Stargate: Atlantis: From Journey to Journey

by: jewel of athos

Summary: In the dark of night, when all I silent and sleeping, I remember my journey…

Author's Note: It's been a long time, hasn't it, since the Stargate Muse decided to grace me with its presence? But true to tradition, it makes its appearance on January 19th, in honor of Rachel Luttrell's birthday. Best wishes in this coming year; and God bless!


Sometimes, when the city is quiet and the world outside sinks into star-shrouded sleep, I remember the journey.

I think of the past, of my first meeting with these strange people and how my life chanced that day. Life shifted so irrevocably that I could have turned back even if I had willed it so. I remember the fear of stepping from darkness to darkness, and the rush that filled me when I realized that this darkness was made only to precede a great dawn.

I remember the struggles we faced – the great problems of the galaxy and the ones within the city, which were sometimes even greater. I can still see their faces, even today, in that moment when we beat the first great attack. Terror and relief warred for dominance on all of those faces, and a great pride to be a part of such an event.

I remember the tragedy as well. The great, great sadness at the loss of those we love and my own personal battles with such loss. I feel the emptiness that filled the city long after their positions had been filled again. But there is also love for these new souls, these fresh and innocent lives that chose to dedicate themselves to our purpose; and the fierce desire that rose to protect their innocence.

I think of all of these tings, and I feel an overwhelming rush, and it takes my breath. I have found that in spite of all the pain, and all the struggles and horrors that we faced – that I faced – I am thankful for the journey. For that glorious journey has led me here, today. And this new adventure, while not what I would have wished for and certainly not easy, is beautiful. And I look forward to this new journey, and I long for it, whatever its end.



A/N: Alright, so I'm sentimental; this is literally as much me speaking as Teyla, haha. Onward to the next adventure! (:

God bless,