Journal 8 – 11/1/10

On Saturday night, Tarryn, one of my floor mates, and I watched a Ghost Adventures marathon on TV in her room. It was really cool in her room, because she's the only one on the floor to have a single room, other than the RA. Her bed sheets were bright green. Her comforter was bright blue. Her pillowcase and her other blanket were bright orange. The orange blanket was really fuzzy. We started watching the marathon at about 8 PM, after coming back from eating dinner with some friends. The episodes we saw were the one where the Ghost Adventures crew went to the hotel that inspired The Shining, the episode where they went back to Bobby Mackey's in Tennessee, and I actually forgot which others we saw. At about 11 PM, Travel Channel started rerunning the episodes they showed earlier in the evening, so Tarryn and I decided to watch MythBusters. The episode we saw was about breaking out of prison with antacids. It also had something about go-karting at night with a fake moose on the tracks.