Author's Note: Disclaimer; I do not own any of the characters in this fic, they belong to Don P. Bellisario and CBS. Set during 'Minimum Security' episode 1x08. However, I hope you enjoy.

As they were climbing the steps of the Gitmo base apartment block, a thought crossed Kate's mind and she voiced it to Tony, "First time I've seen you apologize to a suspect." Kate raised her tone as in mild disbelief at what Tony had done back at the house on the Gitmo base, when Gibbs had tossed him the keys to Paula Cassidy's apartment.

"Well, how would you feel if I investigated your apartment?" he responded.

"Violated, beyond belief." she replied, "You know you're attracted to her though?"

"Who said I was?"

"It's endorphins."

"Thank you, Abby..." he glanced to Kate sarcastically.

"Aw, you were so excited about going to Cuba, and ridin' in the jet. Stimulated the hell out of your endorphins. The first woman you saw was like honey to a bear." she smiled to him happily.

"You were the first woman I saw on my endorphin high." he replied, just to prove her wrong. To which Kate had her own answer ready for him.

"Well, together, Tony. It's like a brother-sister thing."

"I never had a sister..." he responded, seemingly caught up in his own thoughts of imagining how that would have been like.

"That's probably a good thing."

"You just passed Said's room, sis..." Tony flashed his famous DiNozzo smile to her.

Kate shook her head and moved back towards the door of the room she was supposed to be investigating before she got the key that seemingly belonged to the lock on the door and tried it. It didn't work, but there was another key on that keyring, she tried it. It opened the door, and Kate immediately looked to the two almost identical keys before looking towards Tony at Paula's door.

"Tony, wait." she moved to Paula's door and put in the other key to open the door. It worked and the door opened as she turned the key in the lock while Tony was stood behind her, "Said had a key to Paula's apartment."

Tony looked down to Paula's keys in his hand, "Well...she doesn't have a key to his."

"Women like making love in their own bed." Kate shrugged. The moment she spoke, she knew those words were a mistake, especially when she saw Tony's expression change.

He chortled first and then spoke up, "Just because you're a woman, and you like to do it -"

"You're right, I misspoke." Kate said as she began to walk back towards Said's apartment, shaking her head as she went.

"...does not mean..."

"I was wrong, Tony! Let it go!"

"...insist they enjoy doing it in their own bed."

As she got to the door, she opened it and went inside to begin with the investigating of Said's apartment, and before she knew it Tony had flown in there behind her. So fast. Kate spun around to see him standing there, just in time to kick the door closed behind him with his foot as he stood flashing that DiNozzo smile at her. She wondered if he even slept with it etched to his face. He's like the freakin' Cheshire Cat, she was thinking but she would never bring up a movie in the presence of Anthony DiNozzo, Kate had more sense than that.

"I'm not gonna let it go." he smirked to her, moving towards her in the darkened room, the only light from the lamps outside the apartment on the hallway.

Kate raised a brow at Tony before she frowned and set down her bag, as he tossed the keys onto the cabinet he passed while moving towards Kate, "Tony, what are you doing?" she asked him.

"I'm going to test out that theory you came up with..."

"Which one? I come up with many when it involves you." she shot back at him, kneeling down to get some things from her backpack. When she looked back up at Tony, he was standing over her.

"I think you know." he replied to her, softly moving his hand to touch her hair.

Kate flicked her head, and her hair out of Tony's reach before she stood up and moved herself and the backpack to the bed, where she could see Tony and his movements. She glared at him as she began digging in the bag once again, "I don't know what you're talking about Tony."

"Oh, I think you do Kate." he smirked, his voice was a low murmur now as he once again began moving towards Kate, "Endorphins, first woman being honey to a bear...women like making love in their own beds..." he smirked, now standing next to her. He moved his pointer finger and used the back to brush over her cheek.

Kate couldn't help but let her mouth drop open slightly at Tony's words and actions. She had never taken him seriously and this time was no different, "Mhm, Tony, sure.." she moved away from his grasp, "Even if I was inebriated, you wouldn't get me into bed with you." she smirked back to him and continued to grab out her sketch pad, camera and gloves for the coming investigation of Said's apartment, "You really should get back to Paula's apartment, Gibbs is going to be waiting for us to report back to him."

"Kate, come on. I know you were as excited to come to Cuba as I was."

"No, Tony, don't you turn this to be about me." she chuckled and shook her head.

"You might want to think about what you're saying Kate, because your actions don't match your words." he told her.

"Tony, what are you talking about?" she hissed, "I am not getting into bed with you! It'd be...just too weird." she gave a shudder for extra effect.

