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## Break ##

"Well, now, boys," the eldest Winchester responded, "Let us allow the fun to begin, shall we?" he questioned with a smirk. He heaved Don down the stairs, but Colby caught him, breaking his fall. Don still gave a muffled groan.

It was clear that his boss was in pain. Colby swallowed hard and hoped that Winchester's older brother wouldn't have them long. He wasn't sure how much longer Don could last, not with a left arm that was clearly broke and five broken fingers. "Boss, are you awake?" he whispered quietly.

"I can walk, Colby," Don ordered as he shifted. He lowered his voice. "Don't give them the location of Sam. He's a psychopath."

"I-," Colby started to say, but stopped as the lookalike Dean moved closer to Don. He frowned. Dean hadn't told him his older brother's name. He also frowned at Don's comment. They'd already talked about not giving Dean the location of Sam. How out of it was Don, anyway?

"Well, now that we're all in one place, it's time for the fun to begin," the man responded with a smile. "Let's see here, Eppes, how long do you think you can last with your team mate being tortured? Your team mate won't be very happy if you let him get tortured."

Don's eyes clouded over to black as he stood and moved away from the man. He looked very ready to give in. He glanced in surprise at Dean Winchester and looked again at Dean's twin. It looked like Don was coming to the same conclusion that Colby was – whatever Dean was guilty for, it wasn't kidnapping the FBI agents. Colby moved in front of Don to protect him – which he realized was a stupid move as soon as Winchester's arm snaked around his neck, the knife pointed firmly at his Adam's apple.

"So, Don, are you going to tell me the location of my younger brother?"

The agent, the boss Colby had always known was back. Don's eyes were set in a firm and deadly line. He glanced at Colby, who quickly shook his head – or at least tried too. Don't tell him anything, boss, Colby thought. "No," Don responded as he weakly leaned against the wall. Colby winced. They had to get out of there, and soon.

"Well, well, well," the man responded. "That's such a shame, isn't it? Your agent will just have to suffer for that." He pushed Colby forward. "Dean, be a nice little boy and tie up Don's hands for me."

Dean's reaction surprised both Colby and Don. "No," he said firmly, planting his feet on the ground.

"Dean…" the man started to say but was stopped.

Dean glanced at Don and Colby could see his boss' nod. "Sorry, but I'm not in the business of listening to you anymore," he responded, "not when I know my little brother's safe." The eldest Winchester's arm shifted slightly, and Colby winced at the knife prick against his neck before Winchester moved it ever-so-slightly – but – thankfully – further away from his neck.

With that, Dean Winchester launched himself at his older brother. Colby slid out of the man's hands and onto the ground, and watched as both Don and Dean tackled him.

That was all that Colby saw before he faded to black, bleeding from the small but noticeable knife cut on his neck.

### Break ###

Don groaned as he awoke and stretched his arms. He smirked. It was the first time that he was awake that he wasn't bound. He blinked open his eyes, relieved. "Dad?" he asked.

"Donny!" his father embraced him in a tight hug. "I'm so glad you're alive. Don't you ever do that to me again!" he commanded, his face an expression of relief.

"'Sorry," Don said. He blinked again. "How long… out?" he asked wearily, glancing at the sun on the window. It had been dark when they had finally been rescued. He was glad that the eldest Winchester kept up on his cell phone bills and that Dean had been in fairly good shape, despite being held captive for almost four years; at least three and a half years.

Worry clouded over his father's eyes. "Two days now."

"Colby?" Don asked.

Alan shook his head. It was just like Don, always worrying about his other agents even when he should have been worried about himself. "He'll live. He took a pretty close call with a knife, I was told. David said he saved your life," Alan reminded him. "He also said he'd tell you 'the other details', whatever that means."

"Charlie?" Don questioned. He had a fair idea of what his father meant and he wasn't sure he wanted to know what had happened to his youngest agent at his expense. He smiled as another figure entered the room. "Megan! David!"

"Hey, hero," Megan greeted him, leaning over him and giving him a hug. "Charlie's fine. He'll be back in a little bit; he was explaining something to Colby – something about the odds of being cut when you have a knife against your neck. Dean and Sam Winchester are fine. We've dropped all the pending charges against Dean and Sam in agreement that they testify against their older brother."

Don nodded. He had a little bit of time to talk to Colby before he was in the hospital and drugged unconscious so they could "recover". They'd both agreed that was the approach that they wanted to push for. "That's good. I hope they'll be happy," he finally responded.

"We're setting them up with their actual identities again. Dean's all hunting – whatever that is – but Sam's going back to Stanford to get his degree," Megan assured him with a smile. She saw Don glance at his father and then at David. It was clear he wanted to talk to one of the agents alone. "Hey, Alan, I could use a cup of coffee. How about we go tell Charlie that Don is awake?"

"Sure," Alan said. He hadn't missed the look between the agents, either.

David waved at them as he left. "What's up?"

"What happened?" Don finally asked. "How did the older brother manage to pull off the charade?"

"We don't know all the details, yet, but we know enough. It seems that Dean was working a hunt in Tennessee, and that he was grabbed. Did you know Dean Winchester got custody of his younger brother when he turned twenty?"

"No, I didn't." Don frowned. "I must have missed that in his files."

"It wasn't in the files, boss. We didn't find that information. Anyway, it turns out that he was grabbed by his older brother, who had a little bit of plastic surgery done so he looked just like Dean. He was pissed that John and Mary gave him up, so he decided to take his revenge. He grabbed Dean, then made Dean watch when he killed his father. Dean says John thought it was him doing it. Then he grabbed Sam and tortured and killed Sam's girlfriend, Jessica."

"And the other women that we were originally blaming Dean for."

David nodded. "The Winchester brothers have been ordered to go to counseling – whether they will or not, I don't know. But because Sam kept insisting Dean was possessed, I felt like it was the best thing to do. Winchester was able to keep Dean's secret present for three years because no-one except the FBI was looking for Dean. I mean, Dean had a hunting life with credit card scams; a thousand different identities – who would we have even looked for? And of course, we thought we were seeing Dean Winchester, so…" he sighed as he ran his hand through his hair.

"You made the right choice – especially about the counseling," Don reassured him. He lowered his voice. "Did Dean say anything about wanting to exorcise his older brother?"

David chuckled. "That and a few other comments. After I saw that the eldest Winchester had done to you and Colby, I almost let him."

Don shot David a look. "Don't think WitSec would have appreciated that," he responded finally.

"Yeah, I know." David smiled back. "That's why I didn't let them do it."

"So what's Dean talking about doing?" Don questioned. He sighed. "You know, I feel kind of bad, now, because Dean… He ended up saving Colby from being tortured and helping us get rescued. And I just assumed he was the bad guy and gave him the cold shoulder."

"Don, you did the best you could with the information available. I think all of us would have done the same in your position," David reassured him.

"Yeah, I guess." Don still didn't look too reassured. He broke out in a grin. "So, David, when do I get out of here? Hospital food sucks."

David just rolled his eyes. "You and Colby are both the same," he finally said with a shake of his head. "Tell you what, Don, you give me Monday off and I won't let your father know you asked that question right after you woke up. Fair trade?"

Don winced at the thought of his father's reaction about wanting to get out of the hospital already. "Fair trade," he admitted with a smile. "Think you could sneak some coffee in here, though?"

The look on David's face said it all: No.