Hey everyone!

I'm back! For all the feedback and wishes I got, I decided to write final part to Friendship called treason and Damages. I intended this to become a trilogy, and here is the last part. I will tie all the loose ends into a knot here, finish the storyline I have created.

Two things for new readers: Don't worry, if you haven't read my previous work - I think this is completely understandable anyway. Also, I'm not a native speaker, so bare with me.

Do you want me to continue from this? Then please review and tell me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only the proloque, very very short, a glimpse what is coming up. Possible chapter one (if you want it to be published) will start the actual story.

Story: The first day of forever (Prologue)

by: Niphrehdil

Everything that had happened before, had lead him to this.

Merlin is aware of his own beating heart, that had long ago stopped twice. Two times he had dived into blackness that was blacker than darkness. Death, the line. He had came back. You can't cheat death twice, they say. But what about now?

What about this moment, this fragile moment when everything was spinning around and cracking and roaring and he didn't know where his body was as everything was raw and sharp pain? His head felt like there were million razor sharp knives inside it, white hot pain circling.


Merlin's mind screamed in agony.

-We can't have gone all the way here just to..."

Merlin had avoided death twice.

Third time isn't the charm.


Is it?