"So why'd your pupils dilate when you thought about it, hm?" he raised a brow back to her and smiled, knowing he was winning this.

Kate pursed her lips as she glared at Tony, trying to think of a plausible come back she could use with his comment, but couldn't think of any. Though, she didn't want to just cave in and admit Tony had been right about her pupils, because she had felt a flush creeping to her face as he mentioned what he had meant with proving her theory wrong. Instead, Kate just sighed harshly before replying, "Just go investigate Paula's room!"

Tony sighed just as harsh as Kate had done before he turned and began making his way back towards the door, he moved two steps before he whirled back around faster than Kate could even think of something to say to him, and he grabbed her tight to him, pressing his lips ferociously against hers. The kiss was passionate and heated, and just as he had thought, Kate responded to it. By returning the same amount of want to Tony.

"I knew it!" he responded, breaking the kiss in victory and looking to Kate in his arms.

She just looked up, face flushed and bit her lip softly before she heard the sound of their breathing together. It sounded labored and quick. Hearing those breaths, Kate had to swallow a little and keep on biting her lip before looked away from Tony, trying to back away, "Tony, we can't." her voice was low and hoarse from the breathing and trying to regain its control.

He looked to her, slightly disappointed, "Why not, Kate?"

"Tony! We work'd be complicated!" she backed away and finally broke free from Tony's arms wrapped around her waist.

"Is that the only reason?"

Kate turned back to him, her jaw set slightly as she took a few seconds to just look at him. She didn't know what to say but she looked down at the carpet and swallowed. A few more seconds passed and finally, she nodded in reply to Tony's question, "Yeah."

Tony took a few moments before he spoke up again, "Look, Kate...I know you might hate me for bringing this up but, when you and Major Kerry...did it get awkward then?"

She sat on the bed then, and glanced to Tony as he leaned against the door. Kate thought about those nights she had spent with Tim back during her Secret Service days and aboard Air Force One with the President, when Gibbs and the team had come into her life and looking down into her lap, she replied, "I was sleeping with him Tony, not working with him." she finally murmured.

"But, you were on the same detail, right?"

"That doesn't mean I was working with him." she responded and looked up again at DiNozzo. He was looking at her tentatively, hanging on her words before he decided to push himself off the door and move over towards her, joining her on the edge of the bed.

"Kate, I know you're Catholic, and I know you take it seriously...sometimes a little...too serious but -" he was rewarded with a sharp elbow dig to his ribs for that comment, one of the first of many he was sure of it, "Okay, sorry..." he winced before he looked down to his own lap, his hand gently rubbing over the spot Kate's elbow had connected with, "I just don't see how this can be different, Kate."

"It would be complicated Tony, and...I don't want to risk Gibbs finding out."

He smiled a little that twinkle returned to his eyes as he caught sight of the blush in Kate's cheeks. Gently, Tony reached for her hand and took it in his before he gently murmured to her, "Then, we won't tell him..."


"Shh, hey, I'm not gonna tell him if you don't." he smiled to her assuringly, "He won't find out, Kate."

Tony gently moved his mouth to her neck and her head tilted as she felt his lips there, moving across her skin, his stubble prickling against her jaw and he kissed over her pulse. She could feel her heart was racing at Tony's touches and what was happening. Tony moved his free hand, the one that had been rubbing his ribs where she had caught him, brushing over her cheek. He kissed Kate softly, making sure that she knew he wasn't just wanting to love and leave.

Soon Kate was laying back on the bed, Said's bed with Tony hovering above her, kissing her and moving his hands over her body. They were laying amidst their clothing, and the contents of Kate's bag had spilled out, over the carpet when Tony had moved to be beside Kate when she lay back onto the pillows. She looked up into his face as his hand grazed over her breast and she shivered, feeling Tony's wrist against her skin, her breathing had increased now, as had her heart beats.

Tony's hand moved underneath Kate's back to the clasp on her bra and she bit her lip. As soon as that clasp popped open and those straps trailed down her arms, she began to think 'Tony will see me naked, and I can't take that back then. Do I want this?' her mind was racing with questions, some answerable and some not so much. When she first saw Tony on board Air Force One, she had thought he was good looking, but she had been with Major Kerry then, though on the verge of breaking up with him, but once she heard Tony speak, she decided he was just like most other men she had had the pleasure of knowing. It didn't make her want him any less though.

