Journal 1 – 9/10/10

My family and I use photo albums to display photos. We also have a lot of framed photos on our walls. A lot of those photos are lining the walls in the stairway to the second floor. We don't have that many on a mantel. Some of the photos on the walls are family photos taken at Christmastime, the kind that people usually put on Christmas cards (the studio photos). We also have some caricatures of me and my sister that my grandfather drew. In the photo albums, we have a lot of vacation photos. I remember a couple of individual photos. One was when we were going to a family reunion in Idaho. We'd stopped in Iowa for the night, and in one of the photos we took on the playground at the campground were and my sister and I playing on a purple dinosaur toy. It didn't look like Barney, though. Another photo I remember is a photo from our trip to Disney World in Florida about three summers ago. We were at MGM Studios (which is now Disney Hollywood Studios, apparently), and we went to this exhibit with props and costumes from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. One of the pictures was of my sister and I nest to the lamp post, which was in front of a background of the wintery forest. Growing up, I think I remembered these photos as good ways to remember the vacations. If we didn't have the photos, we wouldn't be able to remember the fun times we had as a family as well.