A Scratch In Time

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: Stop That Chicken!

It was a peaceful day in Echidnapolis, and the Chaotix were meeting for lunch in the food court as usual. However, not all of them were present.

"Where's Knuckles and Julie-Su?" asked Mighty.

"On a date, where else?" said Vector, stuffing another hamburger into his mouth.

"Sounds like someone's a little jealous," said Espio.

"Of those two!" shouted Vector, slamming his fists down on the table " I most certianly am not!"

"Denial," sang Mighty.

"To bad Charmy isn't here to liven up the mood," said Espio.

"Kid's grown up now" said Vector " he's a King and has got a wife. I still miss the old days though,"

"We all do," said Espio.

Suddenly the whole sky seemed to go dark, making the citizens of Echidnapolis stop in fright. The Chaotix immediately abandoned their lunch and looked towards the sky, sensing that something was terribly wrong.

What had been a nice, cloud free day was suddenly blackened with fierce, dark storm clouds shooting purple lightning bolts. The eye of this threatening maelstrom was a bright, eerie yellow and seemed to be entire cause of the sudden storm.

"That wasn't in the forecast for today," said Vector.

"Look!" shouted Mighty " something's falling towards us!"

"And it's coming fast!" shouted Vector " get out of the way!"

With that said the Chaotix sped out of the path of the falling object. Whatever the object was screamed and plowed down head first into the table where Vector, Espio, and Mighty had been eating.

As soon as the object landed, the storm ceased and dissappeared, once again allowing the sun to shine through. Cautiously, the Chaotix approached the object that fell from the sky. What they saw had their brains twirling in confusion.

Lying flat on it's stomach appeared to be a large, robot chicken. One of Eggman's crazy creations or roboticized Mobian? But that wasn't possible was it? I mean, it did fall from the sky! Well whatever the answer was, at least it seemed to be itelligent.

"Wha...where am I?" asked the robot chicken, woozingly surveying his surroundings.

"Hey pal you okay?" asked Vector, stepping up to greet the bird.

The chicken immediately jumped up when it saw Vector, his filling with fear as he got a clear view of where he was. His eyes looked from the stunned crowd of echidnas to Vector, Espio, and Mighty, and then he ran off in a panic.

"Hey wait!" said Vector, giving chase " we ain't going to hurt ya!"

Shrugging their shoulders, Espio and Mighty joined Vector in his chase to stop the robotic bird.

Knuckles and Julie-Su were out enjoying a picnic near the outer edge of the island when a chorus of screams caught their attention. Both echidnas eyes widened in amazement as they saw Vector, Espio, and Mighty give chase to a large robot chicken.

The chicken obivously had no idea that he was on a a floating island, and was heading straight for a thousand foot drop! Knowing his help was needed, Knuckles ran over to join the chase.

"We're getting closer to edge!" shouted Espio.

"He's not crazy enough to jump is he?" asked Mighty.

The armadillo's question was shortly answered when the robot chicken suddenly fell off the edge of the island.

"He's crazy enough," said Vector.

For a moment, the Chaotix thought they failed to save the chicken's life, when Knuckles suddenly rose up, carrying the metallic bird in his hands. Once his feet were back on firm ground, the first thing the chicken did was bow up and down to Knuckles, thanking the echidna for saving his life. Julie-Su soon ran up to join the Chaotix.

"Is he alright?" asked Julie-Su, reffering to the chicken.

"He's fine" Knuckles answered, then turned to the chicken " who are you? And what are you doing on my island?"

"Commander Scratch Sir" said the robot chocken, giving a salute " leader of the Super Sonic Smash and Search Squad. I have been sent here by Tails to eliminate Sonic the Hedgehog from history,"

"Tails sent you?" asked Julie-Su, confused.

"That's right Mam" said Scratch " Sonic has gone off the deep end and has destroyed everything in my time. So Tails sent me into the past to stop him for good,"

"Your time?" said Knuckles " where exactly do you think you are?"

"Fifthteen years in the past where else?" said Scratch.

"Well I think you've got thrown a little off course" said Vector " this isn't the past pal. You've been thrown into an alternate dimension,"

"Then that means" said Scratch, sinking to the ground " I failed. My world is doomed,"