Author's Note: Set during 'Minimum Security' (1x08), 'One Shot, One Kill' (1x13), 'The Good Samaritan' (1x14), 'Bete Noire' (1x16), 'UnSEALed' (1x18), 'Dead Man Talking' (1x19), 'A Weak Link' (1x22) and 'Reveille' (1x23). I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer; I do not own any of the characters in this fic, they belong to Don P. Bellisario and CBS.


Kate groaned out with her fourth push already, since her waters had broken just moments earlier, and she knew that hers and Tony's child was on her way to being born. She looked to Ari who was kneeling now, with his gloved hands between Kate's legs, ready to deliver the child into the world. He had delivered few babies, but the one's he had done, he had felt a connection to them.

She looked to him and swallowed a little as she saw him glance at her, "Your need it wiping, Caitlin." he told her, gently handing her a small wash cloth so she could swipe away the beads of perspiration that had begun to clamour there. He smiled gently before quickly saying, "I can tell you, your daughter is crowning..."

"I wish she was here already! This is agony!" she groaned and cried out as she felt another contraction.

"This will be a fast birth Caitlin, her face, it's almost out." Ari commented as he saw the infant's nose appearing before her head was fully delivered. He sighed a little as Kate relaxed, "The shoulders. Women have told me that the shoulders are the hardest part."

Kate groaned and nodded slowly before she winced and gripped tightly onto the wash cloth Ari had given her, before she bore down and pushed, watching Ari as he twisted the baby's shoulders to aid Kate in giving birth to her, and it went black.

She figured she must have blacked out, because when she blinked a number of times, Tony was standing nearby holding his Sig, aiming at Ari. Immediately, Kate looked between her daughter's father and Ari, who was kneeling, still between Kate's legs ready to deliver their daughter. She panicked and quickly shook her head, "Don't shoot him Tony! He's delivering our child!" she almost cried, "Please..." she looked at him and blinked.

Tony looked down to Kate and saw she was in distress, he knelt down, his Sig sauer still aimed at Ari, and with his free hand, Tony took Kate's in his. He watched her, squeezed her hand as she pushed out their child, groaning and crying all the way. Tony flicked his eyes to look at Ari, watching how meticulous he was with his aiding and cutting and wrapping.

"Caitlin..." he cooed a little, moving to a standing position as he carried the small, wrapped bundle in his arms.

Tony removed his hand from Kate's and stroked back her dampened hair from her face, "Kate, hey, it's okay. You did it...we got a daughter!" he smiled, feeling the tears forming. He didn't care if Kate saw him like this, this was the birth of his daughter.

She opened her eyes tiredly and smiled, looking to Tony and then to Ari with the towelled bundle, moving towards her, "Our daughter." she rasped.

"Here..." Ari gently lay the now wriggling baby onto Kate's chest and leaned back, moving away as Tony perched beside Kate, looking to their daughter. He smiled, and began to clean up the mess that had been made while Kate had been giving birth to the baby girl. He watched them for a moment as he stood in the doorway before turning and running into Gibbs, "Special Agent Gibbs..." he whispered almost.

"Ari..." he glared before looking to the scene over Ari's shoulder. Gibbs saw Tony sitting on the sofa next to Kate who was still laying, now she was cradling the squirming infant who'd just begun to test the power of her lungs for her proud parents. Gibbs flicked his eyes back to Ari, "You delivered Agent Todd's baby?" he received a nod in response, "You know all your terrorist buddies are dead. My team killed 'em. But since you helped out my agent, I'm going to help you...I will let you go, if you give me this vital intel..." Gibbs produced a piece of paper and handed it to Ari.

"I will think about it." Ari replied and began to walk away.

"No." Gibbs intercepted, "You don't get to think. You do it, or I arrest you now."

"You should ask your Special Agent Caitlin Todd what she named her child." Ari smirked at Gibbs before the silver haired leader pulled the trigger on him, shooting the terrorist in his shoulder and leaving the kitchen, leaving him there to think about his actions.

Caitlin lay on the couch with the now sleeping infant in her arms and she smiled up at Tony, seeing his face pale after the ordeal of worry that had overcome him when he and Gibbs had been searching for Kate and their ready to be born daughter, softly she spoke to him, "She should stay a Todd."

"Well, yeah, I don't think either of us are ready for marriage." Tony replied and he sighed a little, looking downtrodden before he looked into the face of their daughter, "She's beautiful Kate, a lot like you, and a lot like of what I remember of my mother." Tony softly sighed before he perked up a little, "What are we going to call her?"

"Well, I'd like to have her middle name be Rachel, after my sister. I never see her but I love her so much, I think she'd like it if I did that for her. As for her first name, I don't know. I always liked Dana. It's a good, strong American name." Kate smiled up at Tony.

"Dana Rachel Todd." Tony smiled and nodded slowly, "I like it." he smiled a little more, "And hey, if we were ever to marry, she'd be a double D."

Kate rolled her eyes and tried not to laugh, "Is that all you ever think about?" she questioned him rhetorically.

"Well, since yours are kinda big right now, yeah…" Tony smirked as he eyed Kate's full breasts, before he took another moment to compose himself, "So, Dana Rachel Todd slash DiNozzo…?"

"Dana Todd-DiNozzo." Kate nodded and smiled, looking to their baby in her arms, "Would you like to hold your daughter, Tony?" Kate softly looked at him and maneuvered so she turned slightly towards him, which would make it easier to pass the bundle to him. She gently placed the baby into Tony's arms and watched him, how carefully he took in her features, holding her as if she were made of pure gold.

Ari was standing in the kitchen now, he had managed to get himself up from the floor and make himself a tourniquet to stop the blood flowing so freely from his wound and he smirked, nodding to himself as he heard the name Kate had chosen for the baby; Dana, one who _ and Rachel, a wife of _, both of them, Hebrew names.