And now, here she was; laying underneath Anthony DiNozzo, her skin flushed with desire for him, in a room that was not their's, in a place that was not the state they lived in. But they were both there, and both wanted it. Kate arched her back for Tony's hand to have better access to her bra clasp and she bit her lip gently as she felt it unclasp from around her back. She felt the straps losen at her shoulders before Tony's hand moved to the front of her bra once again, fingering over the lace detail on the cups before he bega on removing the bra entirely.

It was then, Kate felt immediately embarrassed; what if Tony doesn't like my body? What if this is a trick and Gibbs knows? What if- ohh...he's such a great kisser...her mind went blank then as Tony flung her bra away to join the contents of her bag on the floor, and his mouth meshed with hers. Kate's arms moved to wrap around Tony's neck as he moved between her legs, they were both still covered on their lower halves; Tony just in his boxers, Kate still had her pants and shoes on, but still she could feel his arousal against her.

"Tony..." Kate whispered, her breath skittered across his cheek to his ear as he moved his lips towards her neck.

"You want this?" he asked her, "Now?" he whispered back to her.

Kate nodded in reply, it was all she could manage in her present state of arousal, and feeling Tony's against her, she couldn't even think of forming a coherent sentence. She felt Tony moving about as he slid off his own boxers before making light work of the button and zipper on her pants. He didn't waste time in peeking what type of panties Kate was wearing, he just wanted to fulfil her request of 'now' and make love to her, he just pushed down her pants and panties together.

"Tony, come on. Please." she murmured into his ear, her arms were back laced around his neck once again as she felt the cool air lick across her newly exposed skin, as she kicked off her pants the remainder of the way down her legs, so Tony could reside between them once again.

"You sure?"

"Tony!" Kate hissed a little, getting frustrated now with the waiting, "Now, before I change my mind!"

No sooner had she said it, Tony pushed into her and she let her voice trail off as she moaned out, arching and tilting her head back onto the pillow. She heard Tony groan as he rested inside her for a few seconds and then began to move, pressing his hips down against hers, his hand at her hip as he thrust back and forth.

The two were completely lost with each other. Tony's arms had formed seemingly protective barricades around Kate's head while her legs wrapped around him, keeping him close to her body as they hurdled towards that finishing line, helping each other along. Kate's fingers were squeezing into the muscles in Tony's back as his lips danced across her skin like wildfire, kissing and trailing over her breasts as the thrusts got deeper and harder, nearing the end of their passion as their moans increased in volume to match with the intensity of their pleasure.

It was Tony who couldn't hold back any longer and reached his climax before Kate, groaning out as he tucked his face into her neck before her muscles began contracting around him. He knew she wasn't that much farther behind him. He slowed as he let the last of his climax pitter out before concentrating on getting Kate over the final hurdle. Tony swiftly grabbed Kate's hips and flipped them over, holding her close to his chest, her breasts against his skin as he bucked his hips against hers hurriedly.

Tony's thrusting did the job, magnificently. Kate moaned several times as she felt the beginning of her waves washing over her before she finally cried out as they crashed upon her until she flopped against Tony with her eyes closed and a smile across her swollen lips. Her breath coming in short, quick episodes as she listened to the reverberated sound of Tony's heartbeat mimicking her own.

He smiled as he lifted his head a little and saw that Kate's had hers resting on his chest, her dark hair fanned out across his skin, "So, you still this is a brother-sister thing, huh?" he whispered, his breathing still laboured after that last round of thrusts.

"This" she breathed and lifted her head to look at Tony as her voice was deep and throaty from the moaning and breathing, "But don't tell papa bear that..." she grinned.

"Like I'd risk that, Kate."

Kate nodded and smiled a little before she became modest again as the heat had faded and the air was starting to cool in the room once again. She gently bit her lip and looked around for where her clothes had ended up, "We should get back to the base, Gibbs'll start to wonder." she told him as she scooted away from him to pick up her pants and panties first.

Tony nodded, he didn't want to be the one to initiate the leave from the apartment, but he knew the time had come to do so, "Yeah, I'll just make a quick check of Paula's room and then come get you so we can head back together." he smiled, picking up both his boxers and Kate's bra. He handed it to her after she'd got her bottom half covered.

Kate took her bra and looked down, she sighed gently, "I won't take long in here. There doesn't seem to be much that gives anything away." she said as she turned away from Tony to fasten the clasp on her bra and situate it back where it belonged before she turned and saw that Tony was basically dressed already, "Tony..." she smiled to him as she pulled on her shirt before just standing there, staring at him, "Wow..." she bit her lip and watched him as he turned towards the door to leave for Paula's room. He left.

"Wow is right, Kate." he murmured to himself as he stood just outside Said's room, recalling the last half hour with his teammate, "Wow is right."