to scream. He beat his father with his fists until they were covered in blood.

"I've had enough fun for today, you have a visitor," Giovanni walked out, leaving Gwen alone with Michael, he was already too weak to move and his hands were bound.

"Do you repent?" Gwen asked in a whisper.

"Of what must I repent?" Michael stammered.

"Of the evil you have done," said the voice.

"Oh, yes; oh, yes, I do indeed repent." Michael whispered hoarsely. A month of unending torment and broken his spirit and his pride. And when a bunch of prisoners ganged up on him and took turns raping him, he finally realized exactly what he'd done to Gwen Tennyson, and became a shell of what he'd been before that.

"Then I forgive you," Gwen said, and stepped into the light.

"Guinevere Dantes!" Michael exclaimed, terrified, what would the leader of the Dollars want with him?

"I can buy you a decent meal, but it will cost you," Gwen offered.

"I'd like some food, how much?"

$50,000 for a sandwich."

"I…I can't afford that. Then at least some water…"

"Water is scarce in the Incarcecon, it'll be at least $25,000." Gwen replied.

"But I'll starve!" Michael exclaimed.

"Then you will suffer hunger," Gwen shrugged.

"Who are you?"

Gwen looked at him.

"I am she whom you sold and dishonored—I am she whose betrothed you prostituted—I am she upon whom you trampled that you might raise yourself to fortune—I am she whom you also condemned to starvation, and who yet forgives you, because she hopes to be forgiven—I am Gwen Tennyson!"

Michael let out a terrified scream and fell to the floor, groaning on his broken knees. Gwen used her powers to heal them, although that in itself was very painful.

"Rise," Gwen looked at him, "Your life is safe; the same good fortune has happened to your accomplices—one is mad, the other dead. Keep the 50,000 dollars you have left–I give them to you."

"But just because I've forgiven you doesn't mean you're going to be free, you will stay here the rest of your life, and I will never see you again." Gwen turned and left the Incarcecon, leaving Michael in a stunned silence.

Gwen made her way home and changed her clothes. She left her house and traveled to Devlin's grave. She broke down and cried for all the grief and bitterness. She sobbed and sobbed, but slowly, something came over her, she was no longer crying. She began laughing, the long, loud bitter, spiteful laughter. She rose up and let a ghastly smile cross her face.

She knew she would regret this decision but there was nothing else she could do.

"You have to help me! I need to bring him back! I will do anything for you if you bring Devlin Levin back to life! Diagon!"

She left the graveyard, traveling to the now abandoned Flamekeeper's Circle building.

She drew the magic circle on the ground, preparing to summon the Great Old One.

There was no answer, she recalled the story, the crazed cultists hadn't successfully summoned him, she wasn't going to be that stupid. This wasn't even like the Flamekeeper's Circle where they were trying to break a seal keeping him away from this dimension.

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn," she said it simply, without grandeur or even grandstanding, it was almost like a prayer or a wish. She was bound and determined to get his attention, he might ignore cultists, but he wasn't ignoring her.

Gwen stood to her feet, removing something from her pocket. An apple.

She tossed it high above the magic circle. Suddenly, the portal shifted, transformed into water, swirled and opened, an enormous hand, reached out and snatched the fruit.

"It's just as I thought…Humans are so interesting!" he exclaimed.

He rose up out of the water, a monstrosity larger than anything Gwen had ever seen before. His giant black wings were massive and terrifying. The massive tentacles jutted from his face, flailing about on their own. He didn't look too different from Howard Phillip Lovecraft's description of him. He had four gold eyes and stared at her intently, Gwen had to wonder if he was going to kill her or not, she hadn't exactly been excited to summon him.

The Great One shapeshifted and became smaller, shrinking down to the height of the "man" she'd once known. He wore black leather now, his wings still protruded from his back, not bat-like wings, but the wings of some unknown creature, a belt with a skull was around his waist, he tossed the apple up and down in his left hand.

His face was covered in some strange glowing markings, they were a strange violet color and there was a bizarre symbol on his forehead.

Diagon had been away, trying to find something interesting to occupy himself with, since taking over this tiny world had failed, even with his followers' help; now that Gwen Tennyson's vengeance was complete, he didn't have any way to amuse himself. He'd gone off to watch Jesus and Satan play cosmic Xanatos Speed Chess; ironically, it didn't directly involve the girl. It seemed he'd have to leave their game and return to Gwen Tennyson; maybe she'd amuse him again after all.

He'd existed for thousands of years, he was known in many universes by many different names.

After taking over four universes, he'd run into problems when the daughter he'd spawned with a human woman had used her power to banish him from that dimension, going back there might be interesting, but he wanted to see how all this would turn out and see if he could get something out of it in the process.

His next attempt had failed, the power of human forgiveness had caused him to be torn away from his human host, he had hoped to snatch one soul before moving on to conquer that world, it hadn't ended well for him and his human host had died.

He had taken over two more universes before becoming incredibly bored of it all, he looked for something to do that he would find entertaining.

He hadn't been this interesting in anything since January 28, 2010 in a parallel Earth, a rather crapsack Earth as he recalled, it was a brilliant young man he had bestowed some of his power, after exploring that universe's bizarre afterlife, he'd adopted their form and their ways in hopes of finding something interesting to do.

He'd met a high school prodigy who had ambitions that were so far out that he couldn't help but have fun; he decided to stick around to see if this young man could accomplish his lofty goal.

He'd been thoroughly entertained, but the poor sucker had fallen apart once he'd been caught in his game, so he'd moved on, taking over a different universe before arriving on this Earth and being defeated by Ben, Gwen and Kevin.

"Cute!" Diagon smirked.

"I don't even like that story," she laughed.

"What do you want?"

"To make another contract with you." He gazed greedily at the apple and ate it with interest. It seemed his friend was unwell…not that he particularly cared, but it did seem that she would become interesting again. Perhaps, he'd get his chance to take over the world, without that pesky alien hero getting in the way.

He saw in the Child's eyes nothing but loneliness and despair, he hid his glee. He was going to exploit it.

"My friend. My friend!" Diagon's voice rang in her ears. He shifted back to the human form she recognized.

He appeared before her once again. He knelt down before her, putting his hands on her shoulders and hugging her like a father comforts a small child.

Gwen looked him in the face, in his true form, with her own eyes. This wasn't like her dream at all. He was far more terrifying. She remembered how she'd gotten sick, just looking at him when she'd seen him in one of Azmuth's flashbacks.

She looked that thing, straight in the face and didn't flinch.

"Though I am bound by the laws of magic, because of the amusement you have given me I will make an exception, I will not require 600,000 souls in exchange for one. My friend! My friend. Hope. Grief. Longing. Resignation. Rage. Terror. And then, hope once again. For thousands of years, I have waited. Waited inside this body, for the arrival of someone like you."

"I don't understand. I don't understand!"

"Have you not guessed, Child?"

Gwen realized what he meant, she paled, but she didn't have a choice.

He changed his form the terrifying creature to that of the handsome, golden eyed man with red hair.

"I want you to bring Devlin Levin back to life," she told him.

"What would you have to offer in return?" Diagon asked.

Gwen thought about it, she didn't want anyone to die because of her wish, she knew there wasn't much she could offer, she also knew what he wanted.

"My body, and my soul, in exchange for Devlin Levin's resurrection."

"The bargain has been made, are you prepared to make payment?" Diagon asked, his eyes burned brightly in anticipation. It had been some time since anyone had directly offered him a bargain. She nodded in agreement.

He bent down and kissed her, Gwen didn't know what to do. She was alone and giving into the despair of losing everything she'd worked so hard to get back.

"Shhh," he whispered. "This is merely a part of the contract you're making with me."

"I don't know what to do," Gwen mumbled to herself. This was her despair, she had always planned out everything, sometimes it didn't end well, but nothing this terrible had ever happened before.

All she had left now was this Great Old God of Vengeance. He was seducing her, she knew that, but she didn't care, as long as he would do what she asked of him.

"I am here; I will always be here," he played with her shirt, undoing the buttons.

"Diagon?" Gwen asked.

"Not Diagon, in this human form, they called me Skaath." He pressed his mouth to hers, crushing them hungrily.

He cradled her against him, he'd not indulged in sex in a long time, and she was a beautiful woman he had often eyed in his game of "servitude" to her. Such an entertaining game they played, and he reaped the benefits of it, in more ways than one.

His mouth found its way down to her breast; he gently kissed it, he pulled off her pants and the rest of her clothes while watching her face. Her eyes were shut, He moved between her legs, effortlessly he entered her.

"Just do whatever you want, you perverted incubus," Gwen said in a broken voice, she was used to people using her body for what they wanted. It brought back unpleasant memories.

"I contemplated possessing him so I could have you, but here you are," he pressed his lips to her neck.

"Such an interesting human…" he murmured. The next few minutes were surprisingly gentle, he didn't love her, demons only feel lust, but she had occupied his boredom, and so for that, he treated her like a lover. Human emotions were strange, was this feeling what these insignificant creatures called…pity?

Shuddering in release, she stared up at him, she'd never dreamed that she'd do this with anyone else, but here she was, with this handsomely disguised eldritch abomination, that was going to have her body as a vessel.

Just because she was done didn't mean he was. She was a beautiful girl, his eyes took in the sight Gwen Tennyson, craving her body, again he drove himself into her, heard her inhale sharply and moan.


"Ah, you still call me by that name," he didn't mind, he was enjoying himself immensely.

She thrashed underneath him, crying out in bliss as she again came down from her orgasmic growled, releasing his seed into her body, he could sense that she wouldn't conceive, he cared not, he relished the gratification of their union. "Gwendolyn…"He gently rested on his elbows, tenderly kissing her cheeks and mouth.

Kevin was right, I really am a slut. Gwen didn't say another dressed her in her own clothes and she stood to her feet.

"What about Devlin? You promised me."

"I am very pleased; you've made everything so entertaining! I shall honor our deal."

The Old God waved his hand and Devlin's body appeared, the small soul of Devlin Levin flew through the air and re-entered his body.

The teenager opened his eyes. "What….happened?"

"You died Devlin, but I found a way to get you back," Gwen put a hand on his shoulder.

"Where's my Old Man?" Devlin asked curiously, and who was this…creature in front of him?

"I'm not on speaking terms with your father anymore Devlin, but please tell him that I always loved him!" She handed him her old Plumber's Badge. "Give this to Kevin, it explains everything."

"Wait, Gwen! Where are you going? Mom? Please don't go!" Devlin called.

Gwen shut her eyes tightly. "You can have your payment now, Diagon, the Great Old One Cthulhu!"

"The Human Speck is worthy of my soul. Well Gwen, it's been interesting!" The Great Cthulhu stood behind her, spreading his great black wings, covering her entire body. His body seemed to press against hers, and yet, there wasn't any weight. Gwen could feel him sinking into her, infiltrating her soul, opening the doors of her spirit, he was entering into her body in every way possible and he was there to stay.

So this was what it was like to gain the whole world…

My life is Hell. Her last coherent thought slipped away into oblivion.

…And lose your soul.

"I am one with you. And you are one with me." The creature's eyes widened, Gwen's eyes were now a strange color, like the color of the frothy sea in the midst of a storm. "To you, I give my knowledge and my power. And to me, you give your body and your soul